How Long Does a Quick Weave Last?

A quick weave is a fast method of installing weaves. It is highly in trend especially because it saves time and is very easy to do. This has put the normal sew-in method of installing weaves into a contest with a quick weave. But before you do it, ever wondered how long a quick weave would last?

If it is as quick as it sounds, its longevity may be questionable. Quick weaves involve gluing wefts of hair to a protective weave cap that is worn over the head before the bonding process. A quick weave cap is much different from a sew-in cap and definitely won’t last as long as a sew-in would.

However, a quick weave is not a bad idea as it could save the day when you’re in a pinch. Different quick weaves last differently and you should know how long each can before you make one.

How Long Does a Half up Half Down Quick Weave Last?

You can have a half up half down quick weave on for six to eight weeks if you care for it properly. This is one of the quick weaves that practically puts no tension on your scalp. Also, you don’t have to glue hair close to your hairline and edges.

However, how long it lasts depends largely on how you care for your weave. If you used a straight weave, brush it gently with a soft paddle brush. For a wavy or curly weave, use a wide-tooth comb and your fingers to about tugging at the weaves and loosening the glue.

How Long Does a Ponytail Quick Weave Last?

Ponytail quick weaves last for two weeks to a month provided that you don’t apply oil around the glued area. A ponytail quick weave is very easy to do at home and takes little time to get done.

To keep your ponytail looking good for up to one month, you should wrap it up at night and use the appropriate brush or comb when styling it. When styling with gel, smoothen your natural hair with a soft hair brush but try not to get products around the ponytail.

How Long Does a Closure Quick Weave Last?

A closure quick weave lasts up to four weeks with adequate care. Frontal quick weaves are quite different from a closure quick weave but they also last for four weeks. While you want to keep your hair looking neat and stylish, avoid brushing or combing it excessively.

Use a brush or your fingers to smoothen the weave. If you must use a comb, use a wide-tooth comb to avoid pulling out the hairs.

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How Can You Make Quick Weave Last Long?

  • Keep oil-based products away from your quick weaves
  • Roll curly weaves with rollers before you go to bed and cover your hair with a silk headscarf or bonnet
  • Use top-quality weaves
  • Avoid heat and heat tools. If you’ll be in the sun for long hours, wear a hat
  • Keep your weave out of the pool
  • Wash and condition appropriately with oil-free products

How to Install a Quick Weave at Home

After choosing the quick weave, follow these steps to install a quick weave at home:

  • Make sure you’re working with a clean scalp and hair
  • If your hair is long enough for braids, braid it into cornrows. Otherwise, use molding gel to keep it together and smooth under the wig
  • Then, wear your high-quality wig cap to protect your hair from the glue
  • If you want to have a leave-out, mark that area, so you don’t apply glue there
  • Thereafter, begin to glue the extensions to your hair. Measure the extension across your hair to find the suitable length before you glue
  • Glue the extensions all over the cap, except the leave out area you marked, until it is full and covered with hair
  • Then, cut out the leave-out area on the cap to reveal your hair
  • Afterward, cut the extension if and where necessary, then, comb and style as you like
  • There, you have a new hairstyle already

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How to Remove a Quick Weave

Follow these steps to remove your quick weave at home:

  • Start with separating the leave-out (if there is), then, clip it to one side
  • Go ahead to apply oil to your hair. Apply the oil to the bond between the hair wefts and the cap
  • Be generous with the oil so it can dissolve the glue
  • When you have put enough oil and rubbed it in, bend your head over a sink or bathtub and allow warm water to run over it
  • The water will also aid in loosening the glue
  • Thereafter, gently remove the cap with your hands. You can put your hands under the cap to take it off slowly
  • The cap should come off easily if you had it done correctly by a professional
  • When you have taken off the cap, lose the braids you had underneath the cap and wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove glue residue
  • Afterward, restore moisture to your hair with a deep conditioner

Pros of Getting a Quick Weave

It saves time

Quick weaves are indeed quick. You can get a quick weave done between one to two hours. Getting supplies for a quick is also not a tedious task. You can easily get the materials from a local store or a salon. These protective hairstyles save both your time and energy.

In addition, the removal process is equally as fast as the installation process. It is very easy and you can do it without an extra hand.


Going for quick weaves instead of a sew-in will save you some dollars. If you want a salon appointment, the cost of a quick weave ranges from $60-$150. Sew-in weaves, on the other hand, could cost up to $200.

Moreover, if you’re using extensions you’ve had in the house, you’d spend way less than the cost of a salon appointment.

Low-maintenance weave

Quick weaves are low-maintenance hairstyles. The only care they need is at night. All you need to do is wrap your hair in silk or satin at night. When styling, you only need to style the areas where your natural hair is open, like in a ponytail for instance.

A quick weave doesn’t need excessive styling, otherwise, you’d be losing your hairstyle earlier than you expected.

Safe for hair

Quick weaves are protective hairstyles. They have little or nothing to do with your scalp, so they do not put any tension on your scalp. In addition, you don’t have to use heat tools since your hair would be covered in a protective cap. It also gives your hair time to grow.

Therefore, if your hair needs a break after tight hairstyles that causes breakage or hair loss, a quick weave is a good option.

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Cons of Getting a Quick Weave

Quick weaves don’t last long

Quick weaves don’t last long. You can have sew-in on for up to eight weeks whereas a quick weave will only last up to a month with adequate care. This may not be a bother but you may want to remember this before you invest in high-quality and expensive hair for a quick weave.

The adhesive

The adhesive used for quick weaves is a major problem with this hairstyle. Even with a cap, some people have had issues with the glue bonding their hair.

If you use a poor-quality cap, you risk getting glue on your hair. Also, the glue can damage your extension, especially when it clumps with your hair as it dries.

Risk of hair loss

If the glue comes in contact with your natural hair or if you roughly take off the weave, you could experience hair breakage or loss. Asides from the inside part of your hair, this loss also affects areas like your edges and hairline.

To avoid this, it is best to get your quick weaves with an expert or use a high-quality cap before bonding.

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Do quick weaves come off?

Yes, they do. A quick weave can come off prematurely or you could be the one to take it off but the latter is better. To take off the weave, apply oil generously to the point where the hair wefts and the cap bond together. This will dissolve the glue and make it easy to take off the weave.

Can a quick weave damage your hair?

A quick weave will damage your hair if it wasn’t installed correctly. You could experience damages like hair loss if you used a poor quality cap and had glue on your hair during the installation process. But with the right aftercare, your hair may recover from the loss.

Can you get a quick weave wet?

You can get your quick weave wet but you risk getting the glue dissolved and losing the hairstyle eventually. You should stay out of the pool and saltwater during the period you have a quick weave on. Pool chemicals like chlorine can dissolve the glue and ruin your weave.


Quick weaves save time and energy. This trend is widely embraced and many are tilting toward it. You can quickly make a quick weave if you’re in a fix or you just want to wear a style of hair for an event. Moreover, it is a protective hairstyle.

This type of weave takes off pressure or tension from your scalp and protects your hair from damage. However, you should be careful with the installation process because if one step goes wrong, you risk damaging your hair.

If you want a quick weave but aren’t sure of doing a perfect job, ask a stylist or experienced friend for help.

Thanks for reading.

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