10 Tips That’ll Help Upgrade Your Style Without Buying New Clothes

Is it that time again when you are lost in a sea of clothes and don’t know what to pick? Are you in a fashion slum and think nothing works for you? Need a change of style but your money budget will not allow it? Well, you don’t have to get a new set of clothes just to upgrade your style. You can do that even with the clothes you already have and not need to spend any money on buying new outfits.

There is always a certain moment when you have clarity that you need to switch things up with your style. It might be when you are invited to that party or a new restaurant is opening, an important day is coming up, or even starting a new job.

At that certain moment, it clicks that your closet spans the same patterns and outfits in different colors or you have been stuck in the same style loop for quite some time. When this happens you realize you need to switch things up, but the unfortunate thing is that you cannot afford to change your whole closet because of one reason or the other.

Well, stress no more. You can upgrade your style without having to spend a single cent on new clothes. You might be wondering if this is possible, but believe it, it is. All it takes is seeing things differently and bam! It’s a new look with the same old clothes you’ve had for a while.

Why You Need To Upgrade Without Buying New Clothes

It is economical

The money you get to spend on shopping for new clothes could be used for more important and urgent matters. Not that we’re saying you shouldn’t spend money on clothes but as long as you still have your clothes in good condition, changing how you pair and style your clothes is all it takes. Upgrading your style with old clothes is financially rewarding.

Being a better you

Sometimes people think upgrading your style has to do with changing everything about you. Upgrading your style is about being a better version of yourself without losing your core beliefs.

You can upgrade your style with your old clothes and still feel new. It even feels refreshing because this is how people know you yet they still find something different. You don’t have to break the bank to revamp yourself.

Experiencing something new yet familiar

While upgrading your style, you get to experiment with old things to give you new ones. This activity is exhilarating yet familiar because you get to realize things you didn’t know about your closet, be it clothes or accessories. This also helps you figure a lot about yourself and what you want.

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Tips to Help You Upgrade

Here are 10 tips you can follow to upgrade your closet without buying new clothes:

1. Purge your closet

This is the first step to getting an upgrade. You need to stock up and make an inventory list of what you have. This includes what is old, what is out of size, what you will still wear, and what you will not. Make sure to make neat piles of the stocks. A good thing about purging your closet is that you get to free up some space. There’s a cloth you know wouldn’t leave your closet? Donate it or give it out.

After purging your closet, you know what your options are. You can move on from there.

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2. Experiment with combinations

upgrade style with old clothes

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your combinations. Probably you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. It would be fun to try a shirt on jeans or a t-shirt on a skirt. You are switching the combinations up. Also if you are a conventional person, try mixing and matching patterns for a change.

Pairing floral with stripes is a good combination in trend now. You can have a mini fashion show with your friends to come up with new styles.

Taking a step by combining formal and casual is not bad. It makes you flexible and fun. Also, you can mix seasons too. A boot on a floral dress in the summer makes you look trendy.

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3. Swap with a friend

Having a friend with an elevated sense of style helps at this moment. You can swap a shirt, dress, jacket, or something nice you have been eying in her closet. And who knows, maybe she might have been eyeing something in your closet too.

Swapping helps you save up while you upgrade your style with old clothes at no cost. So put your bargaining skills to the test and raid that friend’s closet.

4. Alter your clothes

We can remain the same sizes for years, but over time our body changes according to our goals. So maybe you lost weight over time; you definitely cannot wear the clothes you used to. So what do you do? Put them deep in your closet thinking you will come back to them.

The clothes might have spent years in your closet without you knowing, but seeing them again you get nostalgic about how good it felt wearing them. You can alter the clothes to your current size and still get to enjoy the same feeling as before.

Also, some of us tend to buy clothes a size too big or too small. No problem. Just have them tailored to your size and you are good to go. The thing about upgrading without spending money is no cloth must be wasted. Everything must have a purpose in your closet.

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5. Dye, dye, and dye some more

Get creative with fabric paints and dye your clothes up. You can dye a fading white t-shirt another color to make it look new. When dying your clothes you want to go from bright to dark. This means you dye a light fabric dark. You can change up your grey fading blue shirt to black or grey. You can also opt for an ombre look, mixing two colors.

Dying your fabrics bring new colors to your closet, making it feel fresh and putting a smile on your face.

6. Use trending accessories

Accessories play an important role in improving your style. You can keep up with trending styles by keeping a complete set of accessories. You could pair that cute dress with an Obi leather belt or go slim and pair it with a chain waist belt. Both belts upgrade the simple dress by miles.

Most times we have trending accessories but don’t know how to pair them up with clothes to give a new look.

7. Renew your clothes

Renewing your clothes can also be done to fading old clothes. You can renew the designs of the clothes. Adding a lapel, a stitch, embroidery, changing sleeves or the length of a dress is all part of renewing your clothes.

Giving your clothes a new look might even make the clothes turn out better than their actual designs. It is all about being creative with what you have.

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8. Get help

You can look up magazines, YouTube videos or ask professionals like stylists or professional shoppers for help if you don’t know what to do. You can get a crowd opinion by gathering your friends and having a closet raid get-together and seek their opinions on how to switch things up.

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9. Get a leg up with shoes

upgrade style

Your footwear is the last thing that completes a style. what you decide to wear will determine if you want to be classy, chic, playful, or relaxed. Rather than pair those sneakers with a top and jeans, go with a stiletto heel to give you a classy look. that way you can wear it to work or a semi-formal outing you have. you can upgrade your style with old clothes if you change how you pair your clothes with shoes.

Shoes have the power of making or breaking your look, so be careful making your choice.

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10. Change your hairstyle to get an edge

This might not feel like much, but a new hairstyle goes a long way in upgrading your look.

Styling your hair in a way that will complement your clothes will make you stand out. If you are going for casual, style your hair in freestyle like a loose bun. If you are going for formal, don’t stick to a tight ponytail or bun. Be creative with your hair. Also, use hair accessories when styling your hair.

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