How to Tie a Wrap Dress: 12 Flattering Styles You Should Wear

Wrap dresses have been around since the ‘70s and they have constantly evolved into very fashionable outfits; vintage and classy. Although it may seem confusing to tie it into a perfect dress, most women would still go the way of a wrap dress.

This versatile, timeless fashion piece complements any body shape and can be worn anytime and anywhere. I believe its unique style is what keeps bringing it back and better. And, I am an unrepentant lover of wrap dresses.

Think simple and chic; think wrap dresses. So, this love spurred me to put this article together. I’ll be showing you how to tie a wrap dress in two simple ways. Also, you’ll find some amazing wrap dress style inspiration for your formal and casual meetings.

How to Tie a Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses have some similarities with open kaftans or jackets. On the other hand, they are wrapped, tied, or pinned around the waist so you have a closed wrap-around style. Also, they may come with holes that hold the strings for tying.

You can either tie a wrap dress with the strings or by fastening pins onto it. Either way, glam, and style remain in check.

1. Tying  Wrap Dress with Strings

  • To tie a wrap dress with strings,
  • Throw it on like you would a jacket
  • Then, put arms into the sleeves
  • Check and readjust to make sure the front panels hang by your sides
  • Pull the left side of your dress across your body and into your right side
  • Make sure it covers more than half of your chest
  • Also, you’ll notice that the two strings are of unequal length. The left string is longer than the right string
  • Now you can put the long string from the left side into the hole on the right side or at the back
  • Afterward, pull the string with your free hand
  • You will notice that the dress will fasten up tightly around your waist
  • You should pull out the string until you feel it’s tight enough. However, it shouldn’t be suffocating
  • Then, you can pull the other half of the dress to cover the remaining right half of your dress
  • Just before you tie, adjust the neckline and edges so it doesn’t fold or sit too low on your chest
  • Now, pull the longer string (that is now on the right) to your back or the right side, so it meets the shorter string on the left side
  • Finally, you can tie both strings into a firm bow. This will keep your dress firmly wrapped onto your body and prevent it from falling off

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2. Fastening Wrap Dress with Pins

This second method of how to tie a wrap dress makes use of pins- safety or any fancy pin you know will have a firm hold. Usually, wrap dresses that make use of pins do not come with holes and may not have strings as well.

  • Just like tying a wrap dress with strings, you should first slip into your dress
  • Arms out through the sleeves
  • Afterward, smoothly and firmly wrap the left half of your dress across your body; to the right side
  • Then, use a pin to fasten the left half of your dress onto the inner seam on the right side, just below your armpit
  • Make sure the pin is firm and the dress won’t come off
  • Take the other half of your dress and wrap it to cover the left part of the dress. Pull the dress tight into firmness but not suffocation
  • Like you did in step 4, use another pin to fasten the dress
  • On the other hand, your dress may come with loops for a belt. In this case, you can either use the belt that comes with the dress or get a matching belt.

Most importantly, in between tying, make sure you adjust the neckline before the final knotting or fastening. This will ensure you have the coverage you want. Also, the dress should be snugly wrapped around your body for a defined waistline.

You’ll find this tutorial video helpful as you learn to tie your wrap dress.

12 Flattering Ways to Style a Wrap Dress

There are endless ways to style a wrap dress – for different occasions and different weather temperatures. Wrap dresses can look different from each other depending on how they are worn and accessorized.

Here are some options for you.

1. Wrap Dress + Sneakers

wrap dress with sneakers

This style is for casual days. Essentially comfortable for grocery shopping, it will make you look relaxed and of course, take pressure off you. Everything about this style says simple, flattering, and comfy.

Moreover, you already know wrap dresses are lightweight dresses, so, match them with lightweight sneakers. However, you should pick sneakers that contrast the style or pattern of the dress. This will bring attention to everything about this style.

2. Wrap Dress + Denim

wrap dress with denim

Here’s another casual way to wear the timeless piece. One thing I love about this style is how it brings youthfulness and a touch of the ‘80s together. Besides, denim is also an all-time favorite from back in the day. So, the duo will communicate well.

You can either wear a classic denim jacket or drape it across your shoulders. Either way, you’ll look laid back yet chic. Denim jackets are worn all year round regardless of the seasons or weather.

Pair your wrap dress with a denim jacket that fits loosely. This ensemble makes you comfortable throughout the whole day. Also, you feel less burdened by materials.

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3. Layer with a Turtleneck Top

wrap dress with turtleneck top

Wrap dresses may seem like summer-only wear. And, not everyone knows that layering wrap dresses in winter can be stylish. So, if you already packed your dress until another summer, it’s time to unpack them.

Layer a woolen plain black or monochrome turtle neck underneath your wrap dress and look into the mirror. What do you see? You really do not have to run out of style or remain conventional because of the temperature dip.

However, because the turtleneck is a thick piece of clothing, you should wear a simple and basic undershirt of neutral color. On chilly nights when warmth can be everything, opt for black turtlenecks.

