Is A Yeezy Made In Vietnam Fake Or The Real Deal?

If you just bought your pair of Adidas Yeezy and you see a ‘made in Vietnam’ tag, it might be a cause for alarm for you if you don’t know much about manufacturing shoes. So, you ask, “is a Yeezy made in Vietnam fake?”

The answer to this is a simple, yes. Any Yeezy made in Vietnam is most likely fake. The Adidas shoe is not only manufactured in the US. There are other factories around the world licensed to make the shoe for Adidas.

However, there are fake Yeezy shoes you should watch out for. If you are contemplating changing your shoes because of the made-in tag, read this article fully before making that decision. 

What are Yeezys?

Yeezys are the product of a collaboration between sports brand Adidas, and American rapper, Kanye West. The line is a set of high-end fashion sneakers, slides, jackets, tracksuits, slippers, and more.

The first release was in 2015 with the Yeezy season 1 shoe Yeezy Boost 750. And over the next few years, the collaboration reached a more comprehensive set.

As of now, Kanye West owns the rights to the line. The rapper and entrepreneur also participate in designing and promoting the line.

The Yeezy line is known for its abstract designs, using materials and patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. This also includes the choice of material used in making the footwear.

The unique designs and choice of material contribution to the popularity of the shoes, which is why several fake Yeezys are circulating in the market.

Is a Yeezy made in Vietnam fake?

It most likely is. If you buy any Yeezy footwear with a made-in-Vietnam tag, then it most likely is fake. This is because Yeezys are made in China under registered factories with the German brand Adidas.

Therefore, there is little to no chance of Yeezy being made in Vietnam. Not that Adidas does not own products made in Vietnam, but for footwear, they do not produce any in Vietnam. Consequently, Yeezy’s are not made in Vietnam.

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Where are Yeezys made?

In China and India. Yeezys are mostly made in China. Nonetheless, there are talks that production will shift solely to the US. The Foam Runners are, however, made in the USA.

How to tell Yeezys are fake?

You can sight a fake Yeezy just by looking at the designs. To do this, there are different ways of knowing whether what you are buying is the real deal or an imitation.

The following are things to look out for when spotting a fake Yeezy.

1. Box details

Adidas Yeezy comes in a box with matching tag details with the shoe. This is essential before you purchase one. Check the box’s details to see if it matches the label of the shoe. Please do not buy a shoe without a box unless it’s thrift.

2. Heel tag

The heel tab is one of the most common features of a Yeezy. For Yeezy Boost 350, the stitch should be one centimeter away from the collar. Meanwhile, counterfeits are not consistent with the heel tabs. There can be too little gap or a wider gap.

3. Design

The Yeezy wave pattern starts from sideways left to right in different-sized waves. If you see a counterfeit coming from the top-bottom or looks stamped on rather than diagonally printed, then it’s not the real thing.

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4. Insoles

The Yeezy insoles have the logo printed in grey-toned ink. Meanwhile, counterfeits come in white prints. The logos should also mirror each other when placed side by side. That is, they run in opposite directions.

5. Stitching

The middle stitching of an Adidas Yeezy runs from the middle to the outsole. Also, the toe stitching shoes have a visible ‘X’ stitch and not the usual whipping machine stitch pattern. And the pattern in the footbed under the insoles is a clear black strip and not a stitch.

6. Outsoles

The outsoles or soles are quite different in pattern. For example, the Boost 350 has the Boost written at the bottom with a clear triangle with flower pallets. These pallets vary from version to version. Meanwhile, a fake will have the alignment of the flower pallets.

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Can real Yeezys be made in Vietnam?

Not likely. Adidas produces its shoes in China and India. They do produce other sportswear in Vietnam, but not Yeezys. This production format is yet to be changed. Therefore, any Yeezy made in Vietnam is fake.

Why are Yeezys so expensive?

Yeezys are exclusive footwear with coveted designs. The Adidas line is also a high-end fashion line. Therefore, they are on the expensive side. Moreover, the materials used in making the shoes are expensive.

Does Kanye own Yeezy?

Technically, he does. Yeezy is a collaboration between the sports brand Adidas and the rapper. He gets a royalty on wholesale.

However, he owns all design rights to the shoe line. So technically, he owns the shoe line, but Adidas uses its platform for production and distribution.

Does Nike have Yeezy shoes?

Yes, they do. However, the line is discontinued. Kanye west started his Yeezy line with Nike first in 2009. However, the collaboration ended in 2013 when Kanye and Nike ended their collaboration. He moved his line to Adidas in 2014.

Nike Yeezys are rare and coveted collectibles at high prices now.


Yeezys are high-end fashion shoes; therefore, they will be fake imitations. While Adidas does manufacture in Vietnam, the Adidas Yeezy line is made in China mostly. Consequently, Yeezys made in Vietnam are fake. It would be best if you did not buy them.

If the shoe is not made in Vietnam, but you are not sure if it’s real or fake, check visible signs of the insoles, outsoles, and the box itself.

Regardless, buying your Yeezy from a registered store, or Adidas online store is best.

Thanks for reading.

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