See 12 Kind Of Shoes That Add The Most Height

There is this saying that the right kind of shoes takes you to the right kind of places. So, imagine what happens when you wear the right pair of shoes that adds the most height. You will surely be going to the right places and standing out.

So, the question is, do you want to find out which shoes add the most height? Then, you need to read this article.

Do shoes add to your height?

Yes, they do.

Regular sneakers can add extra 0.5-1.5 inches to your height while most boots can make you look 1-1.75 inches taller.

Although there are exceptions where shoes can add more height. But these are the common ranges of increased height that most boots and shoes will offer.

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What shoes add the most height?

1. Heels


This is without a doubt one of the most popular pairs of shoes that many people, particularly women, consider to be height-enhancing.

When you wear heels, you appear a little taller and it also makes your legs appear longer and more pronounced.

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2. Nike Air Max

This is an iconic, vintage Nike shoe that works well for both fashion and exercise. These shoes give a noticeable 1.5–1.75-inch height increase.

Avoid wearing these with a typical pair of straight blue jeans; tapered clothing works better and they are best worn casually.

3. Chamaripa shoes


These are basketball sports shoes for men that increase height invisibly by 3.74 inches.

There are specifically designed shoes that seem just like conventional sneakers but include an internal platform that gives you a few extra inches of height.

These are a great option if you want to appear taller, and nobody will ever notice the difference.

4. Oliver Cabell – Jabbar High

Oliver Cabell – Jabbar High shoes

The Oliver Cabell high-top shoes feature a fairly typical sole that will increase your height by roughly an inch of height.

These are the ideal shoes to wear with a set of insoles that increase height. Oliver Cabell high-top shoes are produced with Italian calf leather which makes them pliable and easy to wear with any type of insole.

The leather plus the simple look of these shoes, alongside their superb silhouette and style, allow you to wear them both casually and formally. Overall, it is a good option for increasing your height.

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5. Platform shoes


What would life be like in a world without platforms? You just stand out and appear taller than you truly are in these shoes.

Platform shoes have been among the tallest in the world, which is another factor that supports their suitability as height-enhancing shoes.

6. Doc Martens boots

can you wear doc martens in the snow - africanafashion

For many people for many years, Doc Martens boots have been an essential pair of footwear. Its main selling point is its strength and craftsmanship and the other is the additional 2-3 inches of sole it offers.

7. Conzuri cloud runners

Conzuri cloud runners

The Conzuri shoes are very stylish and will increase your height by 2.4 inches. It has an invisible height-lifting look which is why it is a very good spot for men.

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8. Adidas ultra boost

adidas ultra boost

These sneakers are incredibly special because they are one of the softest and coziest shoes.

And if you’re looking for a height-boosting shoe while engaging in athletics like running, sprinting, or jumping or just a casual great-looking shoe that adds a solid 1.5 inches of height, the Adidas ultra boost is a great choice to consider.

9. Calto shoes

Calto shoes

Calto shoes are invisible height-increasing elevator shoes mainly worn by men. They help boost the height a bit and make the wearer look taller.

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10. Nike Air Force 1s

what are nike air force ones made of

If you go outdoors right now, you will see that the average person is wearing an Air Force 1.

These white shoes look fantastic with anything because they are crisp and clean. They offer an amazing benefit of an extremely thick sole that adds 1.25–1.50 inches of height.

11. Air Jordan 4s

To be completely honest, any kind of Air Jordan is a fantastic shoe in terms of both increased style and height.

However, the silhouette and appearance of the Air Jordan 4s are just amazing and they are also stylish.

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12. New Balance 990s

New Balance 990s

The New Balance 990s are comparable to the Air Max mentioned earlier, but with the advantage of being New Balances, which are significantly more comfortable and durable for people with broader feet.

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Is it okay to use insoles for height increment?

Yes, it is okay.

Purchasing some insoles that add an inch or two to your height is a simple way to make any pair of shoes fit you better.

These are commonly referred to as “height-increasing insoles,” and they are most effective with high-top boots or shoes. It is better to avoid wearing them with low-top sneakers altogether.


What shoes make you look taller?

Naturally, wearing shoes with higher heels will make you appear taller.

Wearing footwear that accentuates the top of your foot, such as a heel that ends just above your toes, can help your legs appear longer.

To make your legs appear even longer, you can even choose shoes that are nude in color.

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What boots make you look taller?

When it comes to boots, knee-high or over-the-knee boots are a game-changer and they make you look taller.

They will make your legs appear to be twice longer if they are when worn with a skirt that hits above the knee.

Is morning height your real height?

No, it is not.

The height of a person varies throughout the day. A person is at their tallest when they first wake up in the morning, and then they lose some height as the day goes on. The ideal moment to measure height is not known.

What color of shoes make you taller?

Dark color shoes look best if you want to appear taller.

They blend into the skin and obscure the shift in clothing, giving the wearer a slimmer and taller appearance.

Of course, the best example is black on black but other dark hues like navy, grey, dark brown, or deep green also look great.

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There are many wonderful types of shoes that you can easily get at a footwear store that can help you increase your height just a little bit.

However, if you want to be intentional about adding a bit of height some good options have been described in this article.

Although these options may be on the expensive side at times, one could argue that it is the cost to pay for choosing to be distinct.

You might even forego all of these alternatives in favor of a height-increasing footbed rather than purchasing shoes specifically for that reason.

Thanks for reading.

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