How Many Inches Do Heels Add To Your Height?

Wearing a variety of footwear is one way many women, more than men, adjust their height. Therefore, it is not unfounded that you will want to know how many inches heels add to your height.

Platform slippers can add up to 10 centimeters to a person’s height, while sneakers and most dress shoes typically add only about half an inch.

Women often don pumps or heels to make themselves look taller. However, other cozier shoe options, such as sandals, shoes, and sneakers, appeal to both men and women, and these shoes will also provide additional height.

As a result, you should continue reading this article to find out how many inches heels add to your height.

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How many inches do heels add to your height?


The average pair of high heels add about 2-3 inches to your height.

This isn’t always applicable to all shoes since different types of shoes can add or deduct height.

How many inches do 6-inch heels add to your height?

They will typically increase your height by 3 to 3.8 inches, though this can change depending on the particular heel style.

How many inches do 5-inch heels add to your height?

Your height will only increase by about 3 inches if your heels are 5 inches tall but don’t have a platform.

How many inches do 4-inch heels add to your height?

If the heels are not platformed, a pair of 4-inch heels will only give you 2.5 inches of height.

Will 3-inch heels add 3 inches to your height?

Yes, it will.

A 3-inch heel will add approximately 2-3 inches, which is comparable to an average heel.

However, keep in mind that the exact altitude it will add varies depending on the shoe or boot. Even so, there may be minor differences between the same make and model.

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Can you use height-increasing insoles to look taller?


Yes, you can.

In addition to wearing shoes with thicker soles, you can also look taller by wearing elevators or height-increasing insoles.

When two or three layers are used beneath the insoles of the shoes, this footwear can add 1.5 to 2 inches in height.

Elevator insoles are made with an elevated rearfoot area, which gives the impression that you are taller. Men, who cannot wear heels like women, are the target market for these height-increasing insoles.

However, you can use elevator insoles in women’s shoes or any other type of footwear if you want to appear taller.

What is the best heel height for walking?

The ideal heel height is one to two inches high.

Every time you walk, a shoe that is too tall will jam your toes and your foot’s ball. Consequently, the shape of the shoe is important if the toe box is pointed or curved because a pair with inordinately sharp points will compress your foot.


How much height do Nike Air Max shoes add?

Because of the substantial airbag, Nike Air Max shoes have thick soles that tend to heighten your posture.

Therefore, between 1 and 1.5 inches is the height limit that Nike Air Max shoes can provide. Occasionally, depending on the specific model, they can increase the size by up to 1.6 inches.

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How much height do western boots add?

Depending on the style and shoe brand, the height of this design can range from 1.5 inches to 3 inches.

These “cowboy” shoes are ideal for finishing a daring look, such as jeans and a biker jacket, as well as regular flannel-inspired outfits.

How much height do dress shoes add?

Like casual sneakers or running shoes, the height of dress shoes is dependent on the thickness of the heel and sole areas.

However, wearing dress shoes generally makes you appear 0.5–1.25 inches taller. In addition, dress shoes with a higher heel and thicker materials will heighten you overall because of their added thickness.

How much height do platform shoes add?

Platform heights can vary greatly, but the norm is between 3 and 10 cm or 1 and 4 inches.

Raised platforms are typically built into the front and back of these types of shoes. As a result, your feet will be higher off the ground than they would be in a regular pair of high heels.

Platform shoes will give you the biggest height boost of any type of footwear.


It’s understandable to want to know how many inches heels will add to your height, especially if you’re under 5 feet tall.

However, you should be aware that the average height gain from shoes is about 2-3 inches. And this is also dependent on the type of footwear.

Some footwear will not serve you well in this regard because they lack an added sole or platform. Consequently, if necessary, you can look for height-increasing insoles.

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