Try These Tested and Trusted Ways to Increase Your Hair Volume

Hair volume is something we all want. Especially when we can get soft lush curls that bend, listen to products, and our hair growth routines. However, this is not always the case for some people’s hair. That’s why we need ways to increase hair volume, to put our minds at ease.

Having thinning hair can be destabilizing and a great hit on your confidence. You will have limited styles you can wear. Even when you wear good wigs or hair extensions, you can’t help but feel down when you take them off.

It’s only natural you look for a way to solve the problem. This is why you need tips on how to improve hair volume.

There are simple to complex ways to get hair volume. You can even use simple hair hacks to give the illusion that you have much more hair than what is actually there.

You won’t have to worry about your thinning hair and what you can do to get your hair bouncing and supple anymore. However, you must know what causes your thinning hair before you can find the solution to it.

increase hair volume

How to Increase Hair Volume

To every problem, there is a solution. Some solutions are a quick fix, while others take time and consistency. That is how it is with increasing your hair volume. It is time and consistency that would get you the volume you want.

Following one of the ways discussed below will help you increase hair volume and retain your luscious curls. But, this won’t work if you don’t stay on the routine.

1. Natural Remedies to Increase Hair Volume

You can increase hair volume through natural methods. These remedies can be found in your homes as household items. This is why they are essential, as they are inexpensive and natural, with the least damage to your hair.

You just have to be sure you are not allergic nor are you sensitive to the remedies.

1. Aloe Vera

If you search for natural ways to increase hair volume, you would find aloe vera in the top results. The plant has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You should apply the gel directly to your roots to soothe the itching and redness on your scalp.

Also, when you apply, you let it sit for up to one hour before you rinse off with water or shampoo. Using it over time will improve your hair volume.

You can mix aloe vera gel with some of your other hair products like serums or oils to make it easier to apply. And again, using the treatment once or twice a week will greatly improve your hair.

aloe vera
aloe vera

2. Egg Mask

Eggs are nutritious to the body. They are high in protein which is needed for hair follicles to stay strong and firm. Applying eggs as a mask will improve your hair strands’ texture.

To wear an egg mask. Mix one or two eggs together. Then you apply the eggs to your scalp and leave it in for 30 minutes. After that, wash it out with lukewarm water and shampoo.

You should note, if the water is too hot, it could solidify the egg, leaving sticky particles even after washing it out. The temperature of the water must be close to room temperature.

3. Avocado

Avocados are rich in vitamin E which helps hair to stay strong and strengthens texture. You can eat avocados or wear them as a hair mask.

To make an avocado mask, you will need to mix it with oils like coconut or olive oil. After making the mask, apply it to your hair and leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes. And then wash it off properly with shampoo.

You can wear the avocado mask once a week till you see changes in your hair strand. Also, when you use the mask, you would notice your hair texture is shinier and silkier to touch.

4.  Fenugreek

According to a study, Fenugreek can promote new hair growth and the reduction of hair loss. The components of the legume seeds are bioactive and can help with strengthening the hair follicles.

You can apply fenugreek paste to your hair. Let it sit for up to 45 minutes. And then you rinse off with water. Doing this once a week will get your hair volume up.

fenugreek seed
fenugreek seed

5. Onion Juice

Onion has phytochemical compounds that promote hair growth. A study has shown that onion juice influences the hair. It was effective in treating alopecia areata.

When you want to apply, you extract the juice from an onion and apply it straight to your scalp. Let it sit for half an hour, then rinse off with water and shampoo.

You can enhance onion juice by creating a hair mask mixed with honey and essential oil to mask the strong stench of onion.

6. Orange Puree

Oranges contain vitamins, acids, and nutrients that can help the hair of a person grow. For instance, vitamin C would help your hair look lush, which makes hair look thicker.

The acids help to clear the residue in the shaft that could be blocking the follicles from growing new hair.

You apply the puree to your hair, massaging it deep into the scalp. Leave it in for about an hour before rinsing out.

