How to Get Perfume to Last Longer: Secrets to a Longer-Lasting Fragrance

Ever found out that your favorite perfume stopped smelling just after a few hours? Then this is for you.

Fragrance is a serious part of your everyday life. Whether you wear it to an interview, or out to the town with your friends; it is a part of your identity. So when it fades quickly, well… let’s just say it’s not a good thing.

It is natural to want your perfumes to last longer on your skin. It doesn’t matter if you just want your scent to linger all day in the office, at school, out with friends, or on a date night with that special someone. You have your signature scent, and you want it to be with you all day.

With so many fragrances out there, it can be challenging to find the right scent that is also long-lasting. Luckily for you, I’m here to give you my favorite strategies to ensure your perfumes last as long as you want them to. So regardless of your budget, you smell fresh no matter what.

How to Get Perfume to Last Longer

A beautiful scent is a must for everyone. From work to play, it’s perfect for every occasion. But when the fragrance doesn’t last, it’s isn’t very pleasant. A single spritz can linger for hours or disappear in minutes.

Perfumes tend to evaporate quickly because the alcohol in them evaporates quickly, and water is a natural solvent. However, we will take a look at the best ways to get your perfumes to last longer.

1. Moisturize your skin before applying perfume


Applying lotion before a perfume is a great way to lock in moisture and soften skin. This combination will not only keep your skin from feeling dry and tight, but it will also help make your fragrance last longer and give it more staying power.

The moisturizer creates a barrier between your skin and the air. Thereby, making the fragrance less likely to evaporate as quickly; it also locks in moisture, improving hydration and elasticity while preventing wrinkles.

Moisturizing will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent cracking or chapping, thereby increasing the perfume’s longevity and potency.

2.  Apply perfume on a dry skin

No one likes the smell of old, greasy food. You shouldn’t apply your perfume on wet skin or wet clothes – do it on dry skin.

The trick is to make sure that the area where you put perfume on your skin is dry. This will allow the fragrance to go into the skin and release its scent more effectively.

It’s a common mistake to put on perfume when the skin is still damp. This can affect the quality of the smell. If you plan on wearing perfume all day long, wait for at least 30 minutes after drying off and applying lotion before spraying your perfume.

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How to get perfume to last longer

3. Apply perfume on pulse points

When applying perfume, a good technique is to spray it on your pulse points. These are areas where blood flows close to the surface of your skin, like behind your ears, behind your knees, inside your elbows, besides your neck, and on the inside of your wrists.

Pulse points make your scent last longer because there’s more warm blood flowing through these areas than in other places in your body, which helps release the smell from your perfume.

For perfumes to last, it is vital to apply them on pulse points where your skin is warm. The warmer your skin, the better and longer your fragrance will last.

Apply perfume in these areas during daytime or nighttime according to your mood for a lasting scent.

4. Layer your perfumes

“Layering” means applying two (or more) different scents at the same time, usually one heavy and one light. You can layer fragrance by using a balm, lotion, or body spray over your perfume.

My favorite strategy is using a lighter fragrance and then applying perfume on top of it. I find that this technique works well, and I get many compliments on my signature scent.

Wearing two different perfumes in one day can create an appealing, optimal scent profile. You can match several scents or pick a complimentary fragrance that will linger as the main fragrance fades.

5. Spray your fragrance on hair, clothes, and natural fibers

Spraying perfume on your hair (not the whole hair of course), just a section on top of the head, or using a hair perfume will make your fragrance last longer.

Spray your perfume on hair, clothes, and areas where you think you might have some skin contact that way; the fragrance will stay close to you at least 100% longer.

6. Spray at 5-7 inches away from your skin

Another trick to get perfumes to last all day is to spray them from 5-7 inches away. When spraying, always make sure your elbows are bent and that you apply the fragrance to cover a 9-inch circle on the skin. This will allow the scent to linger and not be overpowered by other smells.

Applying perfumes 5-7 inches away from the body may not seem like a big deal. But, in reality, it can be a game-changer. You’ll find that your scent will last longer.

7. Don’t rub your wrists together after applying perfume

Although this action may seem harmless, trust me, it’s doing your perfumes more harm than good by making them evaporate faster.

When you apply perfumes, don’t rub your wrists together afterward. This breaks the seal in the area of your body where the spray is distributed across, decreasing evaporation and thus longevity.

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how to get perfumes to last longer

8. Buy the right strength of perfume

Before you buy a fragrance, you need to consider the ingredients, the mix of ingredients, and the fragrance level.

The best thing that you can do to make your perfumes smell stronger is to buy the correct strength.

High-quality perfumes have extra ingredients that help them stick around for hours without changing their distinctive smell.

There are many brands of perfume which comes with different amount of scent intensities. To make the fragrance last longer, you should get the right strength of perfume.

9. Store your perfume in a cool, dry place

Keep your perfume away from high temperatures and direct light sources. If it’s too hot, the moisture can affect the alcohol content of the perfume and cause it to evaporate more quickly.

Want your perfume to last all day? Please keep it in a cabinet that is cool and dry. You want to avoid any moisture, heat, and direct light for your scent to last as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

how to make perfume last longer

How often should I use perfume?

The best way to figure out how often you should use perfume is by determining how much of a scent your body can handle.

Some people prefer to apply the perfume every time they go out, while others may use it only for special occasions.

If you’re worried that you might overdo it with your fragrance, start by applying a small amount and then build up from there until you find a balance between smelling great and wanting to be noticed.

Should I store perfume in the bathroom?

No, you shouldn’t. It would be best if you did not store perfume in the bathroom because of the humidity. The moisture can cause the perfume to change and make it smell different.

The humidity of the bathroom tends to react with perfume and cause it to break down.

Alternatively, you could store your perfumes in a cool and dry environment with a low humidity level.

What type of perfume should I buy?

The type of perfume that you purchase is an important decision. It will affect the strength and how long the fragrance will last.

There are five different levels of perfume: parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau fraiche.

The strength of each one affects the concentration of oils in the fragrance, which is what creates a longer-lasting scent.



Perfume is a type of fragrance that we wear to make ourselves smell better to other people or to smell good for ourselves simply.

Different perfumes last different amounts of time on your skin, but it’s not always easy to know how much time you’ll need before needing to reapply the perfume.

However, with these helpful tricks, you can prolong your fragrance and make your perfume last longer.

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