15 Tips To Help Make Your Nails Stronger

On the discourse of nail care, we are all guilty of one thing or the other. Some of us stand under the umbrella of biting off our nails. This could be a reason for those brittle nails. Dermatologists say that strong healthy nails could be an indicator of good health. 

Brittle nails could be for a variety of reasons that range from a sign of aging to our lifestyle and habits. Nails are made up of keratin, fibrous structural proteins, that aid in the health of nails. 

As earlier mentioned, keratin loss could be a result of aging. Also, always polishing your nails too frequently, nail care routine as it sounds, can be the reason for your brittle nails. 

Any woman would gladly sport her long, strong, and neatly manicured nails when she sits with her friends. If you do not have that pride now, you are not alone.

Every girl faces one nail issue or the other. And, these issues have caused us to hide thin and peeling nails under permanent gel manicures. 

However, there is good news. Brittle nails can become strong, lovable nails if you follow these tips and change your lifestyle and habits.

How To Make Your Nails Stronger


Leading a healthy lifestyle and inculcating good habits will set you on your way to strengthened nails. So, in the goodbye note to brittle nails, there is some resolution to be made.

1. Take a Biotin Supplement


Biotin is one of the B vitamins, Vitamin B7. Because of their water-soluble nature, they are essential vitamins that need to be consumed daily. 

Amy Lin, the founder of Sundays, a nail care brand, said “your nails are made of proteins and naturally need a lot of vitamins”. Biotin can be found in foods like sardines, cooked eggs, and legumes. You can also get biotin by taking a B vitamin or supplements. 

However, you shouldn’t do self-medication on biotin. Ensure to check with your doctor to know if it’s safe for you.

2. Stay Hydrated

The amount of water your body gets is very important to your health. In the same vein, water intake is very important to your nail health. Nails become brittle and break off easily if they lack moisture. So, you should drink enough water to keep them strong.

3. Minimize Exposure to Water

Avoid submerging your hands in water. The body follows the principle of water attracts water. So, when you submerge parts of your body in water, there is a tendency that there is an outflow of water. 

This may sound impossible, yet, it is something to be mindful of for the sake of your nails. The water you take in is sufficient to keep your nails hydrated. Too much soaking of the hands in water can make the nails brittle and this consequently leads to peeling or breakage. 

One way to follow through with this is to wear rubber gloves while washing. 

4. Adopt a Healthy Diet

Naturally, the body requires a daily intake of vitamins.

Robin Evans, MD, Connecticut-based Board Certified Dermatologist says that “yo-yo dieting can lead to vitamin deficiencies and consequently put your nails in jeopardy. Make sure you eat enough protein and calcium too, which are thought to promote nail health”

Collagen is very important for nails growth and vitality. You can adopt fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons into your diet. They are rich sources of Vitamin C and folic acid, which help in the production of collagen.

Other foods include eggs, oats, beans, salmon, among many others.

5. Take Breaks Off Nail Polish

In this farewell bid to brittle nails, you should learn to alternate between wearing nail polish and keeping your nails polish-free. And, if you will wear nail polish, it should be non-toxic and shouldn’t be worn for long.

You should know, however, that even non-toxic nail polish can make the nails weak. So, it is very important that you shuttle between wearing nail polish and keeping your nails polish-free. 

6. Use Base Coats and Top Coats

Base coats serve as primers for nail polish. They keep nail paint in place for long, providing a protective layer that will keep your nails healthier and stronger.

Base coats contain nourishing and conditioning ingredients rather than drying additives like formaldehyde, toluene, and camphor

OPI Nail Polish Base Coat is formulated for long-lasting manicures and to prevent natural nail yellowing.

7. Stay Off Acetone Removers

“If you want to keep your nails strong you don’t want to use 100% acetone removers”, Lin says. Rather find options like a soy-based remover that contains moisturizing ingredients for the natural nail.

Soy Nail Polish Remover effectively removes polish and nourishes your cuticles with vitamins.

8. Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails are more exposed to breakage and being caught on things. When you have long nails, it is easy to fall prey to using them to do things like, opening a soda can or reaching for something you can pick or drag.

Shorter nails, on the other hand, have a greater guarantee against breakage. So, your nails are kept strong.

