Here’s How To Stretch Converse Shoes The Right Way

Have you recently purchased a pair of Converse shoes and discovered that it is too tight? Definitely, you would want to stretch them out.

Because of their canvas construction, most Converse sneakers are slightly stretchable, and if worn regularly after purchase, your Converse will naturally expand out and conform to the form of your foot over time.

Nevertheless, if you want to speed up the process, you should continue reading to find out how to stretch your Converse shoes properly.

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What does it mean when you stretch your Converse shoes?

Stretching your shoes indicates a problem with the fit. Therefore, expanding them will make them fit better if they are too small, too tight, or causing blisters on your ankle.

Why should you stretch your Converse shoes?


To stop blisters

When you experience pains in your ankles or heels, it is time to expand your shoes. Otherwise, you’ll get callouses all around your feet.

It’s too tight

You should stretch your shoes if you feel uneasy while wearing them and they are too tight.

Not enough toe room

When purchasing Converse, you may frequently find that everything fits except for the toe box area. You can expand your shoes to fix this issue.

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How to stretch Converse shoes


1. Break them in

Try breaking them in for a few weeks so that heat, perspiration, and width of your foot can mold them. You will do this by wearing your shoes around the house if they are just a little bit uncomfortable.

This can sometimes soften them to the point where they feel good after a few nights of doing it. However, before using this technique, give your feet some time to rest, especially if it’s hot outside.

2. Use the peeled potato trick

You can use a peeled potato to extend the toe box of your shoes. To do this, you need to place the peeled potato inside your shoe for the night after drying it with a paper towel. This method provides a decent stretch after a while.

3. Thick socks and a blow dryer

This technique will give the shoes a little additional stretch and help them fit your feet properly.

Put on some thick socks, then snugly fasten your shoes. Then, try to dry the tight areas with a hair dryer for up to 20 seconds at a time.

To avoid over-drying or burning the leather, only use a blow dryer on a medium heat setting and move it around constantly. After using this technique, it’s a great idea to moisturize or condition the leather parts of the shoes.

4. Shoe stretchers


If you do not like “wearing-in” shoes because of the pain and hurt they cause if you have a wide foot, then a shoe stretcher is your best bet. This will help you gradually expand the sneaker to whatever mold you want before you wear it.

5. Expose them to sunlight

You can wear your shoes outside so it gets exposed to heat if you want them to break in. This will allow it to stretch just a little bit further.

6. Frozen zip-loc bag

Non-leather shoes respond best to this technique. You will need to put some water in a zip-loc bag (about halfway) and then put the bag in the shoes. After, put the Converse shoes in a water-resistant bag and keep them in the freezer for the night.

Your shoes will stretch significantly as the ice forms when the water freezes and expands.

7. Adjustable shoe trees

You can use these tools to make shoes longer and wider. Problematic areas at the edge of the toe box can also be targeted by specially-made plugs.

Every 8 to 12 hours, turn the shoe tree’s adjustment handle to keep stretching the shoes until you achieve the desired width and length.

8. Shoe stretch sprays and liquids

Several liquids and sprays can be used to stretch leather, fabric, and even vinyl. Spray them there, then put on your shoes and walk around.

To help give your shoes a custom stretch, these products can also be used in conjunction with portable shoe stretchers.

9. Find a shoe repair professional

Stretching services are offered by the most reputable cobblers or shoe repair shops. They can change shoes thanks to equipment and training. A cobbler can extend the lifespan of your shoes by stretching them as well as repairing and polishing your current pair.

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Is stretching Converse good long-term?

Yes, they are.

If you have decided to stretch your shoes, it is because of a personal reason best known to you. Doing this will help you comfortably wear and maintain shoes more.

How long does it take for Converse to stretch?

Converse does stretch with use over time. In a brand new pair of Converse, you should expect to experience upper canvas stretching and loosening over 4-6 weeks of wear.

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Does Converse hurt at first?

Yes, they can hurt a bit when you first wear them.

But that entirely depends on the wearer, as Converse is one of the best shoes to mold around the foot. Once they have, they’re very comfy.

Just don’t wear them if it’s hot and your feet easily swell; they can get slightly uncomfortable.

Should Converse be tight or free?

When you first put them on, Converse shoes might be a little tight, but every shoe is different. So, one could be stiff at first, while another is free at first wear.

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Do Converse stretch at the toe?

Yes, Converse does stretch at the toe.

If this isn’t the case with yours, you can try to expand using some of the techniques in this article.

How much room should be in the toe of Converse?

The big toe and the front of the shoe should be separated by about an inch.


If you believe it will be challenging for the canvas fabric of a Converse shoe to completely stretch because of the same canvas material, get rid of that thought. You can stretch your Converse shoes.

All you need to do is – buy the right size; be a little patient; strictly adhere to the instructions provided in this article; wear your shoes regularly to break them in.

Doing this will gradually mold the toe box of the Converse shoe to your fit and feet shape. Then you can enjoy the comfortable feel of Converse shoes.

Thanks for reading.

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