See 7 Color Of Shoes To Wear With Blue Pants

Blue pants, I believe, are the most reliable item of clothing that one should have. Alongside these pants, you should have an abundance of shoes in different colors you may combine with your blue pants. This way, you wouldn’t be worried about what color of shoes to wear with blue pants.

However, many people are unaware of this, which is why I have compiled this extensive article to provide information on what color shoes to wear with blue pants. Continue reading to learn what shoe colors you may pair with your pants.

What color shoes to wear with blue pants

color shoes blue pants

1. Brown shoes

brown heels

Brown and blue are a timeless combination that can be found in anything from casual streetwear to formal suiting. It’s a particularly strong choice when your suit and shoes have a dramatic contrast in color.

As a result, when choosing shoes to go with your blue pants, remember that brown is the most adaptable and dependable of all colors to match it up with.

2. White shoes

white sneakers

Another traditional combination with blue jeans is white shoes. You can never go wrong with white- whether you’re wearing a dark shade of blue like navy or a lighter one like denim.

White shoes contrast the color of the shoes and the pants, which tends to make both appear more visually stunning.

The good thing about white shoes is that there are limitless options. You can, for instance, pair white sneakers with cotton slacks, corduroy pants, or jeans. This will give you a very distinctive and stylish look.

Also, when worn with blue slacks, a pair of patterned white shoes can give off a high-end couture vibe. Alternately, wearing white shoes with slim-fitting blue slacks and a polo shirt might achieve a country club look.

3. Gray shoes

gray heels

Gray shoes complement blue jeans beautifully because their shades are complementary, much like white. But gray shoes tend to highlight the intensity of the blue because they are less brilliant than white.

The gray color is not a conventional color choice for formal attire, therefore, they will even be suitable for informal and casual settings. There are, nonetheless, gray shoe options that are stylish and current, like when you pair light blue jeans with amazing gray boat shoes.

4. Nude shoes

nude shoe color with blue pants

For a refined chick style, pair your blue pants with a pair of nude shoes. Nude shoes complement your skin tone and keep your clothing from being too bright or too colorful.

Additionally, nude shoes will give your blue pants the desired attention it needs as they will not outshine the outfit, rather, they will blend perfectly with them.

5. Red shoes

red heels

Red shoes are a great choice if you need to pair them with blue pants. Red shoes are a more spotlighted option for the bold and daring.

You have a wide range of possibilities when choosing your shoes because red is a more expressive color choice. For starters, red is available in a vast selection of hues, from bright red to deep red.

Depending on the shade of blue, you might choose pastel red shoes to offer a softer touch or cherry red shoes for a more visually arresting bottom-heavy silhouette.

In either case, you have countless possibilities, as you could also match them with blue chinos, red Oxfords, slim-fitting blue slacks, or your favorite pair of jeans.

6. Black shoes

black shoe color with blue pants

Matching your blue pants with black shoes is a fantastic idea many people aren’t aware of. This is because of the belief that blue and the back aren’t the best to match up as they could look too plain and not classy enough.

This is only because black tends to “absorb” the brightness and vibrancy of neighboring colors, making combinations like flat black shoes and vivid blue jeans appear slightly too dull and out of place.

However, the appearance alters if you buy a pair of polished black shoes. When you combine black shoes that have been polished with bright blue pants, the shine overshadows the blue. Therefore, they are best paired with deep blue slacks.

7. Orange shoes

orange shoe color with blue pants

Pick up a pair of orange shoes to go with your blue pants if you want to get crazy. Being opposite each other on the color wheel, orange and blue are complementary hues.

Because complementary colors enhance each other’s brilliance and produce an arresting appearance, they are frequently used in logos and superhero costumes.

As a result, pairing blue and orange together might look great but requires care. To start, you should match pastel blue and orange footwear for a preppy look or use saturated blue and orange sneakers in an athleisure outfit to avoid looking like a traffic cone or a cheap superhero.


What color shoes go best with blue pants?

Light brown shoes are likely the most typical shoe color to pair with your blue pants.

The wardrobe possibilities with this combo are unlimited, so give it a shot if you want to experiment with your shirt and accessories.

What color of shirt looks good on blue pants?

Light blue pants can be worn with both light and dark-colored shirts. However, it would help if you leaned toward white, navy, black, striped, and other shirt alternatives to go with your light blue slacks.

What’s the best color to wear with blue?

Practically all colors of wear go with blue.

The only issue is that some go best than others. Blue complements practically every other color, including more subdued neutral tones like beige and gray and vivid colors like orange or red, acting in certain situations as neutral.


Everyone, male or female, needs to have a pair of blue pants. When the situation calls for it, wearing blue pants makes it simple to match your ensemble with various shoe colors.

Additionally, using a solid primary color like blue to anchor your ensemble is a fantastic idea because they are highly versatile. For example, unlike certain pant colors, blue looks great with casual and formal clothes and everything in between.

Finally, you can go over to this post again to see the many shoe colors that you may pair with your blue pants if you’ve ever questioned what color shoes go with blue pants.

Thanks for reading.

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