Are Converse Shoes Good For Walking Long Distances?

A specific word that goes with Converse is its durability. This feature makes them a go-to choice for the average sneaker wearer. However, what comes to mind before buying is the question, is Converse good for walking?

While Converse lasts a very long time and fits with almost any occasion (except for a black tie, but you can make the look work too), it can be put to test when it packs up on mileage.

The answer to the earlier question of Converse being good for walking is not so straightforward. There are both pros and cons to it.

If you are the active type and love wearing Converse shoes, then you need to read on to know if your Converse shoes are good for walking.

Are Converse shoes good for walking?

The answer to this is double-edged. Yes, you can walk in Converse shoes but not for long distances. You can wear Converse for the occasional sprint if you are in a rush, but not for long distances.

The reason is due to the make and features of the Converse design. This reason also applies to wearing them for a long stretch at a single time. You can wear your converse for normal outwear but not if you are walking for miles or kilometers.

So if you know you will be on your feet for most of the day, it’s best to put your Converse back in the rack.

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Are Converse good for walking long distances?

This is definitely a no. You should not walk long distances in your Converse. If you are active or will be active for a particular day, do not walk in your converse shoes.

They are not suitable for long walks for the following reasons:

1. No arch support

Converse shoes do not have arch support. This may lead to heel pain, or worse, swollen heels. If you wear your Converse for too long and put pressure on it, it could lead to pain in your heels.

With its flat soles, it makes it comfortable for the arch of the feet to be stress-free. It also adds pressure to the toes and heels, making walking painful.

2. No comfortable insoles

Although the Converse Chuck Taylor II has the Lunarlon technology, it still does not offer the comfortable insoles as a running shoe would. This light cushioning proves to be a problem for long walks because it makes the feet uncomfortable and in pain.

3. Not breathable

One thing your feet need is to breathe. Converse shoes are tight and stiff. This feature makes it them hard to breathe. It also creates a lack of flexibility for walking, and over time, the discomfort builds at the feet, which can cause leg and back pain.

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4. Do not have shock absorption

Converse are known to be stiff and unbending. They also do not offer good shock absorption for sudden jumps or foot movements. This reactive movement could affect your feet later on.

Are Converse good for casual walking?

Yes, they are. Converse are good for short casual walks. As long as you do not have plans to stress your feet, you can wear your Converse shoes. And by the time the discomfort from lack of arch support kicks in, you are probably resting your feet again.

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Are Converse shoes good for hiking?

It’s best not to use them. While the Converse brand has the Hike and Run Star models, looking good for hiking, it’s best not to wear them for deep and rough terrain hikes.

Moreover, the shoe is quite heavy, and it could weigh your leg down while walking the rough and slippery terrain. To avoid hurting your feet, it’s best not to hike in Converse shoes.

Are Converse Platforms good for walking?

Even with the bit of heel, the Converse Platform shoes are only good for walking short distances. Walking on your platforms could hurt your feet.

Moreover, they are much heavier than Chuck 70s because they have more rubber soles as heels. This would make lifting them harder with increased steps. Therefore, you cannot walk long distances or stand too much on your Converse.

Furthermore, you cannot run or exercise on Converse Platforms. They are best for casual walking alone.

Are Converse Run Hike shoes good for walking?

While the shoe design is good and sturdy, it does not help when walking long distances. However, you can walk short distances with Converse Run Hike shoes.

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Why should you wear Converse shoes?

If you think Converse is not for you due to not being able to walk in them much, you can still wear them for other reasons.

1. They are durable. The shoes are very durable and long-lasting.

2. They are cheap. Converse shoes are on the cheap side. They run from less than $100 to over $200 based on the style. The classic Chuck 70s is one of the cheapest.

3. They are versatile. You can wear Converse on anything. It improves your look and gives you a kind of edgy look. Also, you can use vibrant colors to create a mood with your style.

4. Good for lifting. You can wear converse shoes to lift and for any cardio workouts. They provide balance with their flat soles.

As long as you do not need to move your feet successively, you can use them to exercise. This includes squatting, pushing weights, cross-training, and deadlifting.

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How to make Converse comfortable for walking

If you have to wear Converse for walking, you should take precautions or active steps to prevent aches and sores on your feet. You can start by doing the following:

  • Break your shoes in before going for distance walks. Make sure to wear seasoned Converse than new or relatively new Converse. The broken in they are, the more comfortable the shoes will be.
  • Wear socks to protect your feet. This prevents blisters and sores from appearing on your feet.
  • Wash them to make them softer. You can wash your Converse to make the canvas material softer, more comfortable, and easy to wear.
  • Add padded insoles to it. Converse shoes may have light and uncomfortable insoles, but you can solve this problem by adding padded insoles to the shoe. This helps your feet stay firm.
  • Don’t wear it too tightly. It shouldn’t be so lose it comes off easily, but just enough to keep your feet airy.

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Are converse bad for your feet?

This depends. While Converse does provide low heel and arch support that can cause pain after wearing for a long time, they do feel comfortable for a flat sole shoe.

Meanwhile, the wide box makes it easy for your toes to wiggle and be free. Therefore, how you wear the shoe will determine if it is good or bad for your feet.

Are Converse shoes comfortable to walk in?

Yes, they are. Converse are comfortable to the feet after breaking them in. Although, you might not be able to run or walk long distances. They are comfortable shoes to wear, especially for minimal activities.

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Can you run in Converse?

No, you can’t. It’s best not to run in your Converse because of the thin cushion pads and little arch support it provides. You can make short unplanned sprints but avoid running long distances with your shoes.

Can you bike with Converse?

Yes, you can. You can wear your Converse shoes for casual biking or cycling. A good trip around the park or neighborhood is pleasant in your Converse shoes. But do not use it for professional cycling; wear cycling shoes.  


You can walk in your converse shoes, but not for active or long distances. This shouldn’t dissuade you from wearing versatile shoes. They are aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they are comfortable.

If you do need the shoes for long distances, you can take precautions like wearing socks, do not tie the laces too tight, and wash them to soften them up.

Nonetheless, you should avoid wearing your shoes when you are going on a trek or hike, wear the right shoes. And if you are going on a fun outing (no matter your choice of style) top it off with a Converse to look edgy.

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