Are New Balance Shoes Good?

New Balance shoes are a good choice for a walk or a hike. They are functional, stretch easily, and are very comfy.

Not only that, but they come in different sizes and are a good fit for those who frequently suffer from foot injuries, such as athletes and joggers.

So, here’s a quick read about New Balance shoes and whether they’re any good. It also explains why folks should or shouldn’t buy New Balance shoes.

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Are New Balance shoes good?

Yes, they are. New Balance sneakers are popular for fitness walkers because of their plush comfort and superior build.

The brand also sells sneakers in various designs that offer additional support for diverse wearers, such as those who have flat feet or high arches.

Furthermore, New Balance sneakers are modern, efficient, and stylish, making them the ideal option for standing in an office or hiking.

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Are New Balance shoes good for standing all day?

Yes, they are. Under the forefoot of New Balance shoes is a robust sole made of blown rubber. The rubber blends in with the midsole rather than act as a protective layer. By doing this, pressure hot spots under the feet are avoided.

The 1080V12 is one of these New Balance products with this plush cushioning, making it a fantastic standing shoe among its peers.

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Are New Balance shoes suitable for walking?

Yes, they are good for walking.

New Balance shoes are popular for fitness walkers because of their plush comfort and superior build.

The footwear brand also offers sneakers in a range of styles that provide extra support for all its wearers.

Are New Balance shoes good for running?

Yes, they are. New Balance has great shoes suitable and excellent for running.

As a result, many of New Balance’s running shoe models are ideal for training and commuting over longer distances, such as the 10K marathon and half-marathon.

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Are New Balance shoes good for working out?

Yes, they are. If you exercise frequently, you will need footwear with flexible forefoot support, which the New Balance brand offers its customers.

Are New Balance shoes suitable for hiking?

Yes, they are. For both men and women, New Balance produces a line of hiking footwear that offers the same lightness and comfort as their popular sneakers but with a more robust design.

In general, waterproof trail hikers from New Balance are excellent for day hikes on well-traveled trails.

Are New Balance shoes suitable for your feet?

Yes, they are. New Balance shoes protect the forefoot, arch, and heel.

They also feature a wide toe box, which is crucial for those who require additional room to prevent pressure and friction on bunions and hammer toes.

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Are New Balance shoes good for flat feet?

Yes, they are. For those with low arches, New Balance is the shoe brand of choice.

For instance, the 1540v3 New Balance sneaker, which has a contoured heel bed and two layers of thick foam for padding and rebound, is one of its best footwear for flat feet.

new balance shoe 1540v3 women
New Balance 1540v3 Women’s
new balance shoe 1540v3 men
New Balance 1540v3 Men’s

Are New Balance shoes good for wide feet?

Yes, and this need is satisfied by the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v12 model.

This running shoe is available in wide sizes and is designed for slightly wider than average feet, giving runners extra toe room. It is also adaptable, light, and flexible to walk around in.

new balance fresh foam 1080v11
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 Women
fresh foam 1080v11 men
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 Men

Are New Balance shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, they are.

When you have plantar fasciitis, the fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) on the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes becomes inflamed, causing excruciating heel pain.

As a result, a majority of foot doctors will recommend that you buy comfortable footwear with excellent arch support.

One such shoe is the New Balance 927. It is perfect for those who experience heel pain brought on by plantar fasciitis. This footwear immensely improves their comfort while walking and standing for extended periods, even on concrete.

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Why should you choose New Balance shoes?

They are incredibly cozy. New Balance is great if you’re looking for footwear that won’t wear down your feet over time.

You can be confident that every time you wear a pair of New Balance shoes, you will be provided comfort and stability, and your feet will remain safeguarded and cushioned.


Is New Balance a great brand?

Yes, it is. According to ratings online from New Balance customers, the brand is said to be amongst the top 1000 global brands.

Even though the brand is less well-known than others, this rank indicates it is a good one that appeals to many people.

Is New Balance the same as Nike?

No, it is not. Nike and New Balance have slight similarities. However, they are not the same.

The similarities you may see are merely the result of their marketing strategies, which occasionally leads one to believe they are similar.

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Should you go up a size in New Balance?

No, you shouldn’t. It is okay to take your regular size because New Balance shoes have a fit true to size.

Contrary to some sneaker brands, New Balance shoes can be worn right out of the box; they do not require you to go up or down in size.

Why does every dad wear New Balance?

New Balance has prioritized comfort above all else. And many dads know what they need. The shoe brand isn’t just fancy but comfortable, unlike other brands that prefer style over functionality.

Also, New Balance runs effective brand management, which has made it identify its key audience as fathers and lovers of comfy sneakers.


If you want a comfortable shoe that comes in various sizes, New Balance is the brand to go with.

This is not to say that New Balance is the best shoe brand out there, but the brand indeed has excellent products that anyone can afford.

They have designed these shoes for everyday use like walking, jogging, hiking, workouts, and other activities that have distinguished the brand from the competition. Therefore, New Balance is a great brand to buy if you want something relaxing.

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