7 Tallest Platform Shoes Created By Daring Designers

Many fashion enthusiasts, who are just getting started in the industry or want to set up themselves as industry leaders, often strive to wear the tallest pair of platform shoes to set themselves apart.

This is due to the fashion icon tag that comes with it and the fact that you dared to pull off the impossible.

After all, who wears 11-inch shoes? All this is to help the wearer stand out as well as the credit it would give to the shoemaker. The louder you are before the cameras, the bigger the impact.

As a result, this article intends to showcase the tallest platform shoes ever worn and in existence. It also includes tips on how to wear platform shoes.

What are platform shoes?


Platform shoes are any footwear with a visibly thick sole, typically between 3 and 10 cm (1–4 in).

When wearing platform shoes with high heels, the heel will be elevated above the ball of the foot to give the wearer the appearance of being much taller than they are

7 of the tallest platform shoes

Here is a compilation of the 7 tallest platform shoes with the ultimate height you never knew existed. These shoes are ranging from 10 inches upward, giving them recognition as one of the tallest.

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1. James Syiemiong platform boots – 20 inches

James Syiemiong platform boots – 20 inches.jpg

James Syiemiong, an Indian fashion designer, dethroned LadyBWear in 2004 with these absurdly tall platform boots. In addition to being 20 inches tall, he also made the boots in denim, red leather, and black leather.

However, according to the health warning label attached to these shoes, the manufacturer “cannot be held responsible for any injury clients may sustain while wearing them.”

Because of this, even though they might be considered fashionable, they may not necessarily be secure to wear.

2. Alien-inspired Kronier creations platform boots

Kronier creations platform boots.jpg

The Kronier creations platform boots, which stand 12 inches tall inspired by aliens, are among the tallest platform shoes ever made.

The height of these platform boot designs, which are made in Berlin, varies from client to client and may even exceed 12 inches in some cases.

3. Noritaka Tatehana heel-less shoes

Noritaka Tatehana heel-less shoes.jpg

Noritaka Tatehana is a well-known shoe designer who specializes in creating unusual shoes. When the pop singer Lady GaGa wore the shoe, it was not surprising to see it steal the show.

Lady Gaga, who is well-known for her penchant for outrageous footwear, got everyone talking when she was named the 2011 CFDA Fashion Icon of the Year.

Because of how high these shoes were, Lady Gaga required help to stand up after wearing the 24-inch platform heel-less shoes by Japanese conceptual artist Noritaka Tatehana at the awards ceremony.

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4. Alexander McQueen platform boots – 12 inches

Alexander McQueen platform boots

The Alexander McQueen thigh-high 12-inch platform boots from Fall 2009 made headlines after German model Heidi Klum wore them for an op-ed photoshoot for German Vogue.

The pregnant German model also posed in a variety of other outrageous high heels by the brand, showcasing her incredibly high snake-embellished heels.

5. Mihai Abu triple-stacked wedge heels – 12.2-inch

Mihai Abu triple stacked wedges.jpg

Mihai Abu, a shoemaker from Romania, makes the list with this extremely intriguing and tall triple-stacked wedge design.

The wedge shoe joins the ranks of one of the tallest platform shoes, with a height of about 12.2 inches.

6. Mock Croc platforms – 10-inch

Mock Croc platforms.jpg

When British supermodel Naomi Campbell dared to wear the Mock Croc 10-inch platform shoes on the runway in 1999, they became a phenomenon.

There weren’t as many of these shoes with such high heels before this time. However, Naomi and Mock Croc’s daring steps sparked a rush for even higher heels.

7. LadyBWear lace-up platform shoes – 16 inches

LadyBWear lace-up platform shoes.jpg

The list of the tallest platform shoes cannot be complete without the dizzying 16-inch platforms from LadyBWear Limited. These are platform shoes that are made in Cheadle, Cheshire, England.

Before other taller shoes, these shoes held the Guinness World Record for having the highest heels that were commercially available.

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How to walk on tall platform shoes

1. Start by wearing shorter platform heels

Start by donning shorter platform shoes. In this manner, you can prevent slipping out of the shoe and become used to the added height separating your foot and the ground.

2. Keep strides slower

Keep your stride and step spacing a little closer and slower when you first put on high-platform shoes.

Also, you should keep your legs close together, slowly walking while paying attention to the ground beneath your feet and any potential hazards like sidewalk grates.

3. Practice for a while

When you start to wear tall platform shoes, ensure that you practice for a while.

Start by walking on flat surfaces around and near your home, then progress to incline walking, and lastly, walk on surfaces with various textures, such as cement, pavement, and even grass.

This will give you additional practice and also strengthen your heel muscles, which are essential for confident platform walking.

4. Walk with your heel first

When walking on high platforms, place your heel down first before rolling your weight to the ball of your foot and finally to your toes as you stride forward with the opposing foot.

5. Maintain a good posture

Keep your shoulders rounded back with your chest raised when walking on high platforms. It gives you a more assured appearance and counteracts the shift in your body’s center of gravity.


What is the tallest platform shoe?

According to the renowned recordkeeping institution, the 20-inch platform boots made by Indian designer James Syiemiong currently hold the Guinness World Record for the tallest platform shoes, making them the highest-heeled shoes commercially available.

Are platform sneakers hard to walk in?

Yes, they can sometimes be hard to walk on.

With each step, these shoes’ added weight and height put more strain on your entire body, in addition to increasing the demand on the muscles in the front of the shin.

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Is platform height the same as heel height?

No, they are not.

The heel height is measured from the middle of the heel to the sole at the outsole. Meanwhile, the platform height is measured from the footbed to the sole of the shoe.

Are platform heels easier to walk in?

Yes, they are. However, this could also be subjective.

Some people say these shoes are easy to walk in because they are a more convenient option for them, while others will say otherwise. As a result, some people find it easier to walk in than others.

Additionally, the shoe is said to be more comfortable because your foot will arch less in a shoe with a higher platform than in one without.

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Some of the tallest platform shoes are made of different materials than other types of shoes, which accounts for their added height.

And given that platform shoes are one of the most coveted footwear designs among women today, this makes it entirely understandable.

I will only suggest one thing: make sure you have the fortitude and courage to walk in these shoes without tripping before you decide to purchase any of these shoes.

Thanks for reading.

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