How to Put Lotion on Your Back: Easy Hacks to Use When Alone

Living on your own could be sad and lonely if you need an extra hand to help. However, the good thing about living alone is having to learn a few tricks and habits that would improve your lifestyle. One of these tricks is knowing how to put lotion on your back.

It’s not your fault you can’t get to your back. Some people are not flexible enough to get the task done. However, it’s important to moisturize your back because it is part of your body. Consequently, due to the complexity, people often neglect the back of the body.

Well, you have a chance to get your back moisturized and padded with nourishing ingredients. You will be learning how to moisturize your back effectively if you have no one to help with the challenge.

How to Put Lotion on Your Back

You need creative ways to get things done if you live alone. Putting lotion on your back is one of such things you need to get creative with. Some of these tricks might be over the top; however, they get the job done.

1. Use an Applicator

back lotion applicator

Yes, there is an applicator used to apply creams on the back. This nifty tool comes in handy for those who want to put lotion on their back. The applicator is a wide wooden or plastic stick with a sponge or high-intensity foam at the end.

If you want to use a lotion applicator, add the lotion to the sponge and rub the lotion on your back skin, moving from one side to the other. The applicator can extend from your shoulder blades to your lower back, so you need to be precise when using it.

Starting from one end to the other is better when applying the lotion.

2. Get Flexible With Your Forearm

This is being smart with how you apply your lotion. You can creatively use your forearm across your back. What you have to do is:

  • Line your lotion on your forearm and the back of your hand. Be sure the lotion is sitting straight on the surface.
  • Then place your forearm against your back, with lotion splattered between your forearm and back.
  • Move your forearm up and down against your back, making sure it lotion is spread as you move your forearms in the process.
  • You can do this with one forearm at a time or work simultaneously with both forearms gliding up and down your back.

Pro Tip: Although this has to do with you being flexible, it does not strain so you can stretch. This is why you need to use both forearms to get between spaces.

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3. Try a Spatula


A spatula works just like an applicator but without a sponge. When you use a spatula (plastic or wooden), you need to have a good grip on the handle.

Moreover, it has to be non-metal and not used in the kitchen. It should also have as a few splinters as possible to avoid bruising or cutting your skin.

How to use it:

  • Splatter lotion at the head of the spatula.
  • With the handle, rub the lotion on your back as you would when using a scratcher or an applicator.
  • Spread the cream with the spatula until you feel it melted into your skin.
  • You can add more lotion to apply as necessary.

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4. Plastic Wrap

This is another nifty tool you use to put lotion on your back. A plastic or saran wrap is also very creative. Furthermore, it is lightweight. The wrap can be used in two ways – the laying down method or splatting on your back.

For the laying down method:

  • Splatter or lotion on a strip of plastic wrap.
  • Lay it on a flat surface, preferably a bed or a table.
  • While standing or sitting straight, make sure the wrap is aligned below your back.
  • Rest your back on the waiting wrap. This has to be calculated and accurate when you lay to avoid the creamy paste spilling on your sheets.
  • Rub your back against the wrap, pressing the lotion further into your skin.
  • Clean up.

Standing position:

  • Squeeze your lotion in a straight line on a strip of plastic wrap.
  • While standing, rub the plastic wrap with the lotion on your bag.
  • Like you would a sponge or wet cloth, rub the lotion over your back skin.
  • To effectively apply on all areas, work in sections, focusing on one area of your back at a time.

How to Put Suntan Lotion on Your Back

how to put lotion on back

If you are spending a day alone by the beach or under the sun for a tan, you would need a suntan. Therefore, you need to know how to apply or put a suntan lotion on your back.

Naturally, you can ask for help if you are in a public area. However, not everyone is comfortable with a stranger doing it for them. In that case, use an applicator.

You can use a back lotion applicator to apply your suntan lotion. As a result, you need to have your applicator with you. To apply the suntan lotion properly, you also need a mirror to see how well your back is covered.

You can also try the forearm method to apply the suntan lotion to your back. This trick also applies to applying sunscreen on your back.

How to Exfoliate Your Back

You need to exfoliate all parts of your body to keep it nourished and glowing. Furthermore, exfoliation removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin clear of grime and residues.

If you want to exfoliate your skin, you have to choose chemical or mechanical exfoliators. If you choose a chemical exfoliator, you can use any method (the plastic wrap is a nice idea) to apply the exfoliator.

Meanwhile, I would advise you to use an applicator or a sponge if you are using a mechanical exfoliator. The sponge can have a handle to give you room to spread the cleanser on your back.

You can also use the forearm method to exfoliate your back skin. This helps to exfoliate your forearms and back at the same time.

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How to Make DIY Lotion Applicator

You can make your applicator if you do not want to spend so much on an applicator. In addition, it makes you get creative if you want a fun side experience.

What you’ll need: A high-density foam (it can be a square or round) and a wooden or plastic handle with a non-slip grip.

How to make it:

  • Cut your high-density foam by the side. Make a small slit the same width as the wooden handle.
  • Gently slip the handle in the slit, making sure the handle sits tightly in the foam.
  • You can use an adhesive to hold the foam and handle together.
  • Leave it out to dry.
  • Use your homemade back lotion applicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

put lotion on back

Do I need lotion on my back?

Yes, you do. Lotions are products like body moisturizers that keep your skin nourished and protected. Just as you need to keep your skin healthy, your back needs to stay hydrated to improve your complexion and overall outlook.

If you do not moisturize your back, it could become scaly if you have dry skin. Also, it could become darker due to a lack of care.

Can I use my palm to apply lotion to my back?

Yes, you can. You can use your palm to apply moisturizers and creams to your back. What matters is your flexibility. If you have flexible hands, then you do not need to worry about not getting spread out on your back.

However, if you do not have flexible hands, you should use tools if you want to get the product on your back.

Can I use a kitchen spatula to put lotion on my back?

Yes, you can. You can use a kitchen spatula with a strong grip to put creams on your back.

However, it must be a spatula you do not frequently use or have been unused for a while. If you use the spatula regularly in your kitchen, do not use it. Skincare products do not do well in food.


Lotions are essential to your body. It could be moisturizing body creams, sunscreen, or suntan lotions. What matters is how you get them in the right places. This includes your back. If you do not know how to put lotions on your back, you will be doing your back a disservice.

It’s understandable if you are not flexible, but it must be done. You can seek the help of household tools or make your homemade applicator to get the task done. These tools make living alone simpler and more fun.

You would need them to go about your day-to-day activity. Furthermore, it gets the job done without you having to look for extra hands. So, if you want to keep all parts of your body healthy, moisturize your back regularly with these handy tools.

Thanks for reading.

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