What Does M & W Mean In Shoe Size? [Find Out]

When you see the letters m and w on your shoes, know that they say something about the shoe size. M and W are letters shoe brands use to describe shoe width.

Shoe abbreviations can confuse you. While some abbreviations are peculiar to brands, others are generic. For instance, M and W are generic abbreviations that connote shoe size in terms of width.

Shoe lengths are quite easier to identify but knowing the length of your feet alone does not suffice to help you pick shoes that fit perfectly.

Ahead, this article explains what these two letters mean in shoe sizes and how you can determine which one will be a perfect fit for you.

What does M mean in shoe size?

M means medium width in shoe size. It is the typical or regular shoe width. In some shoes, based on the gender the shoes are made for, medium width may be indicated as B(M) for women and D(M) for men.

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What does W mean in shoe size?

W indicates wide width in shoe size. Shoes marked ‘W’ are meant for people with wide feet.

A common mistake such people make is buying longer shoe sizes hoping to get a perfect fit. However, you need shoes of wide width if you have wide feet.

Shoe WidthMeaning
BMedium (Women)
DMedium (Men)

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What is the difference between M and W in shoe size?

The difference between M and W shoe sizes is ¼  inch. Wide-width shoes are wider than m shoes. These shoes are bigger around the toes and are breathable for your feet.

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Does W mean big shoes?

W doesn’t necessarily mean that the shoes are big. Not every shoe of wide width is a big shoe because it may not be a long shoe.

What does N mean in shoe size?

N indicates narrow width in shoes.

What does B mean in shoe size?

B represents medium width for women’s shoe sizes. It usually signifies a regular width. However, if you find B in men’s shoes, it indicates narrow-width shoes.

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M and W signify medium and wide width in shoe size respectively. M means medium width in shoe size, while W means wide width. Moreover, you should know that you may not always see the m sign in shoes with a medium width.

Also, some brands use letters like B and D or B(M) and D(M) to separate women’s and men’s medium shoe width respectively. Wide-width (W) shoes, on the other hand, will always have the lettering.

In summary, buying a longer shoe will not always be the solution. To get shoes that fit perfectly, consider the length and width of your feet.

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