How to Get Rid of Nose Hair – Fast, Easy & Safe

Does your nose hair sprout wildly and noticeably from your nostrils? This article will reveal to you how to get rid of nose hair. 

A hard impediment of hair in your nostrils protects the nose from bugs, bacteria, and further unfamiliar pollutants out of your airways while allowing air to flow without obstructions. However, it becomes too much sometimes.

No one appreciates seeing their nose hair peek out of the nostrils. Nonetheless, nose hair plays a vital role in the body by filtering out strange fractions, and nose hair can also ruin the romantic mood and crush your dating game.

Fortunately, it’s completely feasible to accomplish a comfortable balance. Various nasal hair removal techniques are available to help you keep the hair strands inside your nostrils in check; without going to completely remove them.

How to Safely Get Rid of Nose Hair

How to remove nose hair

Nasal hair growth outside the nostrils is common, mostly among men. This may ensue due to genetic conditions and hormonal fluctuations. However, very rarely, it may affect women experiencing hormonal disorders too! 

Although women have smaller prominent nasal hair compared to men. Ladies usually choose to opt for laser hair deduction because it is a painless and lasting method of getting rid of surplus nose hair. 

It’s an awful reality of life that as you become older, hair tends to sprout in the nostrils. Androgens; male sex hormones can take the fault on this, it allows hair follicles to become more sensitive to as you age.

Everyone has got to know how to get rid of nose hair. There are several hair removal methods convenient for you to try out.

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1. Use a Nose Hair Trimmer

hair trimmer

Using a trimmer is one of the surest, effortless means to earn rid of nose hair. You get a low cut, and the device is created to skid comfortably into your nostril. You can either use a manual or an electric trimmer.

Using an Electric Trimmer

Get yourself a high-quality electric trimmer. With its rapidly spinning blades, it does all the tasks for trimming the hair for you. Electric trimmers are a must for anyone trying to get rid of excess nose hair; they are comfortable and safe.

It is one of the timeliest, safest and painless picks; to visibly lessen extended nasal hair strands without harming the delicate tissues inside your nasal nook.

Its swiveling inner blades trim the excess hair along the nasal wall gently without yanking them. 


  • It is advisable to utilize the trimmer in a decently-lit room. 
  • While buzzing, be sure to keep a mirror in front of you and a pack of tissues nearby. 
  • Insert the trimmer gently into your nose and make it in a circular motion to trim your nasal hair significantly.
  • Pocket your lips while you are at it; for a better entry into the nasal cavity.    


  • Don’t use the trimmer when your nose is stuffy or humid. 
  • Do not plop the trimmer too deep into your nasal cavity to avoid damage and injury. 

Using Manual Trimmer

A manual nose hair trimmer is a good substitute for the electric nose hair trimmer. It attains the same effects, just with a slightly distinct implementation.

Manual nasal hair trimmers shave nose hairs with a curl or squeeze of your hand. They are super handy, safe, and easy to use. The only condition is that they require regular cleaning and care.

2. Use Grooming Scissors

grooming scissors

Grooming scissors are quite different from regular junk-drawer scissors. They have a rather round tip so that; you don’t poke yourself in the nose, and open yourself to germ. 

Grooming scissors are specially designed scissors that are affordable and must-have for men to actively manage facial hair. Their rounded rims and sharp blades make it effortless to trim the hair in the hard-to-reach areas of the nose.

Even with this safety characteristic, you still have to be careful while using it; to avoid messing up and causing yourself pain. To trim your nasal hair appropriately, stand in decent lighting and go for it slowly

They are readily available and can be gotten at drugstores, supermarkets, and online marketplaces.


  • When using grooming scissors, ensure your nose is not stuffy before use and blow your nose after use. 
  • Only make use of a sterilized medical-grade stainless scissor. 
  • Always make use of a magnifying mirror and bend your head to trim the hair peeking out of your nostrils. 
  • Disinfect your scissors after use by washing or wiping; to maintain the blades unclogged after use.   


  • Do not share your grooming scissors with anyone; this is to prevent germs and infections. 
  • Do not trim too deep into the nostrils, as you may accidentally mutilate sensitive mucous membranes and suffer from pain or bleeding.

