High Top vs Low Top Converse: Is There A Difference?

If you are getting a new Chuck Taylor, you know you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing high top vs low top Converse shoes.

The sneakers are one of a kind with their sleek designs and lines that offer different options. There are the Chuck 70s, Platform, Leather Ox, Run Star, El Distrito, and Slip-on. Let’s not forget the colors and patterns.

While picking a color is one thing, the ultimate is what model style. And Converse Chuck Taylors (especially Class Chuck 70) make it hard to choose between the two models.

So, what’s better, high top vs low top Converse? Which should you for in your next buy? Let’s figure it out together by weighing these two shoe models.

What are Converse shoes?

Converse shoes are a brand of shoes under the multinational label Nike (Nike bought the company in 2003). They have been in existence for over a century but didn’t make a wave with their iconic shoes until 1932 when Chuck Taylor All-Star became a household name.

The shoe was made as a basketball shoe, but it didn’t quite fit the sport due to its flat soles.

The shoe is a rubber and canvas material based on most designs. The shoes apply a simple design of a wide rubber front that extends to the soles, and then the lightweight canvas acts as the cover and tongue and a long lace at the front.

The shoe is known for its flat stable soles. This feature makes the shoe a comfortable fit. Also, it uses visible stitches around the outsoles and runs along the shoes. The classic shoe is known to fit any style of dressing, from the simple t-shirt and jeans to suits too.

Moreover, it’s one of the classic shoes to run cheaper with a lot of versatility. Additionally, the bold colors and vibrant patterns set the sneaker apart from other brands.

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Converse high top

The converse high top actually came first in design. The sneaker shaped my love for ankle shoes. High tops are Converse types with a collar that runs over the ankle. The sneaker also has eight pairs of lace holes, which makes it fit tightly around the ankles.

The converse high top also helps cushion your feet properly- for those who have slippery feet. Asides from this, the high top model has the star patch logo with Chuck Taylor’s signature.

Converse low top

Converse low tops, on the other hand, have even pairs of lace holes and rest just below the ankle. There isn’t much difference as it shows the design. However, the low tops do not have the recognized star patch logo.

Regardless, the shoe is much more comfortable to wear and does not fit tightly, which is a major characteristic of sneakers.

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High top vs low top Converse, which is better?

When comparing the two Converse types, you need to consider several factors that come into play. These factors affect your choice of Converse.

1. Aesthetics

This is essential when picking a shoe to wear. The aesthetic has to match your taste. For that, you might prefer the high tops because the design and high collar make them more appealing than the low tops.

Furthermore, high tops make your feet look slim when it tightly snug on your feet.

2. Comfort

Both types offer comfort to your feet, but the Converse low tops are more comfortable. Also, they both have the new Lunarlon technology to make it comfortable.

Nonetheless, people go for the low top for ease and freer comfort it provides the ankles and feet.

3. Durability

They are both the same with this. However, the low tops are slightly more durable than the high tops. The high tops do have a durable feel but become thinner at the collars faster than other parts of the sneakers.

4. Balance

They have the same balance effect with high and low tops. Nevertheless, for shock (jumping suddenly), the low tops are better balanced because they do not restrict the ankle.

Meanwhile, the high tops might be more restrictive, but this can be a plus because it positions the feet.

The rubber sole helps to keep the shoe balanced, and the cushion technology makes the impact less forceful.

5. Versatility

Both have a versatility that can play with any fashion style in mind. When it comes to versatility, how you want to wear the shoes are based on personal preference.

I love high tops because I wear a lot of ankle or cropped trousers and jeans. Not to mean I do not wear long pants, but I love the feel of something more underneath the hems.

However, if you prefer casual fitting and love a sock look, then the low tops are your choice.

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High top vs low top Converse for lifting

It’s a known thing that weightlifters like to wear Chuck Taylor. There must be something driving this need. That’s because it is the ideal shoe for ankle support. The flat sole offers balance and firms the feet to the ground when deadlifting.

When it comes to the choice of which to wear between a high top and low top converse, there isn’t much to pick from. However, you can choose either one based on your preference. Both offer the exact balance for the feet.

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High top vs low top Converse fitting

This is also based on preference. You can pick high tops if you want something aesthetically pleasing. It fits any style you choose, and it doesn’t play down your formal wear. However, they have an edgy play with them.

Similarly, low tops give the same fit that high tops do. They also make you look demure and toned down because they are not high-collar.

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Does Converse high top hurt your ankles?

No, it doesn’t. You can’t hurt your ankle with Converse high tops. The canvas fabric is soft and padded. However, you can feel uncomfortable if the laces are too tight, which makes it less breathable.

Are Converse shoes worth it?

Yes, they are. Converse shoes are worth it because they are cheap, durable, and long-lasting. They are one of the most versatile pairs of sneakers you can own. Moreover, they go with anything from t-shirts to suits and blazers.

Can you style high top and low top Converse the same way?

No, you can’t. While both go with anything, you have to style them based on their features.

Does Converse Chuck Taylor have arch support?

It has minimal arch support because of its flat sole. Although the Lunarlon technology does provide comfort, it is not as sturdy as trainers or exercise sneakers.

Is converse good for running?

It is not good for running long distances. You can run sprints once in a while if you are in a rush, but you can’t run constantly on your Converse.

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In high top vs low top Converse shoe battle, one doesn’t come out top more than the other. However, their uses and your preferences make getting one over the other.

If you love aesthetics and the fit form, then the Converse high tops are your choice of sneakers. Meanwhile, if you love a comfortable and casual look, the low tops suit you better.

Besides, both are versatile, and styling is what is most important when wearing your Converse shoes. If you get your styling right, you won’t need to question which is better between high top and low top Converse shoes.

Thanks for reading.

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