Beard Style for Men: 25 Exclusive Beard Styles for Black Men

Beards are widely known for the masculinity they confer and how they improve a man’s overall looks. Similarly, the style of beard men wear speaks a lot about their appearance and personality. If you’re a newbie in the beard gang, you want to carefully pick your style.

Getting a beard is more than growing and grooming facial hairs. Just like with the hairs on your head, you can stick with simple or get very aesthetic with your beards. Another thing to note is, your face shape and hair type will also determine the way you style your beards.

That being said, there is a beard style for every man. See a comprehensive list of different beard styles for black men. You will find one that suits you.

1. Long Beard for Men

long beard

A long beard style is a full beard that is usually around six inches. It takes a lot of time (around a year or more) to grow these beards. Moreover, they are high-maintenance beards because the hairs are long and prone to breakage and split ends.

However, there is something about this beard style that makes men distinct even in a crowd.

2. Short Beard for Men

short beard

If you do not like the bulk of extra hair, go for a short beard. Also, it is the best you can give yourself during the hot summer months. Additionally, no one refuses a short beard in a corporate organization.

To keep your beard at this length, you need to get frequent trims to keep the hairs from growing out of the order. It is good for men with round or oval faces.

3. Oval Beard Style


Oval-shaped beard style suits almost all men. It works with any face shape and you can have it any length and texture you desire. The ends of the beards carry an egg-like shape (the origin of the name).

The good thing is you can have your barber trim either long or short beards into the oval shape.

4. Round Beard Style for Men

round beard style for men

If you have a round face and you want to go for this beard style, add texture and maybe length, so you don’t look too chiseled. All you need is a few months of growing facial hair and regular trims to have the hairs in a uniform length.

In addition, the round beard style for men keeps the bulk of hair around the chin and jawline.

5. Stubble Beards

stubble beard for men

As a beard newbie and you’re not sure in what beard style to wear, stubble is a good place to start. With stubble, you don’t have so much facial hair but you retain the masculinity beards come with.

Additionally, this beard style needs regular trims to maintain the look.

6. Ducktail Beard for Men

ducktail beard for men

Ducktail beards look like a duck’s tail. The elongated end adds length to the lower part of your face. This beard style has a way of looking both funky and corporate, depending on how much you let the hair grow. It also has a well-trimmed mustache to complement the elongated end.

However, your beard will only stay in this style if you trim it frequently to keep the edges in shape.

7. Van Dyke Beard Style

van dyke

The Van Dyke beard style was named after a Flemish painter who wore his beard as mustache and goatee, with clean-shaven cheeks. This beard style is a perfect fit for men with round faces. It makes the face appear slimmer and more angled.

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8. Chinstrap Beards

chinstrap beard for men

Chinstrap beards help to enhance facial features and show off a strong jawline. If you do not want your round face to look too rounded, you can wear this beard style for a more defined look.

A clean chinstrap has all the hairs (on your jaw and under the chin) at uniform length and may include a mustache or not.

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9. Bushy Beards

This beard style is for men who would rather look adventurous and cool. Bushy beards are one of the easiest beard styles to maintain. This is because they almost do not need any maintenance. However, you need to give it frequent washing, oiling, and brush it every day.

10. Chevron Beards


Chevron beards are a type of mustache for men who do not want any hairs in their cheeks, chin, and jawline. Although, some men have little to almost no hair around these areas.

The thick hair draws attention to your upper lip because the rest of your face is either a clean-shave or stubble. Moreover, this beard style gives men a retro-80s look.

11. Patchy Beard Style


Recent fashion has seen men embrace uneven hair growth which scared many from growing a beard. Patchy beard is the name for beards where hair doesn’t grow uniformly.

To keep your patchy beard admirable, grow a mustache and a goatee. These two features help to accentuate your facial features while you keep a clean stubble. Also, they keep you looking attractive even with an undone look.

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12. Viking Beards Style


This beard style is all the drama you can look for. There’s almost no way you’re wearing a Viking beard and not looking like a Viking warrior. The full mustache and long beard give the sternness that characterizes a Viking warrior. However, you must keep your beard clean by washing and oiling it regularly.

13. Imperial Beard Style

imperial beard style

The accent of imperial beards is the pronounced mustache. The elongated mustache is usually curled upwards to confer a look of wealth and prominence. Imperial beards date as far back as the 19th century.

While some men like to wear it with full beards, you may do without the extra hair and opt for a chin strap.