2. Oils to Increase Hair Volume

Oils- essential, carrier, and vegetable oils, are essential tools in hair care. They are essential for hot oil treatment, for example. There are different types of oils you can use to improve hair volume.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great for hair growth. It is an oil that penetrates the hair shaft to reverse the effects of chemical products. It also helps with maintaining protein in the hair shaft.

To use, apply the oil on your scalp, and massage deeply. You can wash the oil off if you have an oily scalp, or you can leave it in for a while longer if you are suffering from a dry scalp.

2. Geranium Oil

As an essential oil, geranium oil helps to keep your hair strands. It also promotes hair growth. However, it might cause allergic reactions. You have to patch test before using the oil.

All you have to do is massage the oil into your hair and leave it in for about an hour. You can wash off with a sulfate-free shampoo to protect the oil from not fully stripping off. Use this hair treatment once a week.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is another beneficial oil for the hair. It contains vitamin E and fatty acids, which aids hair growth and health. After massaging the oil into your scalp, leave it in for 30 minutes before rinsing out.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil has abundant omega-3 acids that help improve hair health. You can use the oil to increase hair volume from the roots. Also, it is known to soften hair and keep it shiny.

To use, heat the oil to a lukewarm or body temperature. Then you massage the oil into your scalp and rinse out after 30 minutes with shampoo.

5. Rosemary Oil

If you want to control shedding, you should use rosemary oil. The essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that balance hormones and increases hair volume by facilitating growth.

6. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil contains linalyl acetate and linalool. These compounds are known to stimulate follicle deepening. Also, the essential oil is known to thicken the thermal layer of hair roots.

3. Diet to Increase Hair Volume

salmon fish
salmon fish

Your diet plays an important in the general growth of your body. What type of nutrition and food you eat would help promote voluminous hair and strengthen your hair too.

If you maintain a nutritious diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, you can increase your hair volume.

For instance, you should eat food rich in protein like fish and eggs. Salmon is a fish rich in fatty acids, omega-3, and protein. Also, you can incorporate different types of nuts into your diet. Nuts like almonds, walnuts contain fatty acids.

Furthermore, spices like curry are rich in vitamin E, C, B, A, calcium, and iron. And you shouldn’t forget your whole grains to provide biotin and zinc to strengthen your hair.

Dairy food like yogurt is rich in zinc. And fruits and your leafy greens will help improve hair growth.

Your diet is important in managing how fast and well your hair grows. You can complement your diet with products or remedies to act fast in increasing your hair volume.  

4. Medical Treatments to Increase Hair Volume

increase hair volume

Sometimes some hair problems can only be solved by medical treatments. You can increase your hair volume by treating it medically. Some of these treatments require medical professionals, while others are over-the-counter (OTC).

Most medical treatments are recommended when the cause of your thin hair is due to hormones or changes in the body.

Finasteride: This is a medication used to treat thinning hair caused by androgenic alopecia. It is used particularly by men.

Minoxidil: It is a topical treatment used by both men and women to treat hair loss and thinning hair. The medication is over-the-counter, and it is FDA-approved. It should be applied directly to the scalp.

Laser treatment: This treatment helps hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles with low-level lasers.

Hair transplant: It’s an expensive procedure that requires patching up the thin areas of the scalp with skin cut from the part of the body. You can find out more in a previous post.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy: This treatment involves injecting a person’s blood plasma to the scalp to boost blood circulation, and therefore, stimulate hair growth.

5. Hair Care Tips to Increase Hair Volume

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You need to have handy hair care tips to help you get the hair volume you want. Not only do you have to care for your hair, but you also have to intentionally monitor the hair products and tools you use.

These simple hair care tips will help improve hair volume.

1. Keep a clean hair root

Your hair roots and scalp need to grow properly. New hair can only grow from a clean and free follicle.

Furthermore, your shampooing routine would determine how well your hair grows. This might not significantly change your hair growth. However, if you shampoo too much, your hair could lose its natural oil, becoming dry and brittle.

