Should You Shampoo Daily? All You Need to Know About Hair Care

Should you shampoo daily? This is a tricky question to answer because shampooing depends on hair type and location.

As simple and familiar as shampooing is, it has become a controversial topic among women these days. The question is ‘should you shampoo your hair daily?’ To some people, washing the hair daily is a normal routine, while to others, waiting a few days interval is a standard protocol.

There is a popular belief that “washing the hair regularly can strip the hair of necessary oil for its health”. In this article, we will discuss some interesting things you probably didn’t know about shampooing your hair daily. Let’s get right into it!

What Is Shampooing?

should i shampoo daily

Shampooing is the process of using a liquid viscous product known as shampoo which can contain extract from natural produce or other body-friendly chemical substance that is used to keep the hair scalp clean and get rid of excess oil from the hair.

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Why Should You Shampoo Your Hair Daily?

According to an integrative dermatologist; Elizabeth Hughes, the hair should only be washed or shampooed when it feels oily or dirty.

One of the major reasons why we wash our hair is to keep it clean. There are other reasons why we should wash our hair regularly; some of these reasons are:

It helps to rid the hair of excess oils

Sebum is an oily substance that is produced by the sebaceous gland. The natural oil provided by this gland helps to protect the hair and scalp from getting frizzled or dry. It also keeps the hair scalp moisturized.

However, the sebum can be unhealthy to the scalp and hair when it builds up. When that happens, the hair becomes too oily which attracts microorganisms that cause dandruff, itchiness and also attracts dirt.

It helps to reduce cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone commonly called the ‘stress hormone’. Research has shown that washing the hair can basically reduce the stress that has built up in the hair follicle. It is interesting to know that washing hair with shampoo can be therapeutic for stress relief.

Now, should the hair be washed or shampooed daily? The simple answer to this is dependent on your hair type and some other factors. Washing the hair daily can be healthy for some hair types and bad for others.

5 Reasons You Should Shampoo Your Hair Daily

There are many factors that can increase the need for you to wash your hair daily. You should consider washing your hair daily if you or your hair type falls into any of these categories:

Oily Scalp

Since you can get rid of the sebaceous gland that produces oil to keep the scalp moisturized, shampooing the hair daily is one major way to regulate the production of sebum and the presence of oils in the hair. So, if you have a naturally oily scalp, washing once daily is healthy for you.

Thin Hair

should i shampoo daily

A thin and straight hair type needs to be washed more regularly than curved or curly hair. The reason being that thin hair easily gets greased by the sebum which gives the hair an oily appearance.

Curly hair on the other hand doesn’t get greased easily; it keeps the sebum close to the scalp because there is no straight path for the sebum to reach the tip of the hair. If your hair is thin and straight, it is likely to get oily easily and faster, shampooing daily is just right for you.

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Work Out

If you are the type that works out daily, you should consider washing your hair daily. This is because sweats can spread sebum in the hair scalp which can make it dirty and itchy. It can also make the hair smell an unpleasant way.

You should also consider shampooing daily if your work requires you to wear a helmet every day


Shampooing the hair daily helps to remove dead skin layers that can build up and be flaky (dandruff). Sometimes a bad choice of shampoo can indeed make the scalp dry and cause dandruff. Washing the hair daily with the right choice of shampoo can help control dandruff on the scalp.

Humid climate

Living in a humid environment can cause the scalp to release excess oil which is unhealthy. Washing the hair daily will help reduce the amount of sebum that builds up in the scalp. It keeps hair and scalp clean, free from dandruff and unpleasant odor.

Categories of People That Should Avoid Shampooing Daily

Research has shown that teenagers and young adults are most likely to produce more sebum which can cause excess oil build-up in the scalp. Therefore, the need to wash hair daily is very necessary for people in this category.

However, children and older adults do not produce enough sebum to keep the scalp/hair moisturized. Therefore, shampooing the hair daily can cause a dry scalp and frizzle the hair of those in that category. Other categories include:

People with less oily scalp

Other than people with oily scalp, those who exercise daily, and live in a humid climate environment, every average person with normal sebum production should wash their hair every other day i.e., 2-3 days intervals. People with dry hair can go days without shampooing their hair.

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 African American hair types

Africa-American hair types

The African American hair type is prone to damage and dryness, hence, washing the hair daily can cause dryness and hair loss. To keep the hair healthy, dermatologists advise that the African American hair type should be washed once every week or every other week.

Since the hair has to be washed once in a while, it is very important to condition this hair type every time.

Curly or curved hair type

Women and men with curly or curved hair should worry less about shampooing the hair daily. Unlike thin hair, sebum takes a while to build up and work its way through the tip of the hair. Mostly the sebum in the hair provides enough to moisturize the hair for up to 2-3 days.

Chemically processed hair

Permed,  bleached, relaxed, or colored hair, are all chemically processed hair that should not be washed regularly because it absorbs oil and doesn’t get greasy easily. It is okay to have a few days’ intervals between shampooing.

Also, colored hair loses its pigment every time you shampoo it, thereby making it lose its colorful and attractive style.

Afro mixed-textured hair

For this texture of hair, it is best to avoid shampooing entirely. Shampooing can cause dryness. Without shampooing, you can still remove the excess oil dirt and styling by introducing co-washing and conditioning from time to time.

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What kind of Shampoo Should I Use?

Best shampoo for different hair type

The main challenge most people have with shampooing is finding the right shampoo product that helps balance the pH level, microbiome, and the natural oils in the scalp.

Dermatologists have cautioned against the use of silicon and sulfate-based shampoo because they can be too harsh or heavy for the scalp. It is better to look for a sulfate-free shampoo with essential oils that won’t strip the hair but help retain the natural oil in the scalp.

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For people with the normal scalp, curly hair, African American hair type, Afro mixed texture, washing the hair daily will strip the hair off the natural oil and microbiome that helps protect the scalp.

If the hair feels oily and dirty, it is better to use water and conditioner other than having to shampoo the hair daily.

Also, if the hair feels lifeless and frizzy it could be as a result of over-shampooing the hair. Getting away from shampooing for a while and doing more masking and conditioning can help bring life back to the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I over-shampoo my hair?

Yes, you can. You can over-shampoo your hair especially if your hair type falls into categories that shouldn’t be washed daily.

If you have a less oily scalp, Africa-American hair type, Curly or curled hair, or chemically processed hair you can over-shampoo your hair if you wash it daily thereby causing dryness. Once a week is just fine.

Should I shampoo my hair after a workout?

Yes, you should. You need to shampoo your hair after every workout, especially if you have an oily scalp or sweat a lot.

After workouts, there is a tendency for the skin to become dirty from sweat and dirt that can clog the skin pores; your head is no exception.

When should I wash my hair?

The frequency of washing your hair should be at your discretion.

However, it’s time to wash if there is product buildup, oily or itchy scalp, your hair is smelly, a tangled mess or the texture is off.


In a nutshell, shampooing the hair is an essential part of the hair care routine; however, shampooing daily is not for everyone. Daily shampooing can be healthy for a particular set of people with thin hair, oily or sweaty scalp, and for those who live in a humid climate.

Apart from all the rules and conditions stated above, if you have to wash your hair, it is important to know your hair type and what actually works for it.

Having known your hair type, know the washing/shampooing routine that works best for the hair type, the kind of products that your hair positively and negatively reacts to, and just stick to it.

Thanks for reading.

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