11 Simple Hair Length Retention Tips to Keep That Length You Worked Hard For

So you have reached your hair length goal. Congratulations. Now what? Hair length retention is just as important as gaining. Not taking care of your length will be like throwing away all your hard work into the ocean, lost with your tears and minuscule-detailed routines that got you there.

We all strive to grow our hair, especially for naturals. And the hair is always growing. But we might not see this growth because it’s either breaking or we are losing hair as fast as they grow (all thanks to alopecia!). But for some who get to that hair goal finish line, we know it wasn’t easy. And not one method works for the other because there are complexities of the hair.

So if you have reached that hair goal, whether natural or treated hair, the next thing you should be thinking of is hair length retention. It’s another journey you’ll be taking. When armed with some know-how; you’ll have a better chance of keeping your hair length in place.

Tips for Healthy Hair Length Retention

hair length retention

Length retention is essential because you are maintaining your existing hair length. You will be taking care of it with not only the right products but also the right attitude. So if you are ready to keep your hair length and retain its beauty and shine, you need to follow these tips.

1. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair

You might be confused by this but a good cotton t-shirt is better to dry your hair than a normal towel. This is because towels cause a lot of friction when you glide them through your hair. A t-shirt is lighter and will absorb. You are also to gently dab your hair not rough it up when drying.

2. Keep your hair moisturized always

This phrase can never get old. This is because it is the first thing you must know when it comes to Hair 101. Your hair needs lots of moisture especially if it’s dry or frizzy. The moisture will nourish and protect your tresses. It will also strengthen them. You can use deep conditioners or hair masks to get your hair shining and nutrient-filled.

3.  Protect your hair while you sleep

Keeping your hair protected by wearing a silk cap or scarf will save it from friction on your pillowcase. Also, cotton sheets will rub your hair of oils so you need to keep it safe. You can also use a satin pillowcase if you want to protect your hair better at night.

4. Wear your hair in protective styles

You can’t only use scarves or caps to protect your hair. You should also wear your hair in protective styles like cornrows. If you don’t manipulate your hair too much and leave it for a while, it will naturally flourish. Keeping your hair in protective styling will help retain your hair. For the time you are doing it you could switch to wigs of different types to continue to keep you looking beautiful.

5. Trim your ends

This is another tip from hair length retention that is old music to the ears. But they are tried and true. Trimming your ends when you notice signs of split ends will go a long way in protecting your hair. When you trim regularly, you might not have to witness your hair-splitting to the cuticle, which would lead to breakage. Trimming your hair also helps you grow it back.

hair length retention

6. Be attentive to your scalp

When it comes to hair length retention, your scalp is where healthy hair starts, so you should care for it. When you shampoo, condition, and use good products on it regularly, you will see new and healthy hair growth. You should always remove debris from your hair and protect your follicles. You can switch to sulfate-free shampoo so as not to lose the natural oil in your scalp. Massaging your scalp will also help to encourage hair growth.

7. Always be gentle with your ends

They are the oldest part so they need more care. When you use products, make sure to get to the ends properly. When the nutrients get to the ends of your tresses, they may become less brittle, and split ends will also reduce. Also when you brush, brush with care because they might break if you are too hard with the brushing.

8. Detangle your hair

natural hair

Detangling your hair in sections will help you smoothen your tresses without losing hair. Using the right detangling tools like wide brushes will also protect your hair. And when you start, start from the tips then work your way down to the roots.

9. Don’t wear your hair too tight

Don’t wear your hair in tight hairstyles or ponytails. For instance, keeping your hair in tight braids may damage your hair. You could either look for ways to relieve tight braids or lose the hair. Also, keeping your hair in tight ponytails can stretch your hair from the follicles. This could lead to hair breakage.

10. Mind what you eat

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. What your body takes in will surely reflect on it, including your hair. Change your diet if you notice what you are eating is not benefiting your body. Eat lots of protein-rich meals that will help with your hair growth. Drink lots of water because you need to hydrate your body too. The average amount of water to take in a day is 8 glasses.

11. Reduce the heat

Reduce the number of times you use heat tools on your hair. This includes blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Heat causes the hair strands to stretch which could lead to breakage if stretched too much. Hair length retention will be affected if you are roving around different heat tools, trying to get that sleek hair.

Hair Length Retention FAQs

healthy hair growth

What is length retention?

Length retention is keeping your hair length just as it is. You will be maintaining and taking proper care of your existing hair. When you also retain your hair, breakage will be minimized. Length retention can be controlled easily because you already have want you to want, all you have to do is maintain and take proper care of it.

By this time also, you have figured out what works for you, so drastic changing of hair products might not be advised unless it is a close alternative. The key thing to note during this period is to have healthy hair and maintain it.

Why is my hair length not growing?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your hair not growing anymore. It could be an age factor. When menopause hits, hair might stop growing. It is one of the ways menopause affects the hair. In such a case, supplements can be taken to keep the hair growing phase back up.

Another one is poor treatment. Whether it has to do with you using the wrong products or tools, or not taking care of it adequately, it will be natural for it to stop. Don’t be mistaken that your hair isn’t growing, because it is. It is breaking instead and that’s because your strands are weak. To keep your hair from breaking use the right products and take extra care of your hair.

When it comes to hair, genes play an important role. Some are just genetically-blessed with good hair than others. Even with little care, some hairs sprout bountifully, while others struggle to grow. You have to check your family line, if people don’t have hair or are hair deficient; it’s most likely you will be too.

Can I make my hair grow faster than normal?

In practice, it is hard for your hair to grow faster than normal. The hair strands grow about half a centimeter in a month. What would make your hair look like it’s growing is how well you maintain it. That is by protecting it, conditioning it, and generally keeping it safe. If you keep your hair, it won’t break. And once it doesn’t, you’ll see it grow healthy.  



Getting your hair goal is only half of the win. Keeping the length is the other half. You have to stick to what works, including products and routines. Not only that, you have to care for your hair even much more than before.

Getting a trim is also not bad because you will be putting the split ends away. And when it comes to protecting your hair, wearing protective styles or using silk or satin scarf, caps, and pillowcases will reduce friction in your hair.

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