Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair: Here’s What No One Told You About

Argan oil is a remedy for both skin and hair. It can be found in several hair care products and you can get yourself pure argan oil. Using argan oil for your hair will improve the appearance and texture of your strands as the oil has several benefits to the hair. 

You can use the oil on your hair and scalp for a moisture boost and protect your hair from environmental damage. The oil is a lightweight formula that absorbs easily into the hair and scalp to nourish them. Argan oil contains beneficial properties such as vitamin E, antioxidants, and more. 

Keep reading to find out all the benefits of using argan oil for your hair, how to use it and how often to use it.

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil on Hair?

Argan oil has several benefits to the hair as it penetrates the hair and scalp to deposit nutritious properties such as vitamin E into them. Below are some of the benefits of using the oil in your hair care routine.

1. It promotes hair growth

The oil contains natural phenols and vitamin E properties that help to protect the hair to maintain its health. This helps to promote growth and shine. To achieve thick strands, get yourself a pure version of the oil and massage it into your hair.

This will help to layer a coat of protection over your strands and nourish your scalp to promote blood flow to the hair follicles to enhance growth. The oil enhances the production of keratin — an essential protein — in the hair. This will help to increase the length of your strands. 

2. It moisturizes and conditions the hair

Argan oil has a moisturizer effect on the skin as it forms a protective layer around your strands to prevent moisture loss. This will help to keep your hair moisturized for as long as the oil remains on it. 

The oil contains high content of oleic acid that helps to lubricate the hair and helps it retain moisture more.

3. Reduce dry and frizzy hair

Argan oil is known for its ability to prevent frizziness. It does this by strengthening the hair strands and improving the elasticity of the hair so that it can absorb and hold moisture. 

Since it absorbs easily into the hair, it will deposit its rich nutrients into the strands to prevent the hair from becoming brittle.

4. May prevent hair loss

The oil strengthens the hair and once this happens, there will be a reduction in hair loss. Once the vitamin E and antioxidant properties of the oil are absorbed into the hair, they will help to nourish and strengthen the strands to prevent hair breakage. 

5. Improves scalp health

The condition of the scalp determines the well-being of your strands. This is because the hair grows from the scalp, and if the scalp is damaged or infected, the hair’s health and appearance will be affected. 

Argan oil contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to tackle scalp infection and conditions like dermatitis, dandruff, and so on. 

6. Protect hair from heat damage

If you regularly use heat styling tools like flat iron, your hair is at risk of heat damage. Using argan oil before heat styling your hair will help to prevent damage. It coats your strands as a protective layer against heat. 

7. Treats dandruff

Argan oil works as a chemical-free remedy for dandruff as it contains natural bioactive compounds. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil will help to soothe inflammation on the scalp and reduce redness. It will also help to reduce itchiness and keep the scalp clean. 

8. It helps to maintain your hairstyle

The oil helps to style your hair easily, holding the style in place. Using the hair as a styling ingredient will help to control the shape of your hair and help you achieve a nice finish look.

9. Revitalize damaged hair

The moisturizing effects of argan oil will help to repair hair damage caused by chemicals and harsh hair treatment. It will repair your strands and make them soft yet strong.

10. Cleanse the scalp

The oil also contains polyphenols, which is a common ingredient in shampoos. The polyphenols contain antiviral and anti-microbial properties that can help to keep the scalp clean and free from germs.

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What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair Extension?

As with natural hair, argan oil helps to maintain hair extensions as well. The vitamin E in the oil helps to protect the hair extension from getting dry or tangled. It will also help to tame frizz by offering and sealing moisture on the hair.

Using the oil on extensions will help to revamp the hair by restoring shine and bounce. It will also help to prevent heat damage to your extensions. Applying the oil to your hair extension before using flat irons to style them will help to coat each hair strand as a protective layer. 

A study reveals that argan oil extends the life of your hair extensions. Therefore, include argan oil in your styling and hair care products.

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil for Curly Hair?

Argan oil has several benefits for curls and this includes being a good moisturizer and protecting it against heat and environmental damage.   

It’s quite difficult to manage curly hair, but argan oil can help to make your hair softer and less tangling. This will help to manage your curls more easily. 

Using the oil on your curls will help to strengthen and restore their elasticity. This will make your curls bouncy and more defined with a shiny appearance.

After showering, just apply the oil to your damp hair or dry your hair first and then apply. Use the oil first before heat styling your hair as this will help to prevent heat damage.

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Should You Use Pure Argan Oil on Your Hair?

You can use pure argan oil in your hair care routine. It is non-comedogenic, lightweight, and helps to treat skin concerns. 

Aside from using the pure version of the oil, you can also look for hair products that contain argan oil as the main ingredient. However, avoid hair products that combine the oil with harsh ingredients like sulfates. 

How Do You Use Argan Oil for Hair?

There are several ways to use argan oil for your hair. Pick any method that works for you and your hair concerns in the following.

1. Use as conditioner

The vitamins A, C, and E in conjunction with linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids in the oil work effectively to condition the hair. When you use it as a conditioner, it will leave your strands smooth, soft, shiny, and healthy. Look for hair conditioners that contain argan oil and use it in your hair care routine. 

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2. As a heat protectant

Look for argan oil in your styling products so that as you heat style your hair, the oil is working as a protective cover to shield your hair strands. Using heat protection products that contain argan oil before styling will help to condition and nourish your hair before styling.

3. As hair mask

Use the oil as a mask for your hair if you have damaged hair. This will help to revitalize your strands. Apply it to your hair for about 30 minutes as a mask and you will notice an improvement in the appearance and texture of your strands.

4. As hair oil

Get yourself a high-quality argan oil product to maintain healthy shine in your hair. It will penetrate your hair to restore all lost nutrients and vitamins.

5. As scalp treatment

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that can work effectively to treat scalp infection and inflammations. Use the oil as a scalp treatment to eliminate dandruff, inflammation, itchiness, and other scalp conditions. 

6. As a shampoo

Get yourself an argan oil shampoo to wash your hair. This will help to cleanse your hair while treating other hair concerns. You can also make your argan oil shampoo by mixing your regular shampoo with argan oil.

Should You Use Argan Oil on Your Hair Everyday?

There is no need to use argan oil on your hair every day. Too much of a good thing can cause it to turn bad. The effects of argan oil last for two to three days. Therefore, use the oil in your hair care routine twice or at most three times a week. 

What Hair Type Is Argan Oil Good For?

Argan oil is mostly good for thick, curly, coarse, and colored hair. If your hair is fine or thin, only use it once in a while or avoid it totally as the oil can weigh down your strands. 

However, instead of using pure argan oil, you can use products that contain argan oil on your hair more often. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of the oil without getting your hair oily or greasy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can argan oil dry your hair?

Yes, it can. Argan oil does not contain moisturizing properties; however, it helps to retain existing moisture in the hair. 

Applying the oil on your hair without moisturizing or dampening your hair first may cause your strands to dry out.

Is it good to sleep with argan oil in your hair?

Yes, it is. Sleeping with argan oil in your hair will give your hair enough time to soap up and benefit from the nutrients of the oil.

Applying it will get vitamin C and omega-6 fatty acid on your hair for enough time to treat the dry, flaky scalp.


Argan oil is beneficial to the hair, therefore you can start using it in your skincare routine. While using pure argan oil is great, you can look for products that contain argan oil instead. There are several ways to use argan oil on your hair—shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and so on. 

Pick any usage format that works for your hair concerns and enjoy the numerous benefits the oil has to the hair. 

Thanks for reading.

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