These 8 DIY Materials Will Get Makeup Out of Clothes

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing alien about makeup on clothes to a woman. These stains are officially inevitable because if it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow. Sometimes, we try to avoid it by either dressing up before or after application- which method might work.

Well, that’s not what today is about. Now, your favorite dress has a dollop of foundation or bb cream, maybe it’s lipstick or mascara on your bedsheet. I know how unpleasant a sight it can be. Let that not be a cause of worry anymore, I got you.

A free hint ahead. To get makeup stains out of your clothes quickly, you should know the basic constituent of the makeup product. For instance, you should know whether it is oil- or liquid-based. With this information, you’ll use materials that attack that constituent.

So, I have made a list of easy and quick DIYs that use your basic household materials to get makeup out of your clothes.

Easy and Quick Makeup Removal DIYs

how to get makeup out of clothes

1. Makeup Wipes for Fresh Stains

Makeup leaves with makeup wipes; not just from your face but your clothes too. However, you should use the wipes for fresh stains. And, before you use the wipes, do a patch test on an almost invisible part of the fabrics to see if the color will come off.

Gently dab on the stain with wipes. Make sure you do not scrub with pressure otherwise you’ll be spreading the stain. Makeup wipes remove makeup of any kind from your clothes. After cleaning, you can go ahead to wash the clothes with your laundry detergent and dry them afterward.

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2. Blow Dryer for Loose Powder

Getting loose powder out of clothes may look the easiest. It’s not absolute because the consistency tends to spread quickly. While you may want to use a cloth, wipes, brush, or your hand; you really should not use any of these approaches.

Whether it’s setting powder, blush, powdered eyeshadow, or finishing powder; use a blow dryer (on cool setting) to blast the powder off your clothes. If there are still residues, dampen a cotton ball with makeup remover. Then, gently dab at the stain and rinse the area with clean, cold water.

Also, if you have a pair of nylon tights, you can use them instead of the cotton ball and makeup remover. Use the tights to rub off the stain. The tights’ fabric does not allow powder makeup to smear or run deeper into your clothes neither do they get smeared with makeup.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

You must have seen rubbing alcohol on every stain removal list. They have a reputation for combating everyday stains of all kinds. When you’ve got makeup like lipstick, self-tanner, and liquid foundation on your clothes; you should use rubbing alcohol to wipe them off.

These products are oily and waxy. And, alcohol is not a friend of oils and waxes. This is what you should do:

  • Dampen a cotton ball or pad with rubbing alcohol
  • Then, gently use the ball to rub the stained areas of your clothes
  • Rub until you can see the stains fade away
  • Afterward, flush the area with clean water to remove makeup residues
  • If necessary, you can repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with what you see
  • Wash the clothes with your regular laundry detergent and dry them appropriately
  • In addition, use rubbing alcohol in a ventilated area and keep it out of the reach of children and pets

4. Shaving Cream

Yes, your reliable hair removal cream can be your savior when you have a dollop of foundation on your pants or shirts. Shaving cream has a formula that makes it absorb and break down oils and waxes.

You should however note that you must use color-free shaving cream. Otherwise, you might just be staining an already stained cloth.

  • Before you go ahead with shaving cream, use a ruler or anything flat to scoop off the excess liquid makeup on the clothes
  • Squirt a dollop of shaving cream onto the makeup stain on your clothes
  • Then, allow the cream to sit on the stain for about 5 minutes. During this time, the cream breaks the bond between the makeup and your clothes
  • Afterward, use your fingers to gently rub the cream into the stain
  • The cream lifts off the stain as you see the cream get discolored
  • Rinse off the mix of makeupnand shaving cream with clean, cold water
  • Repeat the processes if you can still see makeup on your clothes
  • Finally, wash and dry your clothes as you’d your regular laundry

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5. Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergents come in variants like detergent wipes or stain-removing pens. Before using any of these, run a patch test to see the effect on the color of your fabric. And, if you have makeup stain on pre-dyed clothes, do not use a stain-removing pen else it may ruin the dye.

  • For liquid and cream makeup stains, start with scooping off the excess makeup on your clothes
  • Use the detergent wipe to rub over the stain in circular motions
  • Start rubbing the outer edges of the stain then go on to the center where there is more stain
  • As you rub, the stain transfers onto the wipe. Continue to do so until the stain fades away
  • If the wipe gets saturated with makeup, turn it over to another area or replace the wipe
  • Then, you can flush the stained area with clean cold, or lukewarm water
  • You should not use hot water because it will allow any stain residue to set in. On the other hand, cold water will help lift off the stain
  • Go ahead to dry out the water with clean paper towels. Use the towels to gently dab at the wet area
  • You’ll notice that stain residues are transferred to the towel. Dab until the towel does not take any makeup stain again
  • Wash and dry the clothes

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6. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap removes oil-based makeup from clothes. Grease-cutting dishwashing soap is the best option for this. Lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara fall into this category of makeup stains. Scoop off any excess stain with a material you know won’t shed and leave flakes on the stain.