It’s best to wash your hair with shampoo once a week, and you can co-wash with a conditioner between days.

2. Shake your hair out

Shaking your hair out would let your free strands fall off. They won’t tangle with other rooted hair. Also, shaking it out makes it have instant faux volume. You can hold it in place with a setting hairspray.

3. Stop using harmful chemicals

Using chemical treatments could harm your hair health. Treatments like bleaching, perming, and dying your hair are not always best for some particular hair. To keep your hair and preserve its volume, you should avoid such treatments.

4. Reduce heat styling

Heat styling is known to damage hair follicles. When you use too much heat, it could lead to you having high porosity hair. Apart from this, it could lead to dry brittle hair because the nutrients are always dried up.

If you must use heat tools, use a heat protectant to protect your hair strands. This would reduce the damage the heat tools will cause.

5. Use volume enhancing products

There are products like mousses, thickening sprays, gels, and styling lotions that enhance the volume of your hair. These products will give people the illusion that you have thick full hair, and make styling easier.

6. Use silk headwraps

Silk headwraps and pillowcases help to reduce friction when you sleep. This protects your hair from tangling up and leading to damages.

7. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp with one of the oils mentioned above will get your blood circulation going. When blood is flowing, the growth phase is stimulated.

Also, massaging relieve your head of any tension you are feeling. It could also help you relax and loosen up from your headache.

8. Lift your roots while combing

When you focus on your roots and comb from upside down, you would be lifting your hair. This trick works to increase hair volume and make it look fuller than it is. You can use a hairspray to keep it intact for a while.

9. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can be used as a barrier to control oil, and it also helps to give your hair volume at the roots. The shampoo expands the surface of your hair, keeping it thick.

10. Wear extensions

Hair extensions also increase hair volume. Not only does it increase the length of your hair, but it also gives it a natural bounce. Styling your hair in elaborate ways becomes much easier when you wear hair extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

natural full hair

What causes thinning hair?

It’s natural to lose hair strands every day. However, there are several causes of unnatural thinning hair. The most common include the following:

  • Genes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Exposures to chemicals
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Aging
  • Medical conditions like thyroid problems
  • Alopecia
  • Smoking

Can I prevent thinning hair?

Yes, you can. You can prevent your hair from thinning by taking proactive measures.

This includes de-stressing, eating a balanced diet, caring for your hair, and wearing protective hairstyles.

Also, you would need to see a professional if thinning hair runs in your family. This way you can be proactive and get your treatments started early.

Can yoga stimulate my hair growth?

Yes, it can. Yoga helps to relieve stress and eases your body into a relaxed state.

You can practice some yoga poses (asanas) like the dog pose, camel pose, and headstand pose. These poses would help blood circulation in your body, including your scalp.

Do supplements help to improve hair volume?

Yes, they do. You can take hair supplements in any form to help restore your hair volume.

Hair supplements are great providers of compounds like biotin, which helps to strengthen your hair follicles and restores damaged hair glow.

Does trimming help increase hair volume?

Yes, it does. Trimming your hair makes your hair grow even and longer.

When you trim regularly, you are evening your strands, making them look fuller. Also, trimming prevents split ends from breaking further and damaging your hair.

Though hair would still grow even with split ends, the splits could reach the follicles. This is why it’s best to trim.

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Experiencing thinning hair could cause a flux in your self-esteem. Even if you try to hide it, there are still some things that won’t sit well. This is why increasing hair volume to cover up your thinning hair is important.

You can increase your hair volume by using natural remedies to cover up your scanty hair. Also, you can change your diet and use oils to improve your hair volume.

And there are some handy hair care tips you need to practice to keep your hair voluminous and luscious, even if it is an illusion.

Hair is an important part of our being. It’s part of us, which is why we need to care for it at all times.

You can stay up to date with relevant haircare articles on Africana Fashion to improve your daily lifestyle.