How to Stop Hair From Breaking- Discover the Prevention and Home Remedies That Work

Hair breakage is one of the natural processes of life. When you run a comb or brush through your hair, it’s only natural to see a few strands in the comb or brush. However, when your hair is breaking too frequently and won’t stop, it could be a problem.

Some of the processes you put your hair through in a bid to keep it pretty could be the reason why it is breaking. Moreover, you could be innocent of why your hair is breaking. For instance, during your sleep. Continuous breakage can result in a reduction of hair volume which can be quite disturbing.

There are several reasons why your hair is breaking and there are also ways to stop this breakage. A stitch in time saves nine, right? Below are ways to stop your hair from breaking and to keep it looking strong and healthy.

How to Stop Hair From Breaking When Combing

The tools you use when combing your hair matter a lot. While you think they are effective in perfectly detangling your hair or distributing products, they could be doing your hair more harm than good. This is why the appropriate tools are necessary.

When using a comb, use a wide-tooth comb. Hair experts advise that you only use a hairbrush for styling purposes. And when you do, do not use a brush with damaged bristles. Moreover, only detangle with a detangling brush when you do not want to use your fingers.

Additionally, do not comb your hair while it is wet. This is because your hair is most fragile when it is wet. Combining wet hair makes breakage easier. Therefore, make sure your hair is dry before you comb it.

However, some hair textures break even more if they are combed when dry. If your hair breaks this way, you can get it damp with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil before you comb.

How to Stop Hair From Breaking When Straightening

Heat tools help to straighten your hair but every use is damaging your cuticles and will eventually result in hair breakage. To prevent this damage, stop straightening your hair when it’s wet. Straightening wet hair causes mechanical damage in form of cracks along the hair shaft.

When the cracks get to the cuticles, they manifest as hair breakage. Another way to stop your hair from breaking when straightening it is to use the flat iron in a low setting. While it is tempting to get your hair straight faster with a hotter tool, it could be damaging your hair.

In addition, reduce the frequency at which you use a hair straightener. Straightening your hair every day could strip it of moisture and make it dry and brittle. Dry and brittle hair will end up breaking.

Another way to stop your hair from breaking when straightening is to always use the right tool- size and material. Also, treat your hair that has been damaged by chemical processes before you straighten it.

How to Stop Hair From Breaking at the Top

One major reason why your hair is breaking at the end is that it is always dry. Avoid hair care products and processes that cause your hair to dry out and break. For instance, sulfate products strip your hair of moisture, causing breakage. Replace such products with sulfate-free products.

Furthermore, moisture is key. Therefore, do not downplay the importance of conditioners. Invest in leave-in conditioners and deep conditioning to strengthen and nourish your hair. You should also cut down on shampooing. Alternate using wet shampoos with dry shampoos.

Pre-poo treatments also help to strengthen your hair and protect it from the harsh chemicals in your shampoo. And when you wash your hair, rinse with warm water instead of hot water. If you can keep frizz at bay, the ends of your hair are protected from breaking.

As counterproductive as it sounds, trimming your hair frequently greatly reduces breakage. When you cut off the weak ends, you prevent split ends and the consequent breakage.

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How to Stop Hair From Breaking While Sleeping

Do not go to bed with wet hair. You do not always have to use a heat tool to get your hair dry. Use towels to blot out the water and make sure your hair is dry to a good degree before you sleep. Sleeping with wet hair, which is already delicate, will make your hair break.

You must protect your hair while you sleep. You almost cannot control much of your head movement when you sleep. Therefore, always wrap your hair with a silk headscarf before you go to bed.

Furthermore, replace elastic headbands or head ties with scrunchies. The scrunchies prevent your hair from tangling, unlike elastic head ties that drag your hair along with them when you take them off.

Other things you can do include brushing your hair before you sleep, replacing cotton pillowcases with silk, and applying moisturizing hair oil to replenish moisture.

How to Stop Hair From Breaking After Bleaching

Bleach agents are very powerful and can damage your hair. Stripping your hair of its natural color ends up being beautiful but over time, it leaves your hair dry and brittle. To stop your hair from breaking after using bleach, you should hydrate it and keep it so.

Invest in hydrating and moisturizing hair care products. Use products that contain humectants that will help attract moisture to your hair. Also, use protein treatments after bleaching your hair. However, the use of protein treatment depends on the porosity of your hair.

Hair oils, rice water, hair masks, hair sunscreen, and chlorine-free products should make up your regimen if you have bleached hair. Most importantly, do not bleach your hair too often and stay away from heat tools.

