Difference Between DDD, E, and F Bra Cup Sizes You Should Know

Most times women are not wearing their real bras or cup sizes. It becomes more blurred when you are in the common big sizes. Knowing the difference between cups like D, DD, DDD, E, and F bra cup sizes will make selection easier.

However, is there a difference? How big is this difference? How can you tell the difference? These are questions this article will try to answer for you. So if you fall under these cup categories, you’ll know how to pick the right bra size next time.

What is a bra cup size?

DDD E F bra cup size

A bra cup size is the measurement of the fullness of your breast for a bra.

It is the difference between the peak swell of the breast (around the nipple) and the band or underbust of the breast. The size is measured through the circumference of the breast area.

The difference (inches or centimeters) is as small as 1/2 inch to over 10. These inches are then represented alphabetically. Consequently, you have cups from letters A to R or all the way to Z.

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Triple D (DDD) cup size

The DDD cup size is a big bust size with a difference of 6 inches between the bust size and band size. The cup size is heavy and needs a lot of support from bands. It is a full breast that needs full coverage. The DDD cup size is commonly used in the US size chart.

E cup size

The E cup size is a big cup size with a 5-inch difference between the bust measurement and band measurement. However, the 5-inch difference applies to the US size chart. For the United Kingdom, European Union, and Australian size charts, it is 6 inches.  

F cup size

This is bigger than the E cup size. It has a difference in inches between the bust size and the band size of 6 inches. It is alternatively used with Triple D cup size in the US size chart.

However, for the UK, EU, and Australian size charts, the difference falls under 7 inches.

Difference between DDD, E, and F bra cup sizes

There isn’t much of a difference except for how they are represented in some regions.

While DDD and F can represent large cups of 6 inches, E can be used alternatively in the UK and Australia.

Meanwhile, E cup size means a 5-inch difference between the US and EU and a 6-inch difference in the UK and Australia charts.

Then, the F cup size falls under the 7-inch difference in the UK and Australia size charts.

Another difference to note is that Australian and UK bra cup sizes do not have DDD cup sizes. Therefore, you can find DDD in the US and EU size charts but not for Australia and UK.

The placement of these cup sizes on the chart will tell you what region they belong to. For example, George, H&M, and the like retail stores will have bras in DD, E, and F but no DDD. Also, the E cup means 6-inches and is equivalent to DDD or F cup size in the US.

Meanwhile, lingerie lines for brands like Natori will have bra cup size DD as E cup size too, and DDD and F are used alternatively.

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Are DDD and F cups the same?

Yes, they are.

DDD and F cups can be used alternatively in the US size chart. However, for the UK size chart, there is no Triple D, and the F cup is an inch higher than the US chart.

What is the difference between DDD and G bra cup size?

They are an inch apart.

DDD is a 6-inch difference between the bust and band sizes, while the G cup is a 7-inch difference between them. Therefore, the G cup is bigger than Triple D.

How to measure bra cup size

You can get your cup size using these simple steps:

  • Start by measuring your band, just below your breast, along your ribcage.
  • Wrap a measuring tape around your torso parallel to your bust. It should fit tightly.
  • If you get an even number, add +4 to the inches. Meanwhile, add +5 to the inches if you get an odd number. The number must always be even. That is your band measurement.
  • Then measure your bust at the swell or peak of your breast (around the nipple).
  • If you get half or in-between whole numbers, round the inches to the nearest whole number.
  • Subtract your band size from your bust size. Then, you have your cup size.
  • If you have a 5-inch difference, that is an E. If you have a 6-inch difference, that is DDD and F.

How to tell the bra cup fits you perfectly

These cup sizes where one means another in one region can be confusing. However, you can tell a bra cup fits you perfectly in the following ways:

  • Your breasts sit comfortably in the cup without spilling at the edges.
  • There is no noticeable bulge at the front, except the bra is push-up.
  • Your nipple is at the center of the cup.
  • The cup holds the weight of your full bust perfectly.
  • The underwire curves the burst without pressing against your sternum.
  • There are no chaff marks on the skin after removal.
  • You do not feel pain around your back because the cup holds the heavy weight of your bust.

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Will a UK F be big for US DDD?

Yes, it will.

UK F cup size is an inch higher than US DDD. While you won’t tell right away when you wear it, over time, you feel the bra loosely cups your breasts.

Are DD and E the same?

In the US chart, DD and E are the same sizes. However, in the UK and Australia size charts, they are not. E is an inch higher than DD.

What should you look out for when shopping for a bra?

Brand and where it was made. This will tell you what bra cup size chart they follow.


For people who fall between DDD, E, and F bra cup sizes, it can be daunting when trying to pick a size because this is where the difference in inches and measurement start for the cups.

To make this simple to understand, DD and E mean the same in the US chart, and F is an inch higher. Meanwhile, the UK and Australia charts do not have DDD, while it does in the US chart. And DDD is the same as the F cup in the US chart.

On the other hand, F and E are higher in the Australian and European cup sizes.

Then, before buying any new brand from a retail or clothing store, ensure you note the brand because that would guide you on the size chart they follow. Once you have this in mind, picking a well-fitted bra should be easy peasy.

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