How to Walk in Heels: 13 Tricks For a Beginner’s Strides

It is true what they say about how heels can transform a woman into a supermodel. There are quotes and catchphrases here and there about heels. Here’s one.

“Give a girl the right heels and she can conquer the world”

Marilyn Monroe

I can bet that it’d be difficult to relate with these words if you still wobble in those heels. Instead of feeling like a supermodel or a conqueror, those pointed or flat tips make you cower. If this is how you feel, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

Heels can be blamed, you know? They could make us uncomfortable with the imbalance they come with, the pressure on the feet, the strain on the muscles, changing body posture, and all that. It sure could be tiring and almost discouraging.

But, you love them, right? So, here’s what’s next. I learned a few tricks that helped me get those elegant strides I so much craved. Follow me closely on each trick and you’ll be striding all the way at the end of this post.

How to Walk in Heels

how to walk in heels

1. Get Shoes That Fit

I like to think of this as the primer to getting started with heels. Your shoes have to fit properly. Oversized shoes will not take you there. You should intentionally pick shoes that fit. Rather than getting carried away by trends or beauty, remember those perfect strides.

Also, if your shoes are too tight, you may just be walking on sore feet. What are shoes that fit? First, they are not air-tight. The ball of your feet should settle well in the widest part of the shoes and the shoe length should perfectly fit your longest toe.

In addition, don’t buy the idea of shoe inserts. Instead, use a shoe pad for balance.

2. Take off the Pressure

Breathe. You are not in a rush. Before you get those compliments, you ought to first feel comfortable. So, take off the pressure to get it right in 10 seconds or even one day. Take a deep breath. Square your shoulders and chin up.

Most importantly, prepare your mind to get it wrong at first. Bear in mind that mistakes do not mean you can never learn to walk in heels. This trick is therapeutic and it sets you on your way to learn and ace it.

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3. Start With Small or Low Heels

how to walk in heels

Let me remind you that no one was born with stilettos. So, start with wearing small or low heels. I agree that those 4-6 inches are beautiful and graceful but you’ll agree with me that baby steps are very important for progress. Start this journey with low heels of about 2-3 inches.

Additionally, get block or platform heels that cover your heels or have ankle and toe straps. Boots and wedges are also good options for starters. They make your feet feel secured and guided. They are very good and comfortable for beginners to start with.

4. Walk Heel to Toe

heel to toe illustration

Now that you’ve gotten the right shoes and there’s no more pressure, it’s time to learn how to walk in those heels. The heel-to-toe strategy helps you to get your first balance as you stride along.

Flats require that you go toe first. Heels, on the other hand, are pitched to go heel before the toe. So, you should, first, touch down with your heel; get a balance before your toe joins in. You can practice this rhythm as a tongue twister so you do not forget.

However, there are exceptions to the heel-to-toe trick. When you walk downstairs, go heel and toe together. When you go up the stairs, put the whole of your weight on your toe.

Most importantly, this trick is very efficient when you wear well-fitted shoes. This trick is responsible for the confidence we see in heels pros.

5. Start With Small Steps

Naturally, heels shorten your strides and make you take more steps than usual. So, go with the flow. Start with slow and gentle strides like the queen that you are. Do not try to outdo yourself with long or quick strides.

Remember, you are not in any rush whatsoever neither are you in any competition with anyone. Also, when you feel the need to pause and relax for a while, do so.

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6. Get a Good Posture

A good posture when walking in heels is very important if you will get it right. The old-time “stand upright” chiding has always had its importance. Now, it’s back again. Be very mindful of how you position your body.

Walking in heels requires that the whole of your body is in agreement. A good posture requires that you stand and walk upright with straight legs. Also, this trick does your body a lot of good; it makes you feel lighter and keeps your back straight.

Most importantly, the trick in the trick, imagine a string pulling you upwards from the top of your head. Keep your hips and knees relaxed. Keep your shoulder back. This sounds like some work, yes it is. But with patience, you’ll surely find your rhythm.

7. Lean Back a Little

As mentioned earlier, heels cut short your strides and make you take more steps than usual. So, you do not have to rush it. If you try to walk faster than your shoes, you’ll put only be putting a strain on your neck. This just makes you look funny.

To sum it all up, lean back a little. This trick prevents you from falling forward and helps you to maintain your posture while you walk in those heels.

