How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes Flawlessly Like a Pro

It is the way the application of fake eyelashes instantly glam us up that excites us the most after application, however, you must know how to apply magnetic lashes correctly. This article will outline a step-by-step guide on the application process.

Magnetic lashes are fake eyelashes that stick to your natural eyelashes with the help of magnetic stripes. It sticks either by the magnetic lash strips clenching together, or magnetic eyeliner painted across your lash line to hold the eyelash extension. 

Magnetic eyelashes come in two different styles. One is the “sandwiching” type of magnetic lashes which has two pieces of eyelashes with magnet straps on each base that clings together, thereby sandwiching your natural lashes between them.

However, you can choose to use magnetic eyeliner lashes instead of the sandwich-style that compels you to meticulously sandwich your natural lashes between a double layer of magnet stripes. With this, just like your natural lash line and the band of the magnetic lashes and you are good to go.

I bet you do not want to mess up the whole look by applying your magnetic lashes incorrectly. Ahead is a guide you can follow to help you apply magnetic eyelashes safely.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

How Does Magnetic Eyelashes Work

1. How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes With Magnetic Liner

Applying magnetic lashes to your natural lashes doesn’t take much time unlike the glue on lashes. Following the steps below will instantly make your lashes lock into place and leave you with stunning eyelashes.

How to do it:

  • Prep up by shaking the bottle or container of your magnetic eyeliner before use.
  • Use the eyeliner brush to take little of the liner(avoid using a dripping brush as you don’t need much of the magnetic liner for the application)
  • Now carefully draw a line of eyeliner along with your lash line while ensuring that you extend the liner to the end. Make sure that the line is near the roots of your natural eyelashes. 
  • Before applying the magnetic lashes, bend the lashes to match the shape of your eyes and trim it to reshape them if there is a need for that.
  • Use tweezers to take on the end tip of your magnetic eyelashes and place it above your natural lashes. This will make the magnets connect gradually with the magnetic eyeliner. You can add more eyeliner if the one you apply before gets dry.
  • Now gently adjust the magnetic eyelashes until it is perfectly placed on your natural eyelashes. 

Hint: You can make use of an eyelash applicator to apply your fake lashes for them to look as natural as possible. Also, always seal your magnetic liner’s container after each use.

More tips on how to apply magnetic eyeliner lashes

  • Ensure that you apply the eyeliner close to your natural lashes in every possible way.
  • Attach the lash to the outer corner of your eye first, then to the inner corner. This will help you get the best placement of your magnetic lashes.
  • Avoid using your fingers if you are a beginner. Stick to using tweezers to place the magnetic lashes on the eyeliner that’s on your natural lashes. 
  • If you want to reposition the magnetic lashes after you have applied them, first of all, remove them gently. Then, reapply the eyeliner to your lash line and place the magnetic lashes back on.
  • Wipe off any excess liner on the brush back into the bottle, you only need the brush to be damp, not dripping. This will also help you draw a nice straight line!
  • After taking off your lashes for the day, clean off the magnets on them with a dry or damp cotton swab. 

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2. How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes: The Sandwich Style


When you want to apply this kind of magnetic eyelashes, start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. This will help to create a solid surface for the magnets to stick to. Follow the step below to properly apply magnetic eyelashes on your natural lashes.

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How to do it: 

  • Before you begin to put on your fake lashes, apply a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes to a level of enhancement to the final look. 
  • The next step is to apply the upper layer of the magnetic lashes to your natural lashes. Simply take the first top row lash from the pack and place it on your lash line as close as you can get.
  • Now, apply the bottom lashes by taking the bottom row lash and place it underneath your top lashes, close to the lash line. 
  • The magnet strips of both lashes will connect as you do this, thereby locking your lashes in place.
  • If there is a need to adjust the lashes, simply pull the corner of each lash strip and gently pull at it to reposition. 
  • Repeat this process on the other eye to complete your look and boom! You just got gorgeous glam.

A quick tip: Applying mascara before eyelashes will give your false lashes something to cling onto.

How to apply it with your fingers:

  • Place the upper layer of your magnetic eyelash on top of your natural eyelashes, as close to the lash line as possible. 
  • Then, take the bottom layer of the magnetic lashes and place it underneath your lash. With this, the magnets should click together. 
  • Repeat the process with your other eye.

How to apply it with an applicator:

  • Place the upper layer lash first on the top layer of the applicator
  • Now place the bottom lash that goes underneath the top lash on the bottom of the applicator.
  • Then bring them close to your lash line as much as you can
  • You can now drop it. 

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Other Useful Tips

  • Ensure that your eyelids are clean before applying your magnetic eyelashes to them. 
  • Position the lashes carefully and ensure that they stay where they are meant to be. 
  • Do not pull or tug at your lashes after applying them as this could damage them. 
  • Remove your lashes before entering a pool to swim and when you are about to sleep.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid applying mascara directly on your magnetic lashes. Even though this can improve the appearance of your lashes, it will affect how long your magnetic lashes will last. 
  • Do not wear glue with your magnetic lashes as doing this will damage the magnets on your lashes.
  • When it’s time to take off your magnetic lashes, gently peel off your lashes by pulling them apart from the corner.  
  • You can remove the magnetic eyeliner from your lids by using a cleansing oil. If there is any magnetic liner left after using the cleansing oil, remove it by gently pulling it from the lash band. 
  • Avoid using an oil cleanser on your natural lashes as this will cause your magnetic lashes to strip off your lash line.
  • Don’t store your magnetic lashes or keep them away while they are still damp.
  • Store your lashes in an airtight container as this will save them from damage and it will also help to keep them in shape. 
  • Keep them away from exposure to direct sunlight. 
  • Store your lashes in a place that doesn’t have high moisture levels in the air.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

magnetic eye lashes

How long do magnetic eyelashes last?

Magnetic eyelashes last for a very long time. It may last for years if taken care of properly. However, it is best to replace your magnetic eyelashes once every 3months.

Can I reuse a magnetic eyelash extension?

Yes, you can. You can reuse and reapply your magnetic eyelashes as many times and as long as you want. 

Can magnetic eyelashes ruin natural lashes?

Yes. As with any other fake eyelashes, you are likely to lose some of your natural lashes during the removal of your magnetic lashes. 

Should I apply mascara before or after using magnetic eyelashes?

Apply mascara before you begin to put on your fake lashes. This will help to give your lashes a level of enhancement and also make the final look appear natural. 

Is it safe to use magnetic eyelashes?

Compared to the glue-on lashes and the regular liquid and pencil liners, magnetic eyelash extensions and magnetic eyeliners are considered safe to use by cosmetic companies that market them. 

However, they may pose risk to your eyes if the products are used incorrectly or if your skin is sensitive.


The best thing about magnetic eyelashes is that you do not need any messy adhesive or glue for the application. Even as a beginner, if you follow the application guidelines properly, it will be very easy for you to apply.

Not just that, you can also easily remove them and reuse them as many times as you want and the other good news is that you do not have to clean up any mess a glue makes because you do not need glue for this. 

However, as exciting as all these sounds and seem, you will need to follow the application guide in this article to help you apply it smoothly. Especially if you do not want to give up in frustration due to the struggle that comes as a result of not knowing how to apply them.

Thanks for reading.

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