Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions- Know This Before Picking One

Are you feeling insecure about your eyelashes? Or do you want to take your fashion to the next level with eyelash extensions? Are you trying to figure out the pros and cons of eyelash extensions? Then this article is just for you.

Read to find out the pros and cons of installing eyelash extensions below.

What You Need to Know About Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are mostly synthetic materials like mink, faux mink, or silk fibers. They are false lashes that can last up to 6 to 8 weeks without falling off. The process of installing the eyelash extension is carried out by special lash technicians in the field due to the carefulness and precision required to fix them. 

Cyanoacrylate is the major ingredient present in the glue lash technicians use for installing eyelashes. It has been proven to cause most of the allergy reactions people experience after application. Although cyanoacrylate is indispensable in making lashes glue, not all forms of the compound are bad.

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Pros of Eyelash Extensions

1. Confidence

Most people who use eyelashes extensions usually feel confident about how they look. They don’t have to wake up to extensive makeup routines because even with very simple makeup, they feel good to go.

Fuller or longer eyelashes usually boost women’s confidence. This is because they don’t have to worry about pulling strip lashes off after a few hours. The arrangement of eyelash extensions is always in line with your natural lashes.

2. It Is Usually According to Your Preference

Eyelash extensions are man-made be customized to individual preferences. If you want your lashes to be full but short or moderately full and long, the technician can bring your preference to reality. This is one of the advantages of eyelashes extensions.

The individual’s preference is one of the most important factors the lash technician considers before the procedure is carried out

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3. It Is Safe to Do When Done Properly

Many people fear the risk they put their eyes on when planning to install eyelash extensions. The procedure is safe as long as the technician is certified to carry out the process.

You must go to a certified and licensed technician to be able to ask questions and undergo a series of tests to make sure they are using the right products for you. 

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4. It Saves Time

Most people spend too much time doing their make-up and risk being late to events or even work. Eyelash extensions tend to make people opt for a simpler look and ultimately save time spent on fixing lashes. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about removing your strip lashes after a few hours.

5. It Lasts Long

Eyelashes extensions last as long as the natural eyelashes before they grow and fall out. This ranges from 6 weeks to 10 weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to always go for maintenance regularly to keep it in check. 

6. It’s Waterproof

This is one of the biggest advantages of eyelash extension, it is water-resistant. Just like our natural eyelashes, you can swim, wash your face, and do anything you want with water without worrying about your lashes coming off. 

7. It Is Usually Painless

Some people feel that having a lashes extension may cause so much pain, but this is untrue. It is painless and when installing it comes with ease.

However, it is better to go to places where they are good at it to avoid having pain during the processor at the end of it.

8. It Speeds Up Makeup Routine

Fixing eyelashes extensions helps to speed up things when having your makeup done. However, it is very beneficial to those who have problems applying mascara on the eyes as mascara will not be needed again.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

1. It’s an Expensive Procedure to Undergo

The procedure is quite expensive depending on the type of hair you choose to use and the place you choose to do the procedure. Although there are much cheaper options, it’s more important to go to a place where your eye care is their topmost priority.

Cheaper technicians don’t bother to run the basic test to determine the best products to use to cut costs on their part, and in turn, their services seem cheaper or more affordable. 

2. Its Expensive to Maintain

Even though you’ve spent quite a lot on the procedure to install the extensions, you’d still have to go from time to time to reinstall the ones that fall off.

Check-up to ensure that there are no allergies or developing reactions, and sometimes spend money on products that you will need to treat infections or allergies if detected during the check-up.

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3. Allergies

Many people don’t know they’re allergic to some of the products they will be using during the procedure. That’s why it’s very important to undergo this procedure where the technician is a certified and licensed person who can help you navigate the situation. 

Allergies, and even infections can occur after the procedure and in rare cases, even after carrying out the proper test to know the best products to use for a person allergies can still occur.

4. Risk of Damaging Natural Eyelashes

When the procedure is improperly or the type, length, and thickness of hair chosen are not compatible with the person’s natural lashes it tends to damage the lashes and even cause more problems for the eye.

That’s why it is important to consult a specialist who will walk you through the whole process so your preferences won’t put you in jeopardy medically.

5. The Procedure Is Time Consuming

Unlike the strip lashes, it takes a lot of time to install the eyelash extension. The technician must meticulously arrange the extensions in order not to make mistakes.

Likewise, in other to make the glue used for the procedure safe for use, the safest form of cyanoacrylate that is used takes a lot of time to dry.

Therefore, it is advisable to do your eyelash extensions during your free time and not a few minutes before a special event.

How to Care for Eyelash Extension

1. Proper cleaning 

It is important to keep the eyelash extensions clean and free from dirt and debris to prevent the buildup of germs that may cause itching and fast fall out of the false lashes.

It is also important to properly clean the lashes to prevent infections that affect the eyelid and even the eye.

2. Stay away from excess heat

Exposing yourself to an excess amount of heat can cause the glue used to install the lashes to break down and ultimately make them fall out.

It would be advisable to reduce sauna, steaming the face, hot weather, hot water while bathing, and every other condition that’ll expose you to excessive heat.

3. Stay away from water-based and oil-based cosmetics

Oil-based facial moisturizers are not suitable for use because its component can easily break down the glue holding the lashes in place.

In as much as the eyelash extensions are waterproof, water-based mascara can make the eyelashes tangle and fall off easily. Therefore, it is preferable to stay away from both oil-based and water-based products around the eye area.

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Who shouldn’t use eyelash extensions?

People who have problems with their eyes, are sensitive to all the kinds of glues used for the procedure, or are allergic to the glue or materials used should avoid eyelashes extensions for their general wellbeing.

Who fixes eyelash extensions?

Lash technicians are trained and certified professionals to carry out the procedure of installing eyelash extensions. People also refer to them as lash stylists or lash artists. They get their training from a variety of licensed companies.

Can eyeliner be used with eyelash extensions?

As long as your eyeliner is not oil-based or water-based, you can use it without having to worry about your eyelash extension. Shadow-based and liquid eyeliners are the best types of eyeliner to use when you have eyelash extensions on.


Eyelash extension is for all kinds of adults and not only women as generally perceived. Although people have different reasons for choosing to use it, it has many advantages and disadvantages. 

As long as the product is of good quality and you keep up with its maintenance strictly, eyelash extension is a very suitable option to choose for people who want to make their lashes look a certain way.

It is also important to keep in mind the kind of technician to visit to get maximum care for your eye and prevent unwanted spending as a result of allergies or infections that can develop from improper care from the technician.

Ultimately, you’ll enjoy your eyelash extensions if you take proper care of them.

Thanks for reading.

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