16 Colors Of Shoes You Can Wear With Navy Pants

Navy pants are one of the most versatile colors of pants because you can wear them with any color. So, if you’ve been unsure what color of shoes to wear with navy pants, I hope this guide inspires your next outfit.

Navy pants are a timeless and classic color. However, knowing what color of shoes to wear with them can be difficult at times.

If you’re a woman, it won’t be too hard because you can wear your pants with even the brightest of shoe colors. However, for men, wearing bright-colored shoes can appear too flashy.

To get the right shoe combination with the navy pants just right, you have to go beyond neutral color. As a result, this article will give you lots of fantastic ideas for nailing your navy pants outfit.

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What color of shoes can you wear with navy pants?

Because navy pants are unisex and can be worn by anyone, young or old, I’ve compiled a list of shoe colors anyone can blend with navy pants.

1. Brown Oxfords

brown oxford

The reason why brown Oxfords are so distinctive is that they go with almost any type of attire. Therefore, wearing this with your navy pants is a match made in heaven.

The good news is that the ensemble, although primarily desired by men, is unisex and will make anyone look sophisticated and elegant.

2. Navy blue shoes

navy blue heels

Navy blue shoes and navy pants go together. This is a shoe color anyone can wear.

Moreover, a business meeting would benefit from this combination. You can wear any color of pants with these shoes, which also gives you a polished, businesslike appearance.

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3. Red shoes

red shoe

Red shoes are the ideal counterpoint to navy pants. This color will make you the center of attention and inspire people to be brave.

This combination is more feminine; however, if you would like to go bold, you are allowed to.

4. Blue sneakers

blue sneakers go with navy blue pants

Combine blue sneakers with navy pants for a more relaxed appearance. This shoe is fashionable and elegant while also being cozy.

Since these two hues go well together and complement one another, you can wear this ensemble whenever you like.

5. Silver pumps

silver pumps with navy blue pants

A unique way to wear navy pants is with a pair of silver pumps. As a lady, you can pair silver pumps with navy pants; it will make you stand out in the crowd if you’re going for a more daring appearance. This classy appearance suits both daytime and nighttime wear.

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6. Tan flat shoe

tan flat shoe

Tan flat shoes are a great choice if you want a pair of shoes that can be worn with many different outfits. These flat shoes have a casual, comfortable look that goes well with lots of colors.

7. Black Oxfords

black oxford

A classic shoe that goes perfectly with any outfit is the black Oxford. Despite being one of the dullest colors, it can easily go with any color combination. It’s a color that’s simple to use and locate.

For a formal occasion, navy pants and black Oxford shoes are the ideal pair. They are extremely adaptable and have a sense of style, so they won’t look bad.

8. Blue shoes

blue shoes

A set of navy pants would look great with a pair of blue high heels or shoes. You can wear this outfit combination for work, date nights, or even just to look cool.

9. White sneakers

white shoes

This is the ideal color if you want something simple and cozy. It is fashionable enough to wear year-round thanks to its comfortable fit. If you don’t like black, this can be a great substitute.

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10. Black boots

black boots

If you want to look sophisticated, black boots with navy pants are the ideal outfit choice.

You can put this combination together to make a dressy or casual ensemble. In either case, the boots will give the appearance of long, lean legs.

11. White flats

white shoes navy pants

You can pair navy pants with white flats for a very relaxed and sporty look. This is majorly a cozy combination for ladies that will make you feel great.

12. Brown flats

brown shoe with navy pants

Brown shoes in this color are available for both men and women. And it’s one of the best shoe colors to pair with navy pants because you can never go wrong with it.

13. Nude shoes

nude color shoes with navy pants

Nude footwear will look good with any ensemble. That is because it is a neutral color that anyone can own and needs in their closet.

Moreso, they go so well with navy pants and are incredibly versatile.

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14. Orange shoes

orange color shoes with navy blue pants

One way to stand out and be different is to wear vivid orange shoes or heels. These shoes are the ideal option to create a straightforward yet stunning ensemble.

With a touch of red, the orange color enhances the navy color. This color combination will make the wearer appear more vivacious.

15. Brown boots

brown color boots with navy pants

With navy pants, brown boots look fantastic. They are so unique and will go well with any color of pants.

16. Green shoes

green color shoes with navy pants

Navy pants and green shoes or heels are a timeless pairing that looks great. Depending on your skin tone and the color of your navy pants, the green shade may have a different effect.


What type of shoes is best to wear with navy pants?

Your charisma and taste will determine the ideal color for you. However, for a professional appearance, you might pair blue, black, or brown shoes with navy pants.

Red shoes, on the other hand, would go well with a casual outfit, if you are into bright colors.

Can different colors work well with navy pants?

Yes, it can if you match it well.

Naturally, you can match any color of shoe with your navy pants. However, if you prefer a more refined appearance, you can opt for one or more tone-down colors listed in this article.

What colors match navy blue pants?

Dusty purple, hunter green, and maroon. These colors are black-shaded colors that share the intensity of navy blue pants.

Additionally, colors like mustard yellow, bright pink, cherry red, and even metallic gold are also good to go with your navy blue pants.


One of the most popular pairs of pants you can own in your closet is navy pants.

Learning how to combine colors gives you the confidence that you won’t run out of outfit ideas for any occasion, whether it’s business or casual.

Therefore, to fully grasp what color of shoes you can wear with your navy pants, I would recommend you try out these color combinations to see how they look on you in real life.

Thanks for reading.

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