Jordan 1 Mid vs High: Differences You Should Know Before Buying

Air Jordan 1 is in a class of its own. Picking the basketball sneakers among others is a no-brainer for some sneakerheads. But when it comes to Air Jordan 1 Mid vs High, it gets tricky.

If you love the Jordan brand, you know the history and love the Air Jordan 1s have got since they hit the shelves in the 80s. They are sleek and classy, with a range of colors in their colorways that makes a rainbow jealous.

However, Air Jordan 1 has variants: the Air Jordan 1 Low, Air Jordan 1 Mid, and Air Jordan 1 High. These two often come up when you want to pick a new set. So, which should you go for? Are Jordan Mid and High different? Does it even matter?

This and more you will find out after reading this article.

What are Air Jordan 1s?

Air Jordan 1 is the first Air Jordan to launch in 1985. Hall of Fame basketballer Michael Jordan wore the first pair in 1984, which started the long-standing collaboration between the basketballer and Nike brand.

The shoe features Nike Air technology (which is why it has the Air in its name) known for being comfortable and offering cushioning for the soles.

Furthermore, it has different colorways, including the popular Chicago, Black Toe, Royal, Shadow, Metallic, Stealth, and Stage Haze among others.

The sneaker also has the Nike Swoosh and Jordan Wings logos. The Jumpman logo was not featured in the Air Jordan until later when in the tongue of other releases and rereleases in subsequent years.

There are over 20 types of Air Jordan, but the Air Jordan 1 stands out, which makes rerelease of retro originals. Having revolutionized athletic footwear, the Air Jordan sneakers are always at the top when it comes to new releases and styles.

Air Jordan High

jordan 1 mid vs high

First to hit the feet of Michael Jordan and the market in 1985, the Jordan 1 High comes with a lot of history and love. The basketball sneaker comes with the Nike Swoosh logo with AIR written underneath it.

The sneaker has the Jordan wings logo on the sign visible. The sneaker became an instant hit with its wide colorways. Its main feature is its taller height, which is above the ankles.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

jordan 1 mid vs high

The Mid Jordan 1 came much after the Jordan 1 High. Released in 2001, Jordan 1 Mid received mixed reviews, with people loving and hating it. However, no one can deny the pull of basketball sneakers.

The sneaker’s height is shorter, stopping at the ankle. Also, it has the Jumpman logo and Air written below it on the tongue, making it different from the Air Jordan 1 High.

Moreover, it comes in the same colorways the OG High comes in, which makes them similar and almost alike.

Air Jordan 1 Mid vs High difference

The two variations are different even though they look quite similar. The Mid is lower in height than the High. The Mid Jordan stops just at the ankle, while the High stops above the ankle.

Furthermore, the Jordan 1 High has nine lace holes, while the Mid has eight lace holes.

There is also a difference in the logo. The High OG has the Nike Air logo with the Swoosh placed on the tongue. The Mid, on the other hand, has the Jumpman silhouette logo with Air under it.

Also, the Nike Swoosh on the side is placed in different places. It is closer to the lace for High and closer to the midsole for the Mid. However, they both have the Air Jordan Wings logo on the collar.

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Jordan 1 Mid vs High price

For the price, the High Jordan 1 shoes are more expensive than the Mid. The Jordan 1 Mid was released as an alternative to cater to the lesser market. This does not affect the quality. However, the Jordan 1 High has a higher quality (naturally).

Jordan 1 Mid vs High fit

They both fit snugly on their feet. However, the High has a tighter collar hold on the ankles, making it more restrictive than the Mid.

People look to the Mid for less restrictive ankle movements. Furthermore, it provides more comfort to the feet than Jordan High does. Michael Jordan also prefers the Mid for being less constricting at the collar, making movement more flexible.

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Jordan 1 Mid vs High colorway

Jordan 1 High has more aesthetically pleasing colorways than the Mid sneakers. There are generally accepted colorways for both, the Bred, Chicago, and Royal Blue. However, the High has more appealing colorways thanks to its long-standing years it has.

Jordan 1 Mid vs High popularity

The High Jordan 1s are more popular than the Mid. This is actually due to influence because fans got to see Michael Jordan wear the high sneakers more. By the time the Mid shoes were released he was close to retirement.

Also, the celebrity influence High got gave it a boost over the Mid. And the reselling value of High is more than Mid. That’s why the Jordan 1 High is more popular than the Mid.

Jordan 1 High vs Mid vs Low

The Jordan 1 high tops have a taller collar height than the rest. The mid-tops come next at the ankles, while the Low is below the ankles.

The pricing also differs, with the high tops starting as the most expensive, then the mid tops and low tops following, respectively.

However, the High Jordan 1 does not have the Jumpman logo on the tongue like the Mid and Low Jordan shoes.

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Which is better, Jordan 1 High or Mid?

This is based on your preference. The High and Mid Jordan are both aesthetically pleasing. However, the one you get depends on varying factors like pricing, fit, colorway options, and your taste.

They are both worth their buy, so you won’t regret whichever you pick.

Jordan 1 Mid vs High vs Nike Dunk

The Jordan 1 High and High Dunk look closely alike, which is why people often mix them up for the other. Nevertheless, they are different.

The Nike Dunk came out around the same time as Jordan 1 High; however, they were not as popular.

The main difference between the Nike Dunk and Jordan 1s is the logos. The Dunks do not have the Jumpman and Air Jordan wings.

Furthermore, the Dunk is higher than the Mid but not as high as the Jordan 1 High. For pricing, Jordan 1 variants are more expensive than the Nike Dunk. The design and colorways are slightly different.

Additionally, the Nike Swoosh has the same color as the primary or base color for the Dunks compared to Jordan sneakers. Then the comfort Air padding the Jordan sneakers are known for is absent in Nike Dunks.

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What is Jordan 1 “banned” colorway?

The Bred colorway is also known as the Jordan 1 banned. Due to the colorways of red and black (prohibited sneaker colors on the basketball court), the first Jordan 1 became banned on the court.

That’s why they call the OG colorway banned. Although, it goes by Bred now.

What Jordan has a high resale value?

The Jordan 1 Highs have the highest resale value due to their popularity.

Does Michael Jordan own Air Jordan?

No, he doesn’t. The basketball star does not own the Air Jordan brand. The sneaker and brand are owned by Nike.

Is Air Jordan 1 comfortable?

Yes, it is. The sneaker is known for having a wide fit, making room for the toes to breathe. This is a reason why it’s a favorite among sneaker lovers.

Does Air Jordan 1 run true to size?

Yes, it does. Jordan 1s run true to size. They follow the Nike sizing, which means they fit perfectly with the size ordered.


Jordan 1 High and Mid are variations of the widely popular sneakers. However, they are slightly different while maintaining some general characteristics.

Asides from the general features in designs, the High and Mid differ in price, fit, some colorways, and popularity and acceptance. Nonetheless, when you want to buy a Jordan 1, go for which appeals to you and your style the most.  

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