See How to Clean a Beauty Blender With These 5 Easy Methods

Beauty blenders are the secrets of perfectly blended makeup. Since you always want seamless makeup, treat your blenders like a magic wand. You should know that when you do not clean your beauty blender, it becomes difficult to use. Moreover, it could be irritating to your skin.

If you have never cleaned yours, I doubt that’s anything new under the sun. We’ve all been guilty at one time or the other. However, light has shone on this becoming matter of the heart, and we need to get it right.

When your blender gets gross with liquid and cream makeup. For instance, a liquid foundation; the blender no longer rolls over your face as smooth as it should. Also, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs and these microbes are not good for that beautiful face.

Cleaning makeup tools should never be anything difficult. I’ll show you how to get your beauty blender as good as new in no time.

How to Clean a Beauty Blender

how to clean a beauty blender

1. Wash With Soap and Water

Soap and water are universal cleaning agents. They effectively clean surfaces, fabrics, and anything at all. Soap breaks the bonds between the makeup and its hold on the beauty blender. Whether you use a liquid or a bar soap, use a mild soap for the sake of your hands.

Moreover, it is easier to clean your beauty blender this way when you have just finished using it. It’s already wet, so, nothing should stop you.

  • Hold your beauty blender under a running faucet and get it soaked with water such that it increases in size
  • Squirt a few drops of liquid soap or rub a bar of soap across the already wet beauty blender
  • Then, begin to rub across the surface using your fingers and palm. Rub until it is saturated with soap and water
  • You will see it lather up with soap and foundation
  • Gently squeeze the beauty blender to remove the soap and makeup. Do this under running water
  • Squeeze until there is no more residue
  • Repeat the steps until you’re satisfied with your result
  • Afterward, leave your clean beauty blender to air dry on a clean and dry surface. Do not dry it under direct sunlight yet the place should not be stuffy

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2. Use a Brush Cleaning Mat to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Silicone brush cleaning mats are makeup tools that may come with a beauty kit. It is a flat material with small bumps and ridges or bristles of various sizes. When you run a makeup tool like a brush or sponge across its surface, it loosens any makeup product that must have been stuck in it.

  • Start with getting your beauty blender wet with water
  • Follow up with applying soap, liquid or a bar soap would do
  • Then, rub it gently across the silicone mat. Rub until you begin to see makeup come out of it
  • Turn your beauty blender to different angles as you clean it across the cleaning mat. This way you can be sure that the entire surface gets cleaned
  • Continue rubbing to get all the makeup in it out
  • Put it under clean running water and squeeze gently to remove any makeup residue
  • If the water coming out of the sponge still looks dirty, repeat the above steps until you are sure your beauty blender is clean

3. Clean Beauty Blender With Warm Water Soak

Makeup can be quite oily. So, imagine how much oil will be in a beauty blender that you may have used for weeks. A warm water soak will perfectly clean a beauty blender that has dried up with makeup. The warm water breaks down oil and makes makeup come off easily.

  • For perfect cleansing, squirt some drops of shampoo or hand soap in the warm water
  • Shake the water with your fingers until it lathers
  • Then, put your beauty blender into the warm soapy water. Leave it to soak for about half an hour
  • Before you leave it alone to soak, make sure it is well immersed in the water. Also, it must absorb the water well
  • While it is soaking, you’ll notice that the beauty blender is expanding and the water is becoming colored with makeup
  • When 30 minutes is over, bring out the beauty blender
  • Massage it with your hands for even distribution and cleansing
  • Squeeze out the soap and then rinse it well with warm water to get rid of any makeup residues. Use running water if it’s available
  • If the water you squeeze out is very clear, your beauty blender is squeaky clean. Otherwise, repeat the above steps
  • Finally, air dry it in a clean, dry environment

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4. Use a Microwave to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Using a microwave to clean your beauty blender doubles to sterilize this makeup tool. However, you should not do this every day, maybe two to three times a month. The sterilization process kills any bacteria or germs that may have taken advantage of the damp state.

You can add some soap or not to the water depending on whether you want to clean or sterilize it.

  • Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with enough water to submerge the beauty blender
  • Then, add drops of liquid soap into the water and shake it until it lathers up
  • Put the beauty blender into the soapy water, allow it to absorb and submerge into the water
  • Microwave the contents of the bowl for 30 seconds
  • Watch the microwave for any trace of thick dark smoke
  • After the time has expired, bring out the bowl and leave it to sit for a few minutes until it’s warm to the touch
  • When you can touch the beauty blender, bring it out and rinse it under running water
  • However, if you’re doing this merely as a sterilizing routine without soap, use paper towels to dry out the water
  • Leave it to dry well in an airy environment

5. Clean Your Beauty Blender With Cold-Pressed Oil

This method uses the oil attracts oil principle. Use another oil to lift oil from your beauty blender. But, after this, you will need to wash with soap and water. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or baby oil to do this double-cleansing.

  • You do not need to get your beauty blender wet before you clean
  • Apply few drops of cold-pressed oil to your palm
  • Gently massage the beauty blender with the oil in your palm
  • Massage until the makeup begins to come off
  • When you have gotten a good deal of makeup off your beauty blender, proceed to clean it with soap and water
  • You can use a soapy warm water soak for a quick and effective result
  • Squeeze it well until you have removed any makeup residue
  • Afterward, rinse it under running water and leave it to air dry in a clean environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my beauty blender?

You should clean your beauty blender after every use.

This ensures that your beauty blender is in good condition. Also, it is beneficial for your face.

When beauty blenders get dirty, bacteria and germs breed in them. Leaving them dirty for too long can damage them and cause breakouts on your face.

Can I clean my beauty blender with shampoo?

Yes, you can. Use a mild, organic shampoo to clean your beauty blender daily or weekly.

The sponges will absorb the shampoo via water which will break down the makeup molecules. Moreover, it doesn’t damage your blender and it is safe for your face when you use it as an applicator.

Should I soak my beauty blender with cold or hot water?

You should soak your beauty blender with warm or lukewarm water to break down the oil and dirt in it.

Besides, hot water makes it easier and faster to clean. Cold water may trap the oil inside the sponge and make it difficult to wash.  

When should I replace my beauty blender?

You may take good care of your beauty blender and even practice a daily or weekly cleaning routine. They are not meant to last forever.

Replace your beauty blender every 3 to 6 months depending on how frequently you use it.

In addition, when you notice that your beauty blender is cracking, crumbling, or changing color; it is time to shop for a new one.  


Makeup tools are as important as the makeup product we apply. It takes two to tango. The consistent build-up of grime and oil can damage your makeup tools and ruin every effort you put into a face beat. A clean beauty blender equals better effectiveness when you use it as an applicator.

Moreover, for hygiene sake, you will be doing yourself a lot of good by cleaning it after every use. A gross beauty blender will encourage the breed of bacteria and germs which can lead to skin breakouts. That, I know is certainly not the least thing your face wants.

Make a daily and weekly routine of washing and sterilizing your beauty blender. Make sure you are not using any method or a tool like a brush that will damage the sponge. Here’s a tip. Clean your beauty blender after every use and enjoy a seamless finish and long-lasting tool.

Thanks for reading.

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