See The Real Reasons Why Designer Clothing Is So Expensive

If it’s designer clothing, then it’s expensive. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, but the real question is, why? Premium quality is one of the reasons why designer clothes are expensive. 

As I said, that’s one answer, meaning other factors influence the price of designer clothes.

I’ll discuss them in this guide.

What are designer clothes?

Designer clothes are high-fashion, luxury garments that carry the labels of a seasoned fashion designer.

These garments are of high quality and are often more fashionable than those produced by mass manufacturers. They are clothes and wears stitched to perfection without a single thread out of place.

Furthermore, they are more detailed in the making process, which, in turn, leads to limited production quantity, and increases demand.

Designer clothes are often more expensive than non-designer clothing, and you can find them in stores like department stores, boutiques, online retailers, pop-up stores, and brand retail outlets.

Overall, they are worth the investment if you want to look your best. 

why is designer clothes so expensive

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Is designer clothing really expensive?

Yes, it is.

One thing you must know about designer brands is that they never mass-produce. If the available material is enough to make a thousand clothes, they’ll rather expend them on 100 premium quality clothes.

For example, some designer dresses by Louis Vuitton sell for over $5,000, and their exclusive wears cost way more. 

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Why is designer clothing so expensive?

Here are the reasons why designer clothing is often more expensive than other types of clothing:

The material

Designer clothing is usually made from higher-quality materials. Such materials include pure animal leather, which brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton use in crafting their bags.

They also invest heavily in natural and organic fibers, like authentic wool and cotton, which they use in weaving their clothes. This helps to create extra comfort and cushion for the wearer.

Another significant move that adds to the quality of designer clothes is the jewelry they use to complement them. Some use expensive diamonds and gold to finish off their statement pieces.

Of course, these materials, put together, are pricey but worth the extra amount for those with a high taste for luxury.

The construction

Designer clothing is much better constructed than non-designer clothing.

The stitching is of higher quality, and the garments are often put together more carefully. There’s also what’s called Haute Couture – it’s a style of dressmaking that happens only through hand stitching.

This means you’re never going to see it displayed in a store or online. It comes from hours of stitching the entire clothing to make a custom fit for the wearer.

If you’re familiar with red carpet events like the Met Gala, you may have heard your favorite celebrity share how many hours it took to achieve their outfit. And you’ll agree that most of their dresses to such events are classy, custom-fit, and truly luxurious.

Most importantly, this attention to detail can make designer clothes last longer and look better, even after multiple wearing and washings.

Even the outfits that eventually fall under the scrutiny of fashion police don’t come cheap either. It’s the price they have to pay for their high-end status.

The design

Another reason designer clothing is expensive is because of the design. Designers spend a lot of time creating their collections; they put a lot of thought into each piece.

It can sometimes take hours, days, or even weeks before they can come up with an outfit that fits into a theme, fashion event, or special collection.

During the Fashion Week seasons, when new lines are unveiled, some designers and creative directors are open to telling the media about the thought process that went into each piece of garment.

The result is a collection of well-crafted, stylish clothing that is often unique and eye-catching.

Target group

Designer clothes are expensive because of the target clients too. These are celebrities, influencers, socialites, and moguls in different fields- essentially, the rich and influential.

They have the money to spend and care less about the thousands of dollars designer garments cost.

Fashion houses, on their part, have found new and innovative ways to keep these sets of customers coming back as the competition gets stiffer.

The reality is that most fashion houses do not mind spending more to get the best hands on their team if that’s what it takes to keep their clients satisfied.

Cost of labor

Designer clothes take time to make, but they also lead to a high cost of labor, much of which comes from Europe and America.

The reason is that factories in these parts are highly functional and operational. And there’s a general assumption that they produce high-quality products.

Often, more people have to work on a design or garment to bring it to perfection. This includes fashion designers, those who prepare the materials, and the sewers themselves.

These groups of people are often specialized in their craft and truly knowledgeable, but that also comes at a price. It takes quality staff to produce quality wear, and quality staff doesn’t come cheap.


According to Statista, the cost of advertising run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sometimes, these brands employ the service of A-list celebrities to promote their products via video production, billboards, mentions on social media, and all sorts of publicity, which come at huge costs.

Designer brands are very specific about their target audience. They set their branding and advertisement target toward a select few, not the general public.

Often in their adverts, they show off the luxury of their products, stimulating the minds of their target audience, who cannot settle for anything less than a luxury.

This strategy also helps to keep the name of the brand in the minds of their audience, and most of them have been successful at it.

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Why do people pay for designer clothes?

Here are the reasons why people choose to purchase designer clothing:

Status symbol

Many people see designer clothes as a status symbol, and they truly are. They use these clothes and labels to show off their wealth or success. This is true, especially among wealthy people.

The more your clothes cost, the higher your social status. People treat you better and accord you far more respect and attention than others dressed in standard clothes.

Desire for quality

Some people believe that the materials used in designer clothing are of higher quality and that the garment will last longer. This desire for quality makes them pay what’s necessary to get what they want.


Others simply enjoy the style of designer clothing. They love the way it looks and feels, and they want to wear clothes that reflect their sense of style.

Luckily, designer clothes are very fashionable and never lacking in style.

A sense of accomplishment

Not everyone can afford designer clothes, which means you can have a sense of accomplishment just by having what it takes to afford them.

Likewise, if a middle-class person saves enough to buy expensive clothes, it can give them a first-hand experience of what it feels like, as seen in luxury brand adverts.

However, once you experience this and get the attention and accolades it attracts, you may not want to return to your regular outfits because these brands have mastered the art of advertising in ways that make you want to reach for more.

Nevertheless, people who opt for designer clothes typically do so because they believe the clothing is worth the investment.

Brands that sell designer clothes

  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Fendi
  • Versace
  • Armani
  • Valentino
  • Balmain
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Chloé
  • Givenchy
  • Tom Ford
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Marc Jacobs
  • LV (Louis Vuitton)
  • Dior
  • Hermès
  • Celine

These are just a few of the luxury renowned brands you can get exquisite and designer clothes from.

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Why are luxury brands expensive?

Luxury brands use high-quality materials and craftsmanship in their products.

Additionally, these brands have a history of offering exclusive, well-made products that are highly sought after by consumers.

Furthermore, luxury brands often charge premium prices for their products due to the perceived value of the brand.

Are designer clothes worth the hype?

Yes, they are.

Wearing designer clothes can make you feel more confident and stylish. They are also usually made with better materials. 

What is the most famous designer clothing brand?


According to Luxe Digital, Gucci is the most famous designer brand online, presently. And Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world.

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People wear designer clothes for various reasons, but what is constant is their high price tag. Whether it’s a simple T-shirt, jeans, evening wear, a flared skirt, or a limited edition scarf, you get a different experience. 

Like it or not, it’s a status symbol that announces itself everywhere you go – without you even trying. That’s why designer clothing will always be expensive; they are name-dropping.

Thanks for reading.

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