4. Wrap Dress + an Oversized Sweater

with sweater

Wrap dress underneath an oversized sweater is the perfect winter pair to keep your elegance in check. The sweater keeps you warm and also makes your outfit look like a skirt and a sweater. You can wear this as you run the Christmas errands or on a library visit.

Though you want to look casual, you should pair your dress with a matching sweater so that your outfit doesn’t look out of place.

5. Wrap Dress + Leggings or Stockings

with leggings

You can wear a pair of leggings or stockings underneath your wrap dress and still make fashion statements. They keep your legs warm and looking nice at the same time. It is more common to see black stockings underneath a wrap dress for a classic look.

However, if you love to spice things up, you can switch to colored or patterned stockings. You’ll not just make a fashion statement; you’ll also turn heads because of the edginess and spontaneity that airs from you.

Wrap dress atop leggings or stockings look better with a mini- or midi-length dress unless it’ll look strange; not the good strange.

6. Adorn with Jewelry

with jewelry

Accessories will always be a woman’s friend. They simply yet stylishly enhance your style. Wrap dresses are not left out of this. You can adorn your dress with a little jewelry for evening outings.

The right amount of sparkle is very essential for a uniform and flattering look. So, do not over-accessorize. Most importantly, the neckline of your dress will determine the style of necklace you should wear.

Complement a simple and plain neckline with a pronounced necklace. On the other hand, a detailed neckline that probably has some lace should be adorned with a simple and plain necklace. You can add some sparkly earrings to seal this look.

Also, bangles and rings can be used to add shine to your dress. Above all, you should not accessorize. So, go for a few pieces of jewelry that won’t say too much yet will add glitz to your dress.

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7. Add a Belt

This is not the belt that comes with your dress. Wrap dresses are silhouette dresses that naturally accentuate your waist. Adding a belt to your dress will somewhat give you an hourglass feature and stretch out your silhouette.

Also, you can be sure that the dress will draw attention to your figure. Be careful to pick a less chunky belt that contrasts the pattern of your dress. This way, you look dressier and your silhouette is more featured than the belt as an accessory.

8. Wrap Dress + Thigh Boots

with thighboots

During winter, you can pair your knee-length wrap dress with a pair of thigh boots. This look is hinged on both pieces meeting at a point so that there is no exposure of flesh.

As you stay elegant and in style, you also keep your legs warm in the boots. In addition, you can wear woolen socks under your boots if you need extra warmth.

9. Wrap Dress + High-Heeled Shoes

wrap dress with heels

The right shoes can be all and just what you need to add to your dress to seal the flattering look. High-heeled shoes are usually the best fit for wrap dresses. Also, go for brightly colored shoes like red for a perfect contrast.

10. Wrap Dress + Blazer

with blazers

If you ever thought wrap dresses cannot go professional, here’s a style to clear the doubt. Blazers make you look professional, sophisticated, and chic at the same time. Simple, neutral colors do this better.

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11. Wrap Dress + Bag

with small bag

Big handbags could steal the attention from your dress. If you would prefer a bag, go for a medium-sized bag. Otherwise, pick a small clutch with sequins to add cool glitz to your style. Also, you can enhance your style with an oversized clutch.

For a youthful and minimalist look, you can go with a backpack for convenience. Make sure your backpack color matches your dress and its patterns.

12. As a Kimono

wrap dress as kimono

Maxi wrap dresses can be let loose like kimonos. To rotate your wrap dress this way, make sure it is well adjusted around the shoulders. You can also, knot the strings (if your dress has strings) so they do not hang loosely like bathrobes.

Underneath the makeshift kimono, you can wear a pair of jeans and a lightweight top. Most importantly, you should note this style can look busier than wearing just a wrap dress. So, you have to make sure each piece matches the other in colors and patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to tie a wrap dress

1. What can I wear underneath a wrap dress?

To avoid flashing, you can wear a spanx, a camisole or demi-camisole, a half-slip, a skirt without a hose, pantyhose, or a bra. Above all, make sure your foundational garments are made of light fabrics so they don’t look bulky underneath your dress.

2. Can I wear a wrap dress to work?

Yes, you can. Wrap dresses are very comfortable outfits for work especially on days when you want to look simple but extra-polish. All you have to do is wear a midi-length wrap dress without flashing and minimal accessories.

3. How do I fix a wrap dress that sits too low?

You can fasten your dress with pins. Put one pin on the point where your dress crisscrosses around your waist to hold down the neckline. Then fasten another on the gaping neckline. 


Wrap dresses, the timeless fashion piece in a woman’s wardrobe. It is constantly being revamped to match the civilization of every era. And, they have always caught my attention. How can a dress look simple and flattering at the same time?

I believe that the struggle to tie a wrap dress has become an issue of the past already. So, for your next outing, you should put it to practice and wear one of the elegant styles a wrap dress can be worn as.

Most importantly, your dress should be wrapped snugly around your body to accentuate your waist. Carefully pick your accessories, make sure they match the color and pattern of your dress, and you shouldn’t look overdressed.

Also, the style you wear is determined by your outing. That is to say, you should style corporate for corporate outings or meetings.

Thanks for reading.

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