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Home Remedies to Stop Hair From Breaking Naturally

1. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse

ACV is known for its pH restoration ability. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which help to prevent scalp infections and prevent hair breakage.

  • Dissolve one part of ACV in two parts of water and shake
  • On your wash days, use this mixture to rinse your hair after shampooing

2. Hot oil massage

Oils are ingredients that are chock full of nutrients that every hair type needs to stay healthy. Applying oil to dry hair will help replenish moisture prevent it from breaking. The good thing about a hot oil massage is that you can have a blend of oils.

  • Pick your oils and mix them in a glass bowl
  • Put the bowl in another bowl of warm water to increase the temperature of the oil
  • Afterward, apply the heated oil to your scalp and massage it with your fingers for up to an hour
  • Thereafter, rinse out the oil with warm water
  • Do this once a week or once in two weeks

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3. Shea butter

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. It uses moisture to protect your hair from getting dry, brittle and eventually breaking.

  • Take cold shea butter in your palm and warm it by rubbing both palms together
  • Afterward, apply it to your hair. Make sure it is distributed evenly
  • You can also use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute it
  • This treatment doesn’t really follow a prescription. You can always use it whenever your hair feels very dry

4. Hair masks

DIY hair masks are very nourishing. Egg hair masks, for instance, fortify your hair with protein and keep it strengthened.

Some of the ingredients in your hair masks have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antioxidant properties which help to keep your hair and scalp protected from infections that can lead to breakage.

Some of these hair masks include:

Green tea and coconut oil mask

Egg white, olive oil, milk, and lemon juice mask

Avocado, egg yolk, and butter hair mask

Banana, olive oil, and honey hair mask

To make any of these hair masks, you only need to mix the ingredients in the right amounts, and apply the paste to your hair. Leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes before you rinse it off. After using a hair mask, replenish moisture with hair oils.

5. Aloe vera

One of the steps to take to prevent hair breakage is to prevent dry, scaly, and itchy scalp. Aloe vera gel has great moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties which help to prevent dandruff formation and subsequent hair fall.

  • You can either mix aloe gel with oil like almond oil or use it in a hair mist to condition your hair.
  • Mix equal parts of aloe gel and almond oil in a glass bowl
  • Then, apply the paste to your scalp and the ends of your hair
  • You can wear a shower cap over your head for up to 20 minutes to aid absorption
  • Thereafter, rinse it off and wash your hair with shampoo

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6. Onion juice and oil

Naturally, eating onions encourages the production of keratin, the protein that makes up the hair. Mixing onion juice extract and oils like coconut oil or olive oil can help strengthen your hair and prevent it from breaking.

  • Mix equal parts of onion juice and coconut oil or olive oil in a small glass bowl
  • Apply the liquid mixture to your hair and make sure it is evenly distributed
  • Allow the mixture to sit for up to twenty minutes, then, rinse it off
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to thoroughly wash it off
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a week for better results

Why Does Hair Break?

Hair breaks for several reasons. They include:

  • Improper hair care routine
  • Using the wrong hairbrush and comb
  • Poor diet and eating disorder
  • Stress
  • Excessive dryness
  • Too frequent heat styling
  • Excessive use of chemicals on your hair
  • Washing your hair too frequently and with shampoos that contain sulfates
  • Wearing tight hairstyles
  • Towel drying your hair
  • Not allowing your hair to dry well


Can towel drying your hair cause it to break?

Yes, it can. The wrong towel and rubbing the towel roughly against your hair can cause it to break. Using a towel to squeeze water out of your hair can damage your hair. Moreover, instead of a cloth towel, use a microfiber towel to blot out excess water from your hair.

Does relaxer cause your hair to break?

Yes, it does. Relaxing your hair could be the reason why your hair is breaking. The chemicals in relaxers work by breaking the protein bonds to straighten your hair. Consequently, your hair is straight but weak.

Will protein treatments prevent hair breakage?

Yes, they will. Applying protein treatment to already dry and brittle hair can help prevent further damage like breakage. The protein fills in the hair cuticles, repairs damage, and strengthens your hair.


Although hair breakage is common and almost natural, there are so many things you can do to reduce the frequency and avoid subsequent hair loss and reduction in volume. The major reasons why your hair is breaking are lack of moisture and the pressure you put on your strands.

Additionally, you should avoid chemical and heat processes that make your hair dry and brittle. The right hair care routine, using the right products and in the right proportions can help to stop your hair from breaking.

Thanks for reading.

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