What Is The Most Common Shoe Size Around The World?

There is no official data on the most common shoe size worldwide. To answer this question, I will use available data to draw inferences.

Since most shoe stores sell best-selling shoe sizes, it’s safe to assume we can use data from a known shoe store to find out the most popular shoe sizes.

This article answers some common questions, such as what is the most common shoe size around the world, and is there a difference in shoe sizes between countries?

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What is the most common shoe size around the world?

Globally, the average adult shoe size is thought to be between a US size 7 and size 8.

What is the most common shoe size in the US?

In the US, sizes 8 to 11 are the most popular shoe sizes for adult men, with size 10 being the standard.

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What is the most common shoe size in the UK?

Compared to 40 years ago, the typical male now wears a UK size 10 shoe, while size 6 is a more common footwear size for women.

What is the most common shoe size in Canada?

For Canadian women, the most common standard footwear size is 6.5. For men in Canada, the usual shoe size is 10.

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What is the most common shoe size in Australia?

Australian shoe sizes are equivalent to American sizes, so you should find that the fit is the same if you buy shoes from a US-based seller.

However, you would go down two sizes if you purchase from a UK-based retailer. In the UK, you would be a size 5 if you are a size 7 in Australia.

What is the most common shoe size in India?

In India, shoes are sized by manufacturers using the English system, with charts showing the corresponding European and American sizes.

According to this British system, the typical Indian woman’s most common shoe sizes are 4 to 6, while the typical Indian man’s regular size falls between sizes 5 and 11.

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What is the most common average shoe size in Europe?

Based on the European footwear scale, Europe’s most common footwear size ranges from size 43 to size 46.

When compared to the US scale, this corresponds to sizes 9 to 12. This proves that the classic shoe size in the United States and the standard shoe size in Europe are quite similar but with different numbering systems.

What is the most common shoe size in China?

In China, the typical shoe size for men is 8, while women in China wear size 5.5 shoes on average.

What is the most common shoe size in South Korea?

In general, the most popular shoe sizes in Korea range from 220 to 270 mm, or 5 to 10, in standard US measurements for women and from 250 to 295 mm or 7.5 to 12 for men.

What is the most common size for resale?

In shoe sales, larger sizes do not always bring in more money, while smaller sizes do.

As a result, sizes 16 and 4.5 men’s sneakers carry the highest average resale value, selling twice their retail price. Women’s sneakers in sizes 10.5 and 11.5 cost half times as much.

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Can you tell height by shoe size?

No, you can’t.

That’s because it is impossible to determine an adult’s accurate final height with shoe size. However, there may be a slight correlation even though shoe size is a poor indicator of final height.

What is the most common shoe color in the world?

Black is the most popular shoe color worn around the world.

That’s because black can be matched with practically every other color, making it less challenging to coordinate with different colors. Also, white, gold, silver, and burgundy can be paired with essentially any clothing, much like black.

What size shoe does a girl wear in boys?

There is no gender-specific footwear size for young boys and girls; therefore, boys and girls use the same shoe system, unlike women’s and men’s sizes, which are very different.

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What is the most popular shoe brand worldwide?

Nike is the world’s biggest and most popular shoe company in the world with $44.538 billion in revenue and over 75,000 staff.


We are all unique individuals with varying heights, weights, and personal traits. Despite this, some shoe sizes are most common worldwide and across genders.

In different countries, however, these sizes have varying numbering contrasts in each system. As a result, the most common shoe size number in the US may not be the same as in the UK or other European countries. However, they are within range.

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