See 9 Color Of Shoes That Goes With A Mauve Dress

Mauve is a beautiful color, but it can be hard to wear, especially if you don’t want to go overboard or appear to be trying too hard with your colors and styling. A focal point in looking good in this color is determining what color of shoes goes best with a mauve dress.

When wearing a mauve dress, you want to add some color and texture to your clothes to make them stand out because mauve is a very cool shade.

Also, your skin tone matters, as your mauve dress should complement your shoes to highlight the beauty of your skin.

To learn what color of shoes work best with a mauve dress, keep reading this article.

What is a mauve color?

Mauve is a purple color that lies between pink and violet and has a variety of shades. It is a French word first used by the English in 1611 and is named after the mallow flower.

Furthermore, mauve is classified as a light wildflower that is commonly referred to as “blue.” Pale violet is another term used to describe mauve.

What color of shoes goes with a mauve dress?

There is no general answer to this because the color of your shoes and skin tone will determine how you will match up your mauve outfit.

However, here are some of the most appropriate shoe colors to pair with a mauve dress:

1. White shoes

white color shoe with mauve dress
ISNOM Lace Up Heels Sandals

Because white is a neutral and delicate color, it compliments a mauve dress perfectly. With a white pump, your dress would look more flattering and exciting.

2. Nude heels

nude shoes with mauve dress
DREAM PAIRS Block Chunky Platform 

Nude heels are a perfect blend with a mauve dress, as they are cool and will merge well with your dress. They come in handy and don’t derail the focus from your attire.

3. Red shoes

red color shoe with mauve dress
Shoe Land SL-Cutesy Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Chunky Platform

This is the shoe that everyone will be talking about. A red shoe and a mauve dress are a perfect complement. With your red shoes, you may draw all the attention you desire while remaining confident.

4. Blue heels

blue heel
VETASTE Women’s High Heel Crystal Slingback Pumps

Here is another statement color that will look exceptional with your mauve dress. This shoe color will be different and highlight your dress perfectly, especially if it’s a deep shade of blue.

5. Light purple heels

lilac heels
IDIFU Women’s Candie-MI Peep Toe Low Block Heels

Another excellent suggestion for shoes or sandals is to wear various shades of purple, preferably light shades, with a mauve dress. A modest but top-notch and elegant outfit is created by blending a pair of mauve-colored sandals with a mauve dress.

6. Silver shoes

silver heel
Steve Madden Women’s Gracey Heeled Sandal

Silver shoes are a fantastic match for a mauve dress because they are bold and contemporary. Silver shoes will spice up your appearance while still complementing the colors in your outfit.

A pair of silver heels would be ideal for any occasion where you want to dress up but still keep your outfit casual.

7. Black shoe

black color shoe with mauve dress
LISHAN Women’s Rhinestones Ankle Heels

Everyone understands that black shoes go with everything! So, why not pair your black heels with a mauve dress? It will give you a formal look while also presenting you as a stylish individual.

8. Gold shoes

gold color shoe with mauve dress
Elisabet Tang Women Pointed Toe Pumps

Mauve dresses and gold shoes make the perfect color contrasts, giving the wearer a vibrant and elegant appearance.

 9. Brown shoes

brown heels
Cape Robbin Stitch Sexy Quilted High Heels

Brown shoes are the ideal choice for a mauve dress. You can wear other colors, but because brown is a neutral color, it goes with everything and is the best choice.

Additionally, the earthy tone keeps the mauve color looking cool. That’s why it’s a natural pair with mauve.


Is mauve in fashion?

Yes, it is.

Although for many years, the color mauve has gone in and out of vogue. Nevertheless, it is a delicate shade that can be challenging to wear but is beautiful.

Can you match mauve shoes with a mauve bag?

Yes, you can.

Mauve is a lovely color for handbags and scarves because it adds a touch of femininity and elegance.

Additionally, it works well for blouses, skirts, and dresses. If you plan to wear mauve, consider combining it with other neutral hues like black, white, or gray.

Does rose gold go with mauve?

Yes, it does.

A stunning, understated color like mauve looks wonderful with rose gold. Together, the two hues produce a look that is both sophisticated and distinctive.

Additionally, a piece of jewelry made of rose gold looks fantastic, and mauve makes the ideal accent color.

Is mauve more purple or pink?

Mauve, a pale tint of violet tilting towards red, lies between purple and pink.

The pink color is a result of the lower saturation, which makes the color appear paler and lighter.

Are there different shades of mauve?

Yes, there are.

Mauve is technically not a neutral color, but it does come in a wide range of tones, from darker to lighter.

Many dusty or earthy hues and light mauve color shades can be used as neutral colors. These more subdued mauve hues are perfect for use in interior design.


As a general rule, the best shoes to pair with your mauve dress are neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, or white.

However, other colors, such as gold, silver, red, and blue, are among the many options you can match with your dress.

But whatever shoe color you choose, remember it is always best to avoid looking too flashy with your shoes as that might clash with your dress and ruin the whole outfit.

So next time you are going for mauve, pick any of these colors for shoes, spray on some perfume, touch up your makeup, and you will look fabulous.

Thanks for reading.

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