These 13 DIY Materials Can Get Sharpie off Your Skin

As a parent, battling stains in the house is more common and the grocery list takes care of the bleaches and detergents. But, now and then, one parent needs to know how to get sharpie ink off their child’s skin.

Even adults make slips when marking boxes or ticking a calendar. I can totally relate to the struggle with soap and water. And sometimes, your skin gets all red from the pressure to get the ink off. In cases like this, it’s okay to crave a magic wand.

This seemingly Herculean task can be made easy with these DIYs that I’ll be sharing with you. Guess what? Your kitchen is the treasure trove we are about to explore. There’ll be no need to break a bank to get any of the materials. Also, they are safe for the skin.

Let’s get started.

Materials to Help You Get Sharpie off Your Skin

how to get sharpie off your skin

1. Olive Oil

I told you every material will be a household item. All you need is a small amount of olive oil, a cotton pad, soap, and clean water for a rinse.

How does it work?

  • Dampen a cotton pad with a small amount of olive oil
  • Then, gently use the cotton pad to rub in the oil. Olive oil attaches itself to the sharpie stain on your skin and takes it off
  • Finally, use soap and clean water to wash that area of your skin and pat dry

You do not have anything to fear, whether flaking or drying out. Olive oil has emollient properties that leave your skin feel smooth and moisturized after this cleaning.

2. Whitening Toothpaste

When the deed has been done, just reach for your whitening toothpaste in the bathroom cupboard. The cleansing and whitening action toothpaste have on your teeth are the same it will give the sharpie stain.

  • Smear a little quantity over the stain
  • Then, gently exfoliate the color off your skin
  • Afterward, make sure you wash that area of your skin well with clean cold water
  • However, if the stain does not come off at once, you can take a break
  • Wash the area and revisit it after an hour or thereabout

3. Makeup Remover

This is another harmless solution to that permanent ink stain. Compared to nail polish, you’ll find that makeup remover is less harsh. This makes it safer for children.

  • Soak a cotton ball/ pad with your makeup remover
  • Massage it over the stain in gentle circular motions
  • You don’t need to hold it in place for long. In a few seconds, you’ll find the formerly stained area (yes, formerly stained area) sharpie ink-free
  • You can go ahead to rinse your skin with warm water

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4. Baby Oil

Baby oils contain mineral oils. Similar to the way olive oil works; baby oil attaches itself to the stain and takes it off your skin. It gently cleanses the stain and leaves your skin moisturized.

  • All you need to do is apply a small amount of oil to a cotton pad
  • Gently wipe it across the stained area
  • After that, wash and rinse with clean water

However, if you have oily or acne-prone skin and you got a sharpie stain on your face, be careful here. You should use a very small amount or opt for another option. This is because using baby oil may expose your skin to more skin breakouts.

5. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are usually alcohol-free. Therefore, they are a great option to wipe off the sharpie of your child’s tender skin.

  • Rub baby wipes over the stain until it totally dissolves
  • Then, rinse the skin with warm water and pat dry
  • Make sure to apply body lotion to seal in moisture

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is truly a carrier oil. It effectively carries off ink stains in a few wipes. To get this stain off your skin,

  • First, you have to wash the stained area with warm water and mild soap and pat dry
  • Apply a small amount of coconut oil to the stained area
  • Use a cotton pad to wipe the oil across the stain until it totally clears off
  • In addition, coconut oil leaves its sweet smell on your skin and locks in moisture

7. Sunscreen

Your skin’s summer sweltering sun shield can be your go-to in emergent cases of permanent ink stains.

  • Dab a little of your sunscreen onto the ink
  • Rub in the lotion with your fingers
  • If the stain is still visible but you have exhausted the lotion, add more sunscreen
  • Continue rubbing the stained area until the ink clears off
  • Afterward, rinse the clean skin with warm water
  • In addition, you can use either a cream or spray-on sunscreen

8. Shaving Cream

To use shaving cream,

  • Apply a generous dollop of cream on the sharpie ink stain
  • Then, use a finger or cotton pad to rub the cream over the stain. Ensure the cream mixes well into the stain
  • Continue to apply cream and rub it in if the stain remains
  • When it’s totally gone, wash that area of your skin with mild soap and warm water

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9. Butter

So, you should know that you can consume butter without getting extra calories.

