7 Amazing Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment to Natural Hair

There are different techniques used in caring for the hair, especially those that fall under the natural hair category. Using oils is essential for maintaining and moisturizing the hair. And a technique to get better hair treatment results is using hot oil treatment.

Using oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and others to rejuvenate the hair has become essential to our beauty and hair routines. We can also use them to seal, soothe, and promote hair growth. But we can enhance the efficacy of the oils for our hair. This technique is not new and but little has been discussed about the hot oil treatment.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment


There are many benefits of hot oil treatment but people rarely know this. You can boost the power of oil to a high level with this technique, and it is a perfect remedy for moisturizing dry brittle hair. The unique benefits you will get from using hot oil treatment include the following:

1. It seals your hair

One benefit of using hot oil treatment is its ability to seal moisture in the hair. It will have a film effect that would cover the hair, preventing external elements from penetrating the hair follicles. Hot oil can also fill the cuticles up, sealing them from bad products, excess water, or too much heat.

2. It reduces damage

Breakage is the ultimate hair damage one should not experience, but we do. This is because our tresses are not strong enough to take on elements it has to battle. When you use hot oil, you will reduce the damages to these elements. One of the things hot oil can also do is reduce the amount of water being absorbed by the hair, which will reduce the hair swelling.

High porosity hair can use hot oil treatments to keep their hair from absorbing too much moisture and losing it just as fast. Hot oil can also help reduce protein loss, which could damage the hair follicles.

3. It combats external hair aggressors

Several things cause hair damage. They could be internal or external. The hot oil treatment helps to combat external factors such as weather, heating tools, or penetration of bad substances. Things your hair comes in contact with daily won’t be allowed to seep deep into the hair follicles to damage them.


4. It promotes hydration and elasticity on your hair

The treatment not only keeps your hair hydrated but also strengthens the elasticity of your hair. Using hot oil treatments in your routine will give your hair the strength and the thickness it needs to be able to withstand stretches. It will also keep your tresses looking healthy.

5. It revives brittle hair

Another unique benefit of hot oil treatment for natural hair is reviving brittle dry hair. As oil is sealed into the hair, it is moisturized. Dryness is also reverted to moist and hydrated hair. Also, there would be less friction in your hair and the brittleness is gone from the texture.

Keeping your hair moisturized with hot oil at least once a week will revert even the most brittle hair to its soft shining glory.

6. It increases blood circulation

One way to enhance hair growth is free blood circulation. Hot oil treatment will aid blood circulation in your scalp. When you massage the hot oil to your scalp, you are clearing your cuticle and blood is flowing freely, allowing new hair to grow.

7. It adds shine to your hair

One benefit you will get from using oil treatment is the shining effect it adds to your hair. After using hot oil treatment, your hair will not only be healthier. It will also shine brightly. You won’t have dull dry looking hair anymore but glittering hair that also doesn’t have frequent split ends.

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Hot Oil Treatment FAQs

What is hot oil treatment?

This technique is a form of conditioning that involves using hot or warm oil to heal the hair by spreading everywhere from the scalp to root to tip. Due to the high temperature of the oil, it is easier for it to penetrate deep into the hair’s scalp to treat the hair of its damages or protect it from external factors.

Hot oil naturally travels through the tresses faster than cold oil. Which makes its efficacy twice as much as the cold/ordinary oil.

The treatment is good for any hair type, but best for natural hair and coily hair. This is because these types of hair tend to lose natural oil faster. Also, the spirals of the hair make it hard for the natural oil from the scalp to reach the tips.

Hot oil treatments are not new to the hair care world. But thanks to the resurgence and increasing popularity in natural hair and oil treatment, it has resurfaced as a treatment routine to try if you have difficult natural or coily hair.

What type of oil can I use for the treatment?

Several oils can be used for hot oil treatments with varying results. When you want to decide what oil you should use, what you need to ask yourself is ‘what do I want to achieve?’ Several oils would help you reach your goal if you have decided on what you want to accomplish with the treatment. Some common oils used include:


Coconut oil

This is the best for kinky and coarse hair textures. Coconut oil is the best after treatment for harsh products like relaxers, heat products, and color treatments. Coconut oil also helps to seal moisture in the hair shaft while actively working as a humectant that draws moisture to the hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil is good for protecting split ends and also locking moisture. It is rich in vitamins A and E. It also helps to reduce keratin loss, thereby saving hair from breaking. With olive oil, the scalp’s health is enhanced by helping blood circulation improve. This makes hair growth possible.


Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is the oil that is closest to resembling sebum produced by the scalp. This makes it easy to absorb and replicate by the scalp. Not only does jojoba has antibacterial properties, but it also helps to seal the scalp and protect it from debris and dirt. Another plus to the oil is being able to let your hair breathe freely, promoting new hair growth.

Avocado oil

This is a lighter oil that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and biotin. The antioxidants serve as controlling agents for buildups like dirt, sebum, or product. Avocado oil also helps the scalp breathe easily, enhancing strong hair growth from the roots. The antioxidants also help control frizz and keep curls easily maintained.