14. Anchor Beard Style


The anchor is formed by the strip of hair that connects your chin and jawline. Then, a thick mustache that slightly curves upwards seals the look. This is one of the beard styles that give men a no-nonsense look. Moreover, it is mostly worn by older men.

15. Circle Beards

circle beard

Circle beards suit men of all face shapes. It has a way of balancing age on older men. The beard style is characterized by its always neat appearance and moderately textured mustache. However, some men love to play rugged with this beard style and wear it rugged.

16. Friendly Wolverine Beards

Wolverine beards or mutton chops are characterized by long sideburns that extend to the jaws, a clean-shaven chin, and an optional mustache.

It usually gives a dramatic look, especially when worn thick and rugged. Regardless, you can have yours look friendly and stylish with short and clean sideburns and a thin mustache.

17. Garibaldi Beard Style


The garibaldi beard is a full beard with a thick mustache that almost makes the lips invisible. The mustache and the beards are adjoined to add volume and aesthetics to the face.

Men looking for a fierce macho look love to wear their facial hair in this style. However, because of the extra length, you’re likely to have split ends that can be taken care of with frequent trims.

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18. Bandholz Beards


To get the bandholz beards, you need to leave facial hair to grow for up to six months. This is because texture and length make this beard style what it is. The bandholz beards add volume and depth to one’s face. But you can have your beard in whatever length you desire.

19. Horseshoe Mustache


This style of beard is not so easy to achieve but black men have found a way around it. Start with growing a goatee and a mustache. Then, shave the chin area clean… there, you have a horseshoe beard.

You can call this beard a high-maintenance beard because you need to keep your chin clean and the sides trimmed to maintain the horseshoe effect.

20. Short Boxed Beards

short boxed beard for men

A short boxed beard is very flexible. It suits almost everyone who wants to wear it. Wearing a boxed beard starts with growing out full beards before you trim it on the edges. It creates a box shape around your jawline and chin. Moreover, it looks better when the edges are sharper and more pronounced.

21. Goatee Beard Style for Men

goatee beard style for men

A goatee is a common beard style among black men and it gives an effortlessly stylish appearance. This style keeps all the facial hair on your chin. Although it is low-maintenance, you need to frequently trim your cheeks and other areas of your face to keep the goatee distinct.

22. Extra Small Goatee Beard Style

extra small goatee beard style for men

The extra small goatee is less bulky and shorter than a regular goatee. It gives men a youthful appearance. You may find men who bear this beard style spice things up with a tint on one side or the whole beard.

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23. Five 0’Clock Shadow Beard Style

Getting the five 0’clock shadow beard involves sculpting your beard a few days after getting a shave. This style is achievable at home and is quite common among black men. It keeps the face looking natural, neat, and classy.

24. Fade Beard Style

fade beard style for men

As you can have a fade haircut, so can you have a fade with your beard. You can have fade of any degree to the sides and allow the beard to sit thick around the jawline and chin. To keep the fade well-defined, you must have frequent trims.

25. Bald Head + Beards

It is very common to see a bald black man with thick full beards. The beard draws attention to the face and it’s hard to resist glancing at the effortless aesthetic. So, if you have almost no hair, you should consider growing a beard.


How do you know what beard style suits you?

Before you choose a beard style, consider your facial features- the shape of your face and the angles, your hair type, and sometimes your haircut. For instance, men with oval face shapes should avoid any beard style that makes their faces more pointed.

Men with square faces, on the other hand, should opt for beard styles that keep the jawline pointed

Does beard style make men look older?

Yes, they do. Thick and long beards, a mustache, or a goatee can make you look a few years older than you are. Moreover, a grey beard also makes men look older and more mature.

Does beard make men look attractive?

Yes, it does. Some women find men with beards very attractive because of the masculinity and class it confers on them. The styles of beard men wear also make them look more mature.

How often should you shave your beards?

How often you shave your beards depends on how fast your facial hairs grow and your beard style. For instance, if you wear stubble, you may need to shave every day or every two days to keep it looking clean. This frequency is not necessary for beards with more length and texture.


Beards are a popular trend and are becoming major accessories for men. Most black men prioritize the beard style they wear and this is because of how much volume it speaks of their appearance.

Facial hair adds to a man’s aesthetics and this is another reason why you should be particular about how you wear your beard.

From the list of beard styles for men, you can wear your beard in any length and texture you want, depending on the look you want to achieve. Most importantly, to keep the look, your beard may need frequent or not too frequent trims.

Thanks for reading.

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