  • Spread a dollop of butter over the stained skin area
  • Allow it to seep into your skin for a few minutes
  • Then, use a piece of cloth to rub the butter over the stain until the ink dissolves
  • Lastly, wash off the butter and ink with soap and hot water

10. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover or acetone can also remove sharpie ink stains just like it does nail polish.

  • Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover
  • Wipe the wet cotton ball across the stain until the stain is gone
  • However, acetone tends to evaporate quickly. So, you have to continue adding more as you rub the stain.
  • When the ink completely comes off, rinse that part of your skin with warm water and pat dry
  • Most importantly, slather on some moisturizing cream to restore moisture to your skin

11. Hairspray

Besides styling your curls and adding shine to your hair, hairspray can help you get rid of permanent ink stains.

  • If you have an alcohol-based hairspray, generously put some on the stained area
  • Rub in the stain with a soft piece of cloth
  • When you are sure that you’ve gotten rid of the ink, wash off the spray and ink with mild soap and warm water
  • If your skin feels dry, massage the area with a moisturizing cream

12. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are alcohol-based products that can be used to clean sharpie marker stains in place of alcohol. This is because it is milder. It gradually fades off the marker stain and also gets rid of germs.

  • Apply some hand sanitizer onto the stained area
  • Dissolve the stain by rubbing the hand sanitizer across the skin area in circular motions
  • When you no longer see the ink on your skin, you can rinse your skin with warm water
  • Finally, make sure you use a moisturizing cream afterward

13. Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salt is a natural exfoliator that works with warm water to relieve you of the burden of sharpie ink.

  • Mix sea salt with warm water in a one to one ratio to get a pasty solution
  • Apply the paste onto the pigment  
  • Massage the skin area gently until the ink comes off completely
  • Then, rinse off the paste and ink with clean water

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Side Effects of Sharpie Ink Stains

Most of the time, sharpie marker ink stains are harmless. However, the stains can go south on certain skins if not quickly and properly attended to. That is to say, you should know the possible risks of getting this ink onto your skin.

Originally, this ink isn’t meant for the skin. They contain poisonous organic compounds like resins, xylene, and toluene. When sharpie comes in contact with your skin, these harmful compounds may lead to skin irritations like,

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Inflammations
  • Sharpie fumes can cause irritations on the eyes, nose, and throat

To sum it up, sharpie mistakes are okay and almost inevitable if you use a sharpie marker every day. And, you have to be careful not to intentionally draw some on your skin.

FAQs on How to Get Sharpie off Your Skin

how to get sharpie off your skin

1. How do I get sharpie off my face?

There are a lot of cleaning options for getting sharpie off your skin. But, when it comes to the face, you need to be a lot careful. Rather than go for just any option, use makeup remover, baby wipes, sunscreen, baby oil, coconut/olive oil, or shaving cream.

On the other hand, people with oily or acne-prone skin, may not find it comfortable to use oils. So, they can make use of other options.

2. How do I remove sharpie from my lips?

A very suitable option to get sharpie stain off the lips is whitening toothpaste or a makeup remover. Do not use products that contain alcohol because they can skin out the skin that covers the lips. Consequently, it may lead to dry, chapped, and flaky lips.

3. Can I use alcohol to remove sharpie off my skin?

Yes, you may. You can use alcohol to get sharpie off your skin if you’re sure that it suits your skin type. Some skins get irritations or burning sensations when they come in contact with alcohol. If you notice any of these, you should wash the alcohol off with mild soap and water.

4. Why does my skin feel dry after cleaning off sharpie ink?

Your skin may feel dry after you use materials that contain alcohol to clean off sharpie. These materials may dry out your skin after use. So, it is advised that you apply a moisturizing cream after cleaning off the stain.


Sharpie marker ink on the skin is just like every other mistake. When you have kids around, it is bound to happen more often. They may mark their skins as they try to express their thoughts in writing or as they role-play.

Naturally, these ink stains will fade with washing and the natural skin oils. But, when you do not have the time for patience, you can opt for one of the DIY materials. Also, remember that sharpie ink stains can be harmful to the skin.

If you notice any skin reactions when you use any of these home remedies, wash it off with soap and water.

Thanks for reading.

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