9. Stay Away From Gel or Acrylic Nails

While these nails have been lauded as an alternative for women who have brittle nails, they are not sustainable for healthy nails. When frequently used, they can peel off layers from your nails. As a result, nails become weak. 

Dr. Klein says, “these manicures also expose your digits to the excessive amounts of acetone in the soak required to remove them which is drying to the nail”.

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10. Keep Your Hands Moisturized 

To make this resolution work, get a portable hand cream. For instance, after washing your hands, use hand cream to moisturize your hands and nails.

Vaseline Intensive Care for healthy hands and stronger nails come in portable sizes that can be carried around.

In addition, cuticle oils are very good options for nourishing and moisturizing weak nails.

11. Adopt a Natural Nail Hardener 

Nail hardeners are part of the nails regime. They are painted onto the nails like a polish and later removed using a nail polish remover. Your choice of nail hardener should contain Vitamin E, B Vitamins, and amino acids.

A nail hardener allows your nails to stay strong as they grow without snapping off before you get your desired length. OPI Nail Envy contains calcium and protein for natural nail strengthening.

However, experts advise that hardeners are to be sparingly used. Prolonged use of nail hardeners can sometimes cause nails to become weaker and prone to breakage. 

12. Practice Good Hygiene

Regular nail grooming can help to boost your nails’ strength, foster growth, and reduce breakage. If you keep your nails dry, there will be no room for bacteria that can cause nail softening. Use sharp manicure scissors or clippers to trim your nails properly. 

Moreover, you should stop picking or biting off your nails. This is one habit that takes a practice of mindfulness to stop. Just like a plant, your nails are not going to grow if you keep gnawing at them. Just like skincare, nail care ought to be diligently followed through.

13. Learn the Art of Nail Filing

First, you need to make a good choice of a nail file. Nails experts recommend that you use a soft nail file to help keep your nail edges smooth. File your nails in one direction to get smooth edges. Filing nails back and forth make them jagged and prone to breakage.

14. Avoid Drying Products

Products that contain alcohol and acetone like hand sanitizers are drying products. That is to say, do not overdo the hand sanitizer.

If hand sanitizers always make contact with your nails, they can draw moisture from your nails and consequently lead to brittle nails.

15. See a Doctor

Brittle nails could be a result of an underlying health issue. So, if you have tried several things to keep your nails strong but nothing seems to be working, then, you should book an appointment with a dermatologist. 

Dr. Klein says conditions like anemia, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, and Raynaud’s Syndrome can affect nail strength. 

Most importantly, the earlier the health issue is treated, the sooner your nails can grow healthier and stronger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

how to make your nails stronger

Can vaseline make my nails stronger?

Yes, petroleum jelly can make your nails stronger. Using vaseline for stronger nails is a home remedy to adopt. Vaseline contains vitamin E which is good for nourishing the cuticles, keeping them from getting rigid.

But, because of the thick nature, vaseline should be applied in small quantities on the skin around your nails.

What home remedies can I use for brittle nails?

Natural and readily available materials that can make your nails stronger include,

  • Rub a slice of lemons on your finger and toenails every day. Leave for five minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Massage warmed-up coconut oil into your nails and fingers every night before bedtime. Do this in circular motions to aid blood circulation.
  • Soak your nails in orange juice for ten minutes and thereafter, rinse with warm water and moisturize your nails. This can be done once a day.
  • Gently massage your nails and cuticles in warmed-up olive oil for five minutes and cover your hands with gloves overnight.
  • Massage your fingers and cuticles with small amount of vaseline before bedtime.
  • Be very mindful to not bite your nails.

Can dip nails ruin my fingernails?

Dip powder dehydrates the nails and breaks off the seal layer of the nails. When installing dip nails, the surface of the nail is roughened with a much tougher file. This can weaken natural nails, making them more prone to splits and breakage.


Like they say “nail contact before eye contact”. Healthy nails are supposed to be smooth, hard, and consistent in color. It’s every woman’s dream to have long, strong, and beautifully manicured nails. There won’t be an end to seeking help to maintain beauty.

There are so many tips on how to get your nails back in form or keep them from damage, but some tips have proven to be more reliable than others.

These tips have been tested and proven to be helpful. Your nails need a good deal of TLC to make a highlight of your subsequent nail contacts. Practice very good nail hygiene and you will be wowed at the turn of events.

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