Do Nike and Jordan Mean the Same Thing?

Trying to pick between a Nike and a Jordan pair of shoes and wondering if they are the same thing? Well, they are not, but they are; it’s not that simple.

If you easily get confused with these shoe brands and their designs, it’s natural to get confused, especially about how you want to direct your order or talk about them with a group of friends.

A real shoe buff knows these pairs of shoes are not the same thing. Nevertheless, for you who know little about sneakers and the sneakering world, this article will help you figure out the difference between the two.

Is Nike and Jordan the Same Thing?

No, they are not. Nike shoes and Jordan shoes are not the same shoes or brands. However, the Jordan footwear brand is a subsidiary of Nike. It has been a major line under the mega sports company Nike and has carved a nice following since its release in 1987.

The basketball shoe, Jordan, has the notable line Air Jordan, which are complete success in terms of marketing and purchase since they hit the retail shelves in the 80s.

The footwear line, Air Jordan also pays homage to basketball icon Michael Jordan and his legendary air flip, the Jumpman. This is still the logo design of the shoes to date.

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About Nike

Nike is an American multinational sports company that has made its mark in the sports and athleisure world since it came into existence in 1964. The brand is one of the largest companies with subsidiaries spanning different wears from sports equipment to shoes, apparel, and accessories.

The brand spans several areas of sports products and services, which includes Nike itself, Air Jordan, Nike+, Air Force 1, Air Max, Nike Pro, Nike Golf, and subsidiary brands Jordan and Converse.

Nike brand is known for its swoosh logo, which stands out in packages, and on their products and merchandise. It is one of the largest sports products companies in the world, with over 76,000 workers around the world.

Additionally, Nike is known for bringing about a change in the sports apparel industry, introducing flexible and comfortable sneakers for athletes and the general public. The cutting-edge technology makes its shoes stand out against other big brands like Adidas, Puma, and others.

About Jordan

Air Jordan, mostly called Jordan by some, is a successful shoe line under the bigger brand Nike. The basketball sneakers were first produced as an homage to basketball legend, Michael Jordan when he signed with the Nike brand.

The shoe line is different because it has a sleek and comfortable feel on the feet. Its unique colors make it a cool streetwear accessory.

Moreover, the logo of the Jumpman at the tongue of the shoe is an ode to the real flier, Michael Jordan (who still actively partakes in the designs of the shoe line).

Furthermore, the shoe has successful releases of different Air Jordans and other shoe designs under the brand. However, Air Jordan I and Air Jordan II remain the most successful releases from the footwear line.

Is Nike Air the Same as Air Jordan?

No, they are not. Air Nike is a unique innovation/technology by the Nike brand itself that uses a urethane pouches to create a comfortable and pressurized gas under the midsoles of sneakers. This provides a cushion under the feet for people.

However, Air Jordan is a shoe series under the Jordan brand, a subsidiary of the multinational company. The basketball shoe is a collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan. The Jumpman logo is a homage to him.

Air Jordan has a unique design and coloring with a noticeable tongue (where the logo is), making it different from known sports shoe designs. Moreover, it fits the athleisure casual style for both men and women.

Therefore, Nike Air is an innovation for Nike shoes, while Air Jordan is a shoe brand itself under Nike.

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Nike vs Jordan

The similarities between the Nike brand and the Jordan brand are their services. They both provide sporty and athleisure apparel, accessories, footwear, equipment, and services. However, Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike. And the brand’s flagship product Air Jordan is ultimately under Nike.

That is, Jordan is an extension of Nike to reach out to a different niche of customers. Nike has other brands under it that make footwear and apparel.

Differences between Nike and Jordan

Nike is a multinational company that has subsidiaries to gain a wider ground between different demography and consumers.

On the other hand, the Jordan brand is a subsidiary created to cater to a specific niche of sneaker lovers in the industry. It offers casual or athleisure designs.

Similarly, Nike cuts across all sports and provides gears, equipment, and services to sportsmen and people, in general.

Jordan brand, meanwhile, is for a specific group. Although it has its own brand imprint, it does not have an encompassing reach as Nike. Therefore, you can call Jordan an extension of Nike.

Also, Jordan is all about style, while Nike is all about comfort and compatibility. The brands have different mottos and visions. The designs of Nike sneakers and Jordan sneakers are different.

Nonetheless, they make good-quality sneakers. So if you want to go for one or the other, think about its use for you.

For pricing, Jordan is averagely more expensive than your regular Nike shoes. Although Nike has high-end sneaker brands like Air Force or Nike Air Max, they have shoes that fit into the budget of the average person.

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Does Michael Jordan own Jordan?

No, he does not. The brand may be an homage to the legend; he does not, however, own the shoe brand. Jordan was established by Nike in 1984 in a collaboration with Michael Jordan to create a unique basketball shoe design.

Regardless, Michael Jordan still receives a set percentage from the brand and also participates in designing new shoe lines.

Are Nike sneakers better than Jordan?

Depends on preference. The average shoe buff knows buying a sneaker goes beyond one being better than the other. It is about fit, style, purpose, and design. While both offer good quality, your preference and purpose or use come into mind.

Nonetheless, basketball lovers will likely go for Air Jordan. Meanwhile, runners would go for Nike sneakers because of their balance and form. So your choice depends on varying factors.

Can women wear Air Jordan too?

Yes, they can. Air Jordan sneakers are unisex shoes meant to be worn by all genders.

Can you buy Air Jordan in a Nike store?

Yes, you can. You can get Air Jordan shoes in any Nike retail outlet and their online store, Nike SNKRS. The shoes are sold wherever there is a Nike store around the world.


The Nike and Jordan brands are not the same thing. However, Nike does own Jordan as a subsidiary. Therefore, Air Jordans are owned by the multinational company. Similarly, the flagship line Air Jordans is owned by Nike. It’s why you have the Nike logo on the sneakers too.

Furthermore, you can walk into any Nike store to pick up your Jordan sneakers. So you don’t have to worry about getting a shoe based on a brand because they are ultimately the same.

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