What Is The Difference Between A Size 14 And 14W?

The difference between size 14 and 14W is usually due to the addition of the “W” letter to 14.

However, the meaning behind the ‘W’ makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to women’s clothing.

This post is a detailed explanation of the difference between sizes 14 and 14W. Continue reading to learn more.

What does the “W” behind the size 14 mean?

A size that has the letter ‘W’ after it denotes so many things.

One of them is that it is a “woman’s size.” Older women who are past childbearing use this abbreviation. Compared to younger women, menopausal and postmenopausal women experience various physical changes.

Another is waist size. Our waists tend to expand, busts may enlarge, stature may shorten, and the spine lengthens.

These modifications are taken into account by ‘W’ sizes and, to some extent, styling preferences (no more low-cut tops if one has boob wrinkles).

In contrast, regular sizes (those without a letter appended) are “Misses sizes” and are designed to fit a variety of women of childbearing age.

The letter ‘W’ designates a woman’s size and separates it from juniors and Petites, which have different cuts.

Is 14W the same as 14?

No, they are not the same.

A Misses size 14 and a Women’s size 14W are different sizes. Traditional plus or “women’s” sizing has a larger waist-to-hip ratio than “Misses” sizes, a lower and wider bust line, and a deeper armhole. Due to this, a Misses Size 14 is roughly one size larger than a 14W.

Difference between a size 14 and 14W

14 and 14w
  • The waist measurement is essentially what distinguishes a women’s size 14 from a women’s size 14W.
  • The ‘W’ designation recognizes that many women don’t have naturally curvy bodies and have a slightly larger middle.
  • In essence, the distinction between these size variations is tailored to account for more mature figures.
  • Misses size 14 and plus size 14W are big sizes designed for a bulkier build. However, 14W is larger. It typically provides more room in the waist, upper arms, and thighs while being fuller in the bust and hips.

What waistline is a size 14?

A size 14 waistline is 31 inches. This is the size for the waist-to-hip ratio bigger than that of the regular Misses sizes.

What do the letters W and L mean in a pair of jeans?

Waist and length in inches.

These two letters are included in each pant size listed in inches, and they are listed in that order. For instance, the number 36 indicates that you have a waist width of 36 inches if you wear jeans in the size 36/32. Then a 32-inch leg length is represented by the number 32.

Is size 14W the same as 1X?

No, it is not.

A busty 14 or 16 is a 1X. The main distinction is that plus-size clothing is typically wider and has more space in the arms, hips, thighs, butt, and tummy areas.

What weight is a size 14 woman?

According to the BMI (body mass index) chart, the average weight for a size 14 woman is around 141 – 190 lbs. It could be much higher or lower, depending on the woman’s height.


How do you know if your jeans are W and L?

You should check as it is always written on jeans.

The Waist/Inseam (W/L) measurement is another sizing system that precisely displays the waist size and inside leg measurement of the jeans. For instance, if a pair of jeans is marked 36/34, it means that the inseam is 34 inches long and the waist is 36 inches.

Is size 14 a plus size?

Yes, it is. However, it depends on each fashion store and maker. While some departments use a size 14 for plus-size clothing, others may use a size 12.

Is a size 14 overweight?

Not exactly. However, many people who are size 14 may later become overweight if their weight is not properly monitored.


The main difference between a size 14 and 14W is in the waist. However, in some clothing stores, the W represents ‘Women’s clothing’ while the M represents clothing for ‘Misses sizes.’

However but sizes still identify the waistline as a base of difference. Therefore, 14 and 14W are different in waist size.

If you are getting any clothing, especially pants, be sure to look out for the W to let you know if it is right for you or would be too big.

Thanks for reading.

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