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3. Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal procedure is the best wager for removing undesirable hair growth on delicate areas of the face, and this includes the nose. Trained physicians utilize the latest laser technology to target unwanted hair strands with preciseness, while the fragile facial skin remains intact and undamaged. 

This technique is super fast and safe. It takes less than fifteen minutes to complete this process, and there is no downtime after hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the ample painless techniques for long-lasting nasal hair removal. 

Go for it; to remove the unwanted hair clumps accumulating on the tip, bridge, and sides of the nose. 

Some dermatologists do not endorse the use of laser hair removal treatment to eliminate hair growth inside the nasal cavity; for safety purposes.


  • If you decide to go for laser hair removal, ensure that you consult a medical expert in a reputable skin clinic to get a kick out of a safe experience.
  • Follow the before and aftercare instructions carefully to attain the nicest outcomes.


  • Resist salon services and direct sun disclosure instantly before and after laser therapy.
  • Do not let the cost dissuade you; as it is just a one-time expense that gives you results that last a lifetime.

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Nose Hair Removal Methods to Avoid

how to remove nose hair

As it is important to learn what techniques to choose for nasal hair removal, it is equally vital to know what methods to ignore. Although many prefer to use the below ways to get rid of nasal hair, they are not the best bet in terms of safety and potency.

1. Waxing

This is a common hair removal method. Waxing is a common choice among men and women. Numerous DIY nose wax gears are accessible; adorned with aloe vera and chamomile oil. They usually come with specially formulated safety applicators to smudge and pull out long nostril hairs. This technique of core hair removal causes ample pain and may also result in the following discomfort:

  • Radiating pain or irritation of delicate facial skin and mucous membrane within the nasal region.
  • Harmed hair follicles may result in swelling or other infections. 
  • It may also cause ingrown hair.

2. Tweezing/Plucking

This is by far the most uncomfortable and tiresome technique of removing nose hair. Plucking out one strand at a time is not for the faint-hearted. While you may think that uprooting every hair strand undertakes the issue for an extra period, here are the conditions you need to weigh:

  • It is a time-consuming and agonizing mode for nasal hair removal.
  • Eliminating hair from nostrils with this method may lead to injury and infection.

Choosing the right method when it comes to removing excess nose hair is crucial to relishing a hair-free look without risking your safety and health.

Other Things You Need to Know About Nose Hair Removal

  • The best way to get rid of unwanted nose hair is by using a trimmer or grooming scissors.
  • Several hair removal procedures (such as waxing and plucking) should be resisted when eliminating nose hair, as they come with a greater risk of ingrown hair and infections.
  • Nose hair is one of your body’s main defense tools against the outside environment. Therefore, nose hair should not be removed totally.
  • Be extraordinarily careful when using sharp scissors: one spasm of the hand can take the blades hard up your nostril.
  • Plucking your nasal hair may open up your hair follicles to infection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get rid of my nose hair permanently? 

Try the laser hair removal method.

No amount of trimming or scissoring will help to permanently terminate or stop the growth of nose hair. Go to a reputable skin clinic to have your nasal hair permanently removed by an experienced physician.

How do I trim my nose hair with scissors at home?

You will need grooming scissors for this.

To do this:

  • Stand in a lit room with a mirror in front of you. 
  • Blow out your nose to remove mucus, clean your nose with a paper towel or clean cloth. 
  • Firmly grip the scissors and tip your head back.
  • Proceed to trim nose hair
  • Blow your nose after to remove more hair from your nose.

Is it safe to completely remove nose hair?

No, it’s not. Nose hair is a crucial part of your body’s safety structure. It assists in keeping dust, allergens, and further small particles from penetrating your lungs.

Removing too much nose hair will give access to these particles, and that may lead to infection.


It’s vital to recognize that not all nose hair removal techniques are developed similarly. There are some techniques you should steer clear of; to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain on yourself.

Nose hair is one of the body’s defense mechanisms, therefore, you should only remove the hair that sticks out of your nose.

Thanks for reading.

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