What Is GS In Jordans? Meaning, Sizing & Types

Ever wondered what the GS abbreviation on Jordans means? I bet you have. But you shouldn’t feel terrible.

No one started as a sneakerhead. So, it’s okay if you don’t know so much beyond your shoe size. When you go shopping for sneakers for yourself or the kids, one of the things that will puzzle you is the abbreviations the shoes carry.

Jordans are one of the most common shoe brands and you’ll agree that they are about every kid’s favorite. The brand has successfully passed the message across to its target market. However, that’s by the way, let’s get into the main deal already.

What does GS mean in Jordans?

GS in Jordans represents a sizing acronym for Grade School shoes. The Jordan brand, under Nike shoes, created this shoe size to create shoes for people with smaller feet. GS Jordans are thinner and slimmer than the regular pair.

However, unlike what you may begin to think, GS shoes are not meant for only school uniforms. They are sneakers you can wear almost anywhere sneaker-worthy.

Although the shoe size was first launched by Nike, other brands like Puma and Adidas now have GS shoes. However, these shoe sizes are particular to just sneakers.

Furthermore, GS shoes have expanded into two subcategories which include BGS (Boys Grade School) and GGS (Girls Grade School). As the names imply, BGS was designed for boys while GGS was designed for girls.

However, that is not all there is to the subcategories. BGS shoes are quite bigger than GGS shoes. But because sneakers are not restricted to one gender, girls and women can also wear BGS shoes if they fit better than the GGS.

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What size is GS in Jordans?

Generally, GS Jordans’ size ranges from 3.5Y to 7Y. To determine your kid’s GS size, the first thing to do is to measure the length of their foot. Afterward, you can use the chart below to determine their GS size.

However, when you go shopping, you should have them try on the shoes to be sure they fit perfectly before you take them home.

Besides the length of their feet, the width, arch height, and instep size are other determining factors you should consider.

Figure: GS size chart

Are GS Jordans meant for kids?

white gs jordans - africana fashion

GS Jordans category includes a range of shoes with the typical kids’ size. However, they are bigger shoes for kids with bigger feet. They are commonly worn by kids who wear shoes bigger than size 3. 

Moreover, the structure of the shoes perfectly fits kids’ foot development. GS Jordans have a built-in air sole around the heel to steady kids and keep them comfortable while they walk.

They are also made with soft, high-quality leather that laces up around the ankle to provide support. In summary, GS Jordans are designed to allow kids to enjoy their freedom while they sport stylish shoes.

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Can adults wear GS shoe sizes?

Yes, they can.

The GS Jordans category also caters to the demands of adults – both males and females – who have smaller feet.

If you want to wear GS Jordans as an adult, you should go for a size that is 1.5 less than your regular adult Jordans size. For instance, if your regular adult Jordans size is 7, you’ll wear a 5.5 size for GS Jordans.

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What is the difference between GS and regular Jordans?

GS Jordans are thinner and slimmer than regular Jordans.

Moreover, the GS category typifies the average kid’s shoe size. However, as mentioned earlier in the article, adults can also wear GS Jordans if they have smaller feet.

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Do all shoes have GS?


GS shoes are common with sneaker brands. They are very different from the sizing of regular and formal shoes.

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What is GS shoe size to women’s shoe size?

The GS shoe size is 1.5 less than the regular women’s shoe size. That is, if you wear size 6 for regular women’s shoes, you’re GS Jordans size will be 4.5.

Does GS mean a youth size?

Yes, it does. GS also refers to Youth Sizing with a ‘Y’ symbol. Youth sizes range from 3.5Y to 7Y.

What does GS mean on StockX?

GS means grade school on StockX. It classifies sizes of shoes made for children above the age of 6.


I believe shopping for Jordans is about to get easier than you thought. GS means Grade School and by the sizes, you can deduce that they are small and largely designed for kids.

However, some adults can comfortably wear a pair of GS Jordans if they have small feet. GS signifies the biggest kids’ Jordan size, so it can perfectly fit adults with small feet.

Remember that it falls within kids’ sizes 3 to 8. If you want to get a pair of GS Jordans as an adult, all you need to do is reduce your regular adult Jordans size by 1.5.

Good luck with your Jordans shopping.

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