The avocado oil also helps to seal moisture in for high porosity hair. This will help your hair products be maintained, protected, and not easily washed off.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a popular type of oil found in most homes where hair care is important. Not only does the oil have great conditioning properties. Castor oil is also rich in a high level of protein that strengthens the keratin in the scalp.  

castor oil

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is another one of the lighter oils that provide deep moisturization. It is best for hair with dandruff because of its high concentration in vitamin E and omega fats. It also won’t weigh the hair down and will protect the hair shaft at the same time.

Should I apply hot oil treatment on my wet or dry hair?

This has to do with you using it as a pre-poo or after shampoo. For dry and dehydrated hair, it is best to use the treatment after shampooing. This is because there is already a buildup in the hair and scalp and shampoo will wash everything away, including the oil. This would make the hot oil treatment less effective as it has been cleared off by shampoo.

To get the oil to penetrate the cuticle, it has to be cleaned. This is why it is best to use the treatment after shampooing your hair. You can use the treatment right after shampooing your hair but before deep conditioning it.

How should I use hot oil treatment?


Hot oil treatment can be applied at home and does not need any long to-do that would not only take time but also energy. What you need is your hot water, oil blend, a shower cap, and a towel. The steps include:

Heat your oil

Whether your oil is DIY or packaged, the first thing you need to do is heat it. It is important to note that you are not to heat the oil directly. Place the oil container in boiling water and let it heat indirectly. Wait for the oil to warm up before taking it out.

Apply the oil to your hair

Be sure to test the oil’s temperature on a small part of your scalp before pouring everything on your scalp. If the temperature is good enough, apply it to your hair.

  • First, you split your hair into four quadrants.
  • And then you pour some oil into one section and massage it into the scalp and through the roots, then finally to the tips. Do this for thirty seconds for each section.
  • Make sure to use just enough oil. Too much will let your hair become slippery and you might also have a difficult time removing the oil with water.

Let the oil be absorbed

Wear a shower cap to let the hot oil soak and warm up your hair. Also, use a towel to further confine the heat. Wait for about 20-30 minutes. If you notice the towel’s temperature has reduced before the allotted time, you can take it off. If not, leave it in until time is up.

Rinse off

After the time is up, rinse off the oil with water only. Have a cool shower and carefully peel off the oil from your hair and scalp. You can use hot water or cold water- whichever your scalp can take. Don’t use shampoo so as not to clear off the moisture and oil residue you acquired during the treatment.

What is the right frequency for using hot oil treatments?


There are conditions and factors to consider when it comes to the frequency of using the hot oil treatment. The first is your hair texture condition. If you have really dry hair, it is best to use the treatment once a week for a 20-30 minutes penetration before rinsing off. You could also leave it overnight to get a more intense effect.

When using it on colored hair, the treatment should be applied once in two weeks. The oils may bleed or fade the color in your hair and make it look dull. Using the hot oil treatment once every two weeks will keep the color from fading easily. The treatment should also be accompanied by color-saving shampoos and conditioners to refresh the color in your dyed hair.

For greasy hair, you can use light oils like grapeseed or sweet almond for the treatment. They will help maintain and balance the overproduction of sebum in the scalp. But when you use the hot oil treatments, do not leave it for too long. 15-20 minutes is more than enough to rejuvenate your hair. And then you can rinse off.

Normal natural hair has nothing to worry about. They can use the treatment once or twice a month to maintain the moisture in the hair and keep the scalp sealed.

Is hot oil treatment different from deep conditioning hair mask?

Hot oil treatment is a form of conditioning but it is not the same as deep conditioning. The first difference to note is the ingredients for the treatments. Hot oil involves using oils like coconut, jojoba, or avocado oil for treatment. Deep conditioning on the other hand uses moisturizing chemicals and other ingredients like eggs, apple cider vinegar, avocados, lemon juice, and others.

Also, hot oil treatments are especially good for dry natural hair while deep conditioning is required for all kinds of hair. It aims to make hair smoother and easy to comb through and style. Deep conditioning hair masks are also temporary. But with hot oil treatments, you will gradually see a shift from dry hair too moist hair as you continue to use it.

And one of the known differences is heat. Hot oil treatments require you to heat the oils first before use. But you don’t need to heat your hair mask before use. This also means that penetration might not be spread widely across your scalp but that is not the case for hot oil treatment. It is easy for the oils to penetrate every part of the scalp because of the hot or warm oil.

Will hot oil help my hair grow?

Yes, it does. Hot oil treatments boost hair growth and hair length retention. When you condition and nourish your hair with the right products, it will naturally grow. And the most important thing for hair length growth is its retention. Hot oil treatment not only seals the scalp but also prevents split ends. And once your hair is maintained, there will be immense growth success.

healthy hair growth


Oils are essential for hair growth and retention. That is why you need to enhance the oil to treat damaged dry hair. There are many benefits of using hot oil treatment for your hair including sealing your hair and adding shine to it. You can also enhance your hair’s growth with hot oil treatment because it stimulates blood circulation.

When trying the hot oil treatment, there are several options of oil to choose from. These oils vary in results and you can choose the one that suits you. Having your hair nourished and healthy is a goal we all should continue to strive for and using hot oil treatment is another way to get us there.

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