  • Use your fingers to put water on the stain. Do not soak the stain with water and do not use hot water
  • Squirt a light dollop of dishwashing soap on the stain
  • Spread the soap around the stain with your finger. Make sure it forms a thin coat over the makeup stain on your clothes
  • After spreading the soap, use a cloth hand towel to massage the soap into the stain. Do this in circular motions so the soap spreads well and is absorbed into the stain
  • If you’re dealing with an already dried up stain; instead of using a towel, use a soft toothbrush to massage the soap into the stain
  • Allow the soap to sit over the stain for up to 10 minutes until the soap dries on the stain (if it’s not dried after 10 minutes, allow it to sit for extra minutes)
  • When you are sure the soap has dried onto the stain, use a clean, dry hand towel to dab at the stain
  • Dab until the towel has absorbed the makeup and soap from the clothes. If you rub, you’ll be leaving lint behind and worsening the stain
  • Repeat the above steps with clean materials, if necessary

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7. Ice Cubes

Like I mentioned earlier, using hot water allows stains to set in and spread while cold water lifts them off fabrics. Use ice cubes on makeup stains like foundation or concealer on clothes.

  • While the stain is still fresh on your clothes, scrape off the excess cream
  • Follow up with ice. Use a paper towel to hold the ice if it’s too cold for your hands and melts too quickly
  • Rub the ice on the stain in circular motions
  • This is how the ice works; it breaks up the molecules of the makeup and their bond with your clothes
  • Continue rubbing with ice until you can see the stain is lifted
  • Afterward, squeeze the area with a dry towel to get rid of any makeup residue
  • Repeat the steps if necessary

8. Hair Spray

Most hair sprays are alcohol-based, and this is what makes them effective in removing everyday stains. Liquid foundation and lipstick, and self-tanner are makeup products that cannot withstand hair sprays.

Also, hair sprays are more effective in removing fresh makeup stains from clothes. However, if you’ve got makeup on fabrics like lace or silk, you may want to use another stain removal option. This is because they are light fabrics on which hair sprays harden in no time.

  • Hold a bottle of hairspray directly over the stain and spray
  • Spray the product such that it is enough to form a coat over the stain
  • Leave the spray to harden over the makeup stain on your clothes
  • Dampen a paper towel with cold water and use it to wipe the stain out of your clothes
  • Continue wiping until you can no longer see any stain on your clothes
  • If one paper gets soiled, discard it and dampen another and continue wiping
  • When you’ve gotten out the stain, flush the area with clean water
  • Then, launder and dry appropriately

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get foundation out of my clothes after washing?

To get makeup out of your clothes after washing, you can use either rub alcohol or shaving cream. Rub any of these onto the stain until the stain disappears.

However, before you begin, run a spot test on a clean area of the clothes to see whether it will ruin the fabric or not.

Can I remove set-in makeup from my clothes?

Yes, you can. If the makeup stain has already dried on your clothes, you can apply shaving cream to the affected area. Then, use a toothbrush to rub the cream into the stain until you can see the stain lifted.

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How can I get makeup out of my clothes without alcohol?

Simple materials like dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, blow dryer, and shaving cream can lift makeup stains off your clothes.

But, before you use any of these materials as removers, consider the product formulation. Detergent, soap, and shaving cream effectively break the molecules of oil- and liquid-based makeup. On the other hand, a blow dryer will disperse loose powder makeup from your clothes.

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You can call stains unpredictable and almost unavoidable mishaps. While you work at getting a face beat, your eyeshadow may dust off on your clothes. It could be a dollop of foundation on your blouse. And, they actually happen when they least should.

You do not have to panic when next you accidentally get makeup on your clothes. Have a handful of makeup removal methods up your sleeves. The materials to be used do not require you to break a bank or forgo certain necessities. You can get any of them at a local grocery store.

If possible, treat makeup stains when they are fresh. Run a spot test on an almost invisible part of your clothes to be sure you won’t ruin your fabric. Know the kind of stain you’re dealing with and attack it appropriately.

Thanks for reading.

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