How to Wear a Headscarf- 9 Classy Styles You Should Try

Do you have head-scarfs but don’t know what to do with them? Maybe you want to learn how to wear a headscarf? Or are you looking for new stylish ways of wearing your headscarves? Or do you find headwraps classy and want to learn how to do them?

This article is just for you, keep reading the article below and learn about classy headwrap styles.

Types of Headscarf

1. The Square Scarf

The square scarf as the name implies has equal length and is the best type of scarf to use for headwraps and styling. When using the square scarf, ensure you use the size big enough to accommodate the style you’re doing.

2. The Rectangle Scarf

The rectangle scarf has two sides longer than the other and is also suitable for headwraps and styling. They are also called long or oblong scarves. Most people that use the rectangle scarf often like to have full headwrap styles or want the scarf hanging down after styling.

List of Some Headscarf Styles

1. Bandana Cap

bandana cap headscarf

The bandana cap is one of the easiest go-to for head wrapping. This is because it’s easy to tie and very stylish outcome.

It is wrapped by placing the scarf on the hair and tying the knot tightly above the hair. After tying, you tuck the loose part of your hair under the scarf neatly to make it firm and beautiful and you’re ready to go. The bandana cap is used by both men and women.

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2. Bandana Headband

bandana headband

This is another stylish head wrap used by mostly women. To wrap your head in this style, you’ll begin by folding your scarf diagonally into two equal parts. After the first fold, you continue to fold starting from the widest space to the pointy corner of the scarf.

You’ll continue to fold until there’s no space left to fold. Then you place your thumb on the middle part of the folded scarf and lift it to the middle of your head. Take the long edges of the scarf and tie it under your hair, then adjust till it looks neat and you’re good to go.

3. Reverse Bandana

reverse bandana headscarf

The reverse bandana is similar to the bandana cap the difference is the knot is tied in front rather than the back of the hair. You start by folding the scarf diagonally then placing the center of the scarf at the back of your head and wrap around your hair.

Tie the knot in front of your head and make the necessary adjustments based on the type of hair you have on.

4. The Scarf Braid

how to wear headscarf

The best scarf to use for the style is the long scarf and the best way to get a beautiful outcome is by integrating this style with long hair. You’ll start by packing your hair into a ponytail and then diving into two. Proceed by folding the scarfs into equal halves diagonally.

Continue by pinning the middle part of the scarf to the divided portion of your hair. Then you start braiding keeping in mind that the scarf is part of the hair to be braided. When you’re done braiding, use an elastic band to hold the tip of the braid to prevent it from losing.

5. Square Turban

square turban how to wear headscarf

Start by folding the scarf diagonally placing it behind your head then you cover your head with the pointy end of the scarf in front of your head. The next step is to tie the knot twice in front of your head over the pointy end of the scarf.

Lastly, you’ll open the loose ends of the scarf and tuck it in to cover the knot in front neatly. You should use a square scarf for this style to get the best result

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6. Twisted Up Rosette

twisted up rosette

The rosette turban is a very classy headwrap style that is very simple to wrap. Start by folding the scarf into two just the way it was done for the low bun. Then place it at the back of your head and make sure the length of the loose ends is equal.

Make a knot by tying the loose ends in front of your head twice then begin to twist one of the loose ends of the scarf and wrap it around the knot. Do the same for the other end and your rosette turban is ready.

7. The Babushka


The babushka headwrap is one of the oldest head wraps and is very easy to do. Begin by folding the scarf diagonally and place the middle of the scarf on your head.

You don’t have to cover every part of your head for this style. Continue by crossing the loose ends of the scarf under your chin and tying it at the back of your neck.

8. The Babushka 2.0

how to wear hedscarf

This headwrap style is very common among elderly women. It covers almost every part of the head and often remains in the same position regardless of how much physical activity you do.

This style is wrapped by folding the scarf diagonally into two unequal parts. Then you tie the two pointy ends under your chin. The babushka is very easy to style and when you wear it with appropriate dresses it looks very classy.

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9. The Low Bun

low bun

The low bun is another stylish headwrap that is best wrapped using the long rectangular scarf. You can start by folding the first half or quarter of the scarf just the way you’ll fold a piece of paper before placing it on your head.

Then you place it such that the length of both sides is equal and tie it under your hair or at the base of your head. Proceed by crossing the ends of the scarf over the knot to make a bun.

You’ll begin by wrapping each of the loose ends of the scarf around the knot neatly until there’s no loose end and you’re ready to go.


Can you use a headscarf even when you don’t have hair?

Yes, you can use a head wrap when you don’t have hair. People lose all or most of their hair due to different reasons but it doesn’t stop them from using headwraps. Headwraps and styling can be done by everyone that chooses to.

Are headscarves bad for my hair?

No, not all head wraps are bad for your hair. Silk head wraps are the best type of headwraps because the material helps to protect your hair. The downside to silk headwrap is it’s not best for styling. While headwraps made of cotton and polyester are better for styling but the material can cause your hair to dry and break.

Can anybody wear headscarves?

Yes, anyone can wear headscarves if they choose to. Headscarves don’t belong to a particular religion or culture. You are allowed to wear a headscarf if you want to without asking permission from anyone.


There are so many ways you can wear a headscarf to feel and look gorgeous. As much as head scarfs are beautiful accessories. It is important to know your hair type and carefully choose your scarf to prevent hair breakage and drying.

Additionally, if you use head scarfs every day, make sure the products you use for your hair are perfect for your hair type in order not to hurt your scalp or cause hair damage.

Thanks for reading.

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