Is The Converse Logo Inside Or Outside Of The Shoe?

If you are a sneakerhead who loves wearing Converse shoes, you must have wondered whether the Converse logo is on the inside or outside of the shoe.

Without further ado, let me confidently tell you that the Converse logo is ingrained inside the shoes, not on the outside.

Continue to read on if you want to know more.

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About Converse


The Converse Rubber Company was founded locally in 1908 by Marquis Converse, with its first original shoe design produced in 1935.

The Converse All-Star was the original name of the All-Star shoe when it was introduced in 1935. Converse Chuck Taylor shoe was named after basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor in 1946.

In 1947, the Converse logo was first affixed to the shoe’s interior. It has consistently been on the inside of the shoe ever since.

Is the Converse logo inside or outside of the shoe?

Converse shoes typically have their logo on the inside, that is, the inner ankle of the shoe.

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Why is the Converse logo inside the shoe?


1. To be distinctive

Because many brands’ logos were already on the outside of the shoes, Converse decided to do something unique to distinguish theirs from other types of footwear.

2. Aesthetics

The Converse round patch logo, which is located on the inside, is only there for aesthetic purposes. The logo on the inside gives it a unique feel and appearance.

3. Protect shoe leather

The fact that nothing should besmirch the shoe leather is a big reason why the logo is on the inside of the shoes.

4. To prevent fakes

The logo on the inside makes it easier to determine when they are beginning to wear out. Additionally, it deters sneaker thieves from trying to steal them and attempting to change or remove the logo to sell them on Craigslist or eBay.

Was the Converse logo ever on the outside?

No, it was never on the outside.

Converse has always had the logo on the inside. However, the Jewel All-Star, which has the logo on the outside, and the All-Star 2000, which has the logo on both sides, are the only exceptions.

When did Converse put the logo on the inside?

The company’s visual identity received a new, powerful image following the redesign in 1947.

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Is the Converse logo on the outside fake?

Yes, it is.

All Converse logos are always on the inside. Unless they are a pair of Jewel All-Star or All-Star 2000, a pair of Converse is likely fake if the logo patch is on the outside ankle.

When wearing an authentic Converse, the logo is positioned in the center of the rubber patch and cannot be removed from the shoe’s fabric, even when rubbed vigorously.

Did Converse change its logo placement?

No, they did not.

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes’ logo patch placement has never been altered. The logo patches have always been positioned on the interior of the shoes, facing each other.

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What is the original Converse called?

The original Converse was called the “Non-Skids.” The shoe was made for basketball players, and had a rubber sole and canvas upper.

Why are Converse called Chucks?

Chuck Taylor, an American basketballer born in Indiana in 1901, inspired the name of the basketball shoes.

The shoes were named after him in 1946 as a way of paying respect to the legendary basketball player.

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Are Converse 70s worth it?

Yes, they are worth it.

If you require more support, the 70s are also better for you because they have more padding than the Classics. And it’s not just to show that the rubber sidewall is higher but that the shoe becomes more stable.

When did Converse stop being popular?

In the 2000s, consumers lost interest in the brand.

Converse overextended its dependence on the “All Stars” brand, which saw its market crash in 1989–1990 as a canvas–rubber shoes once more became popular as casual shoes in the 1980s.

But in the 2000s, because of its yearly debt increase, it was repeatedly going into receivership. As a result, Converse filed for bankruptcy on January 22, 2001.


The Converse shoe is a well-known casual footwear with its unique logo placement inside of the sneaker.

Therefore, the company sells a variety of colors of shoes that are beloved by millions of people, including celebrities. Additionally, the shoe company operates over 100 stores across America and thousands of retail locations worldwide.

Knowing this, if you discover that your Converse shoe has its logo on the outside but is neither a Jewel All-Star nor an All-Star 2000, it is an imitation, and you should probably seek a refund if you can.

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