Can You Put Your Shoes In The Dryer For A Quick Dry?

Many folks have always been curious to know if shoes can be dried using the dryer. So let me say this: using your clothes dryer can be a choice if you’re in a hurry and searching for quick ways to dry shoes.

However, this does not apply to all shoes. Fortunately, there are other techniques you can use to dry your shoes.

This article will teach you the best products and techniques for drying shoes without the use of a dryer.

Can you put your shoes in the dryer?

Yes, you can. However, this only applies to shoes guaranteed safe for drying and also made with dryer-safe materials.

A dryer can prevent the glue that holds shoes together from becoming loose by the high temperatures, which could even cause the shoe fabrics or materials to shrink.

Additionally, using the dryer can indefinitely distort your footwear, which will affect how well they fit and function. Therefore, if it isn’t dryer-safe, do not dry your shoe with a dryer.

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Can you put your shoes in the dryer with your clothes?

Yes, you can.

You occasionally dry your shoes with clothes in the dryer as they won’t be damaged if they are dryer-safe.

However, if this is not the case, the fabric and soles of the shoes will shrink or warp as the machine dries them.

Can you put your shoes in the dryer on air dry?

Yes, you can.

The dryer will quietly dry your shoes if you dry them in “air dry” mode.

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Can you put your shoes in the dryer on low heat?

Yes, you can.

If you plan to use the dryer, you must dry your shoes on a “low heat” setting to protect them.

What kinds of shoes can be dried in the dryer?

You can use the dryer for shoes made from cotton, gel-core athletic footwear, Gore-Tex, clogs, and polyester; anything else is not recommended.

Sometimes, nylon material can be dried using the dryer; however, it must be done on low heat as it cannot resist extreme temperatures.

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What types of shoes should not be dried in the dryer?

You should never use the dryer for shoes made from animal skin or hide. These materials include fur, leather, suede, sheepskin, and pony. If you dry these materials, you risk shrinking your shoes.

Furthermore, do not use a dryer for footwear with sequins or other embellishments because the designs may come off.

How to dry shoes in the dryer


If you have no other choice and you need to use the dryer, here is how to dry your shoes with it. Before you start, ensure your shoes are dryer-safe and that your dryer is of good quality.

To dry shoes:

  • Take the lint filter out of the machine. Removing the filter improves air circulation within the dryer.
  • Put small clothes inside the shoes to absorb any excess water.
  • Then, bind both shoes together with a knot made from both shoelaces.
  • Close the door and place the footwear inside the dryer, holding the knot in place. This will keep the shoes from falling into the dryer and tumbling around.
  • Place the shoes on the drying rack if your dryer has one.
  • If you are unable to hang or place the footwear on a rack, you can wrap them in a specially designed shoe-washing bag or wrap them in towels to prevent damage if they wobble around inside the dryer.
  • Set the dryer to the air-dry mode or the lowest temperature possible. High temperatures can cause the shoes to shrink and the glue that holds the parts together to melt.
  • Allow for a 20-minute drying period before checking. If your footwear is still damp, run the pair through the dryer for 5 minutes each time until completely dry.

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Other methods for drying your shoes

Because it has been established that using a dryer is not the best choice, here are some other methods for drying footwear.

Use a shoe dryer

You can quickly and efficiently dry your shoes – without wasting time – by using an electrical shoe dryer or a shoe dryer box.

Use dehumidifying shoe inserts

Dehumidifying dryer footwear inserts are a relatively new invention that resembles shoe dryers but doesn’t use electricity. To aid in internal drying, they are placed into the shoes one at a time. Most are also deodorizers for shoes.

Air-dry your shoes

Air-drying shoes is the best and most secure method of drying them. Due to the shoes’ lack of machine exposure, this poses the least risk of damage. But it might also take the longest.

Use a fan to dry shoes

Using a fan is a fantastic choice if you want the air-dry tactic to work a little bit faster because the best way to dry shoes is through the air.

Use this technique to dry out leather shoes, suede shoes, and other more delicate footwear.

Add rice to dry shoes

Sometimes, rice is used to dry wet electronics; however, you can also use rice to dry your shoes.

Although it might take some time, dry rice can help dry shoes because it absorbs moisture.

The con of this technique is taking time to remove the soaked grain in your shoes.

Use an old newspaper

Any soft paper, including newspaper, is an excellent water absorbent and can be used to dry any kind of shoe. To do this, take out the insoles and allow them to dry separately before stuffing the footwear with them until they are completely dry.

This approach, however, is only good if you have the time. Depending on how wet the shoes are, absorption can take well over 2 hours.


Will shoes damage a dryer?

No, it won’t.

On the other hand, it is dryers that can damage a shoe.

That is because most footwear simply cannot withstand dryer conditions without causing harm to the soles, distorting the uppers, or softening the sealants holding the entire shoe together.

Can you tumble-dry sneakers?

Yes, you can.

Footwear made of fabric or canvas can be tumble dried in a dryer. However, never use a dryer for tumbling dry leather, delicate, satin, or lace shoes.

However, before you tumble, you should tie the laces together, place them in a pillowcase, and knot them shut before adding the wet shoes to stop the footwear from flying around while tumbling.

What is the fastest way to dry shoes overnight?

Keep your shoes in a dry, well-ventilated area. You could also put them close to a warm-air fan or vent to dry them more quickly.


You can dry shoes in various ways, from the traditional (like air drying) to the downright absurd (like drying shoes with rice). However, some of these techniques are faster than others.

However, if you choose to dry your dryer-safe shoes in the dryer, you should use a high-quality dryer from a reputable manufacturer.

Thanks for reading.

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