8. See Yourself Walking in a Straight Line

You’ll agree with me that walking comfortably in heels also incorporates the mind. Of course, you do not want to walk in a zigzag pattern or wobble all the way. The perfect strides start from your mind. Imagine a straight line and follow it.

Heels can sometimes feel heavy on the feet and maybe drag you back or make you sway. What this strategy aims to accomplish is to get you to place each foot rightly and in front of the other. It makes you walk elegantly without wobbling atop the heels.

Also, when you follow a straight line, it helps to take your eyes off the ground and your shoes. It fixes your eyes on your destination instead and graces you with confidence and elegance.

However, you shouldn’t concentrate so much and look stiff. When you take all that you’ve learned outside, feel free to look to the left, the right, and around so you do not bump into people or run into trashcans. Relax and walk in a straight line. That does it.

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9. Put Some Pressure in Your Shoes

As you walk you may feel your heels are slipping off or you’re about to trip. Here’s what to do, use your feet to make an arch in your shoes. This helps your feet to grip your shoes, steady your legs and make the strides easier.

10. Be Sure You Can Carry the Shoes

This is very important but sometimes overlooked when we shop for shoes. The fact that a pair of shoes is your size or it fits well doesn’t always mean you can walk in it. That is to say, a shoe may fit but cause discomfort while walking.

Therefore, after trying on the heels while seated, get up and walk in them. You can walk the length of the store to make sure your feet and the heels will be having a good time together subsequently.

Most importantly, check how the length fits with your longest toe and if the balls of your feet sit well in the widest part of the shoes. This trick helps you to make sure you feel comfortable in your shoes.

11. Try to Walk on Different Surfaces

Before you take those heels out to a party, show them around. Try them on different surfaces starting with a carpet or rug. Move to harder surfaces like a tiled floor, concrete, or wooden floor. You should also try them on the stairs.

These rehearsals help you to get acquainted with walking on different surfaces you’ll someday come across. Also, it scrapes the bottom of your shoes; making them less slippery for smooth surfaces.

Moreover, it helps to break in your heels. This helps to get your feet acquainted with your new shoes, stretching them to fit perfectly.

12. Practice

Practice makes perfect. How well you make those strides depends on how much homework you have been doing. So, pick those heels you laid aside and put these tricks to work.

Walk those heels. Work those calves. Stride across your bedroom and the house. In addition, learn to stand in those heels. When you go to events, you’ll stand to take pictures, say hello, and even make a toast.

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13. Care for Your Feet

If you’ll be wearing heels, you’ll need your feet. Sore or swollen feet and toes can affect the way you walk in your heels. In other words, you need to take good care of your feet. Shower them with TLC.

Treat calluses and corns using an exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin layers. Wash your feet well. Soak them in warm water after a heel-y day to aid proper blood flow.

Also, you can have an indoor massage using a ball on your feet. Roll the ball across your soles and around your feet to break up muscle build-up.

FAQs on How to Wear Heels

1. Which heels are best for beginners?

As a beginner, rather than getting stilettos or heels of 4 inches and above, go for heels with thick soles. For instance, wedges are very comfortable shoes that are as comfortable as flats yet give you the pitch of heels.

Also, if you’d be wearing heels for a long period, wedges are the perfect fit.

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2. How do I break in my heels?

To break in new heels, first, wear socks on your feet and then wear the shoes. Afterward, walk around the house to get them well molded on your feet. The longer you wear them, the better they stretch out.

3. Does walking in heels get easier?

Yes, it does get easier. Walking heels get easier when you learn and practice a lot. Also, we already know that heels put pressure on our feet. So, walking in heels gets better when you do not put more pressure on your feet.

That is to say, if you’ll be out for most of the day, you might want to go with a pair of flats in a small bag. You can switch when your feet and toes get tired. It also helps to relax your feet and stretch your ankles.


Undeniably, heels bring out the diva in you. As it is commonly said, good shoes will take you to good places. Also, a good guide on how to walk in heels will help you stride elegantly into good places.

Instead of thinking of just those beautiful shoes, consider your feet as well. You’ve got just two of them. Remember that you can walk comfortably in heels only with healthy feet. Get the right shoes. Work on your posture and practice your strides.

With these tips, I believe you’re all set to go get those secretly admired heels. Remember, start with low and comfy.

Thanks for reading.

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