Aftercare for Brazilian Wax: 10 Things to Do After a Cleanup

Do you want to get a Brazilian wax? Have you ever wondered why people prefer waxing to shaving? Do you want to know some aftercare tips for a Brazilian wax?

Well, here are some answers and a list of things you can do to care for yourself after getting a Brazilian wax.

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Waxing is a form of hair removal method that involves using a wax-like substance to make body hair conducive for removal. This process can be done at home without supervision but is best done at a salon by a wax esthetician.

Brazilian wax is one of the most common types of waxing people do in a waxing salon, which involves removing hair from the private area, usually the ones on the pubic bone, the anus, and upper thighs, leaving a small strip that can be in form of any shape like a triangle or rectangle.

The method removes hair from the roots either by using hard wax or soft wax and a wax strip. The wax is prepared and applied to the desired area, and the wax strip is used to pull out the hair. A tweezer is used to pull out the remaining strands of hair that didn’t come off.

Hard wax is mostly preferred by people because it is less painful to use. This is because it sticks just to the hair that is to be removed rather than the skin, while the soft wax sticks to both the hair and the skin which makes it more painful to use.

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Aftercare for Brazilian Wax

1. Ensure the Area Is Clean

After a Brazilian wax, you must keep the area clean always to prevent dirt from entering into the freshly waxed area, which can irritate the skin around there. Although, many people tend to abuse this tip by cleaning with soaps that contain harsh chemicals.

You can also ask your wax esthetician to enlighten you on how to clean the area without introducing your skin to harsh materials.

2. Abstain From Sexual Activities

Many people, especially ladies, undergo Brazilian wax to look good down for their partner. Having sex almost immediately after a Brazilian wax is a big no-no. During sexual intercourse, friction and chaffing are not avoidable.

This can lead to irritation of the newly waxed area, causing a lot of discomforts and if not properly taken care of, infections.

3. Avoid the Sun

Most people want to show off their neatly shaved private area by wearing bikinis and going out to the beach. This should be avoided because the skin around there is very sensitive to heat after waxing and can easily be damaged by the UV light from the sun. This thereby causes a reaction or even hyperpigmentation.

4. Choose Free Clothes

For those who enjoy wearing tight or very fitted clothes, after a Brazilian wax, you should endeavor to wear loose clothes to give the freshly waxed area space to breathe. The skin needs to breathe because tight clothes will only encourage heat, itching, breakouts, and even irritations.

5. Be Gentle With the Skin Down There

Be careful while scrubbing your body during a bath. Do not scrub that area aggressively. The waxing process, while removing hair from its roots, also removes the first layer of skin (which in most cases is dead skin), making that area not suitable for more exfoliation.

It is better to completely avoid exfoliation at least 36 to 48 hours after a Brazilian wax.

6. Pause Extreme Workout

Extreme workouts can make your freshly done Brazilian wax turn bad. This is due to the excess amount of sweating you’ll experience during the workout that can cause an accumulation of dirt to clog the pores, which would cause irritations.

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7. Use Gentle Skincare Products

Skincare products have varieties of ingredients that can lead to irritations when it comes in contact with freshly waxed cream. It is advisable to use recommended organic oils and creams after waxing.

Also, avoid exposing the area to perfumed products, as they contain harsh chemicals that can cause reactions on the freshly waxed skin.

8. Stay Away From the Pool

Bacteria in the water or even the chlorine used to clean the water can easily enter the pores. The pores of freshly waxed skin are opened and susceptible to infections because it has lost hair and undergone exfoliation.

Therefore, it is best if you avoid entering pools or any body of water for the first few days after a Brazilian wax.

9. Don’t Expose That Area to Heat

A warm environment is a good breeding ground for bacteria to survive, exposing your freshly waxed body to heat. This would only cause more post-wax problems like irritations, bumps, and infections. Avoid hot yoga, sauna, and hot baths because they expose the body to heat.

10. Don’t Douche

Medically douching is a bad idea. It has been proven to cause more harm to the private area than good. Douching must be avoided, especially after waxing because of how the skin becomes. Some people use very harsh substances such as perfumes and medicated soaps to douche.

Tips to Having the Best Waxing Experience

1. Keep the area clean

Before visiting a wax salon, ensure you have a bath and be fresh for the procedure. This would make you feel more comfortable opening your private part for the wax esthetician.

Do not go for a Brazilian wax during your period or plan it around the time of your period. Avoid planning your wax because the skin around that area is very sensitive around that time, which makes waxing very painful to undergo.

2. Avoid alcohol

Taking alcohol before your Brazilian wax increases the intensity of pain felt during the procedure. This is because the blood becomes thinner, which makes you feel pain more than you typically would.

It’s best to stop alcohol intake two to three days before going for a Brazilian wax.

3. Ensure your hair is just the right length

This is a very important factor to consider because when the hair is too short it becomes difficult for the wax to stick to the hair, making it very painful when it’s pulled off. Ensure your hair is almost half an inch long before waxing.

4. Discuss your fears with the wax esthetician

Discussing with the wax esthetician about your fears of waxing helps enlighten you about some misconceptions and soothes your mind before the procedure begins. It also helps you get comfortable with opening your private parts to the esthetician.

5. Ensure you go to a licensed salon

It is important to vet wherever you choose to go for your wax. Ensure it’s a certified and licensed salon and even ask questions from people about the kind of services they render to be sure you’re making the right decision.


What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and a Bikini wax?

Brazilian wax involves hair removal everywhere around the private part. This includes the anus, the pubic bone, and the upper thighs.

Meanwhile, Bikini wax is mostly the hair removal just around the area that would be exposed after a bikini is worn, which is usually the upper thighs and lower abdomen.

Is waxing better than shaving?

Yes, it is. Waxing is better than shaving. This is because shaving only removes the outer surface of the hair and lasts only for a short period before regrowth. On the other hand, waxing removes the hair from its root making hair regrowth take a longer period.

Is waxing a permanent hair removal solution?

No, it isn’t. Waxing is not a permanent hair removal solution. Although it makes hair regrowth takes a longer period, it doesn’t completely stop hair from growing from the waxed area.

Can you do Brazilian wax at home?

No, you can’t. Brazilian wax should strictly be done in a salon by a certified professional. The process involves techniques that are best carried out by someone who has the training and skills.

Likewise, many people cannot bear the pain of ripping off hair from their skin themselves. This makes Brazilian wax not a do-it-yourself procedure.


Brazilian wax is becoming the new go-to for people, especially ladies, and it’s important to know how to prepare for a wax session and how to care for yourself after getting one.

Also, if you experience any form of irritation or reaction as a result of waxing, consult with a medical professional to determine the cause of the problem and get appropriate treatment.

Many people think going for a Brazilian wax is expensive, but the price range depends on the salon you visit and its location. It’s best to patronize a certified wax esthetician for your Brazilian wax, ensuring to ask all the right questions you need answers to.

Thanks for reading.

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