What Does GS, OG, GG, BG, OVO, PRM, and HC Mean In The Jordans Model Abbreviations?

The Jordans’ model abbreviations sure can confuse you. And you have to know a lot of them for the love of Jordans and to assist your shopping experience. Some of the Jordans’ model abbreviations include GS, OG, GG, BG, OVO, PRM, HC, and PS.

Jordans are lovely shoes and somehow this brand has carefully and completely amassed a cult-like following all over the world. Kids, teens, and adults love them.

If you’re one of those who can’t take their eyes off anything that has to do with Jordans, you should read this article.

What do the GS, OG, GG, BG, OVO, PRM, and HC Jordans model abbreviations mean? How do you differentiate one Jordan from the other? Continue reading to find out.

What is GS in the Jordans model abbreviations?

GS means Grade School. The shoes in this category are designed to cater to kids. But some adults may find them suitable, especially if they have smaller feet. 

Furthermore, the GS acronym completely separates adult Jordans from kids’ Jordans. Grade School Jordans are slimmer and thinner than adult Jordans.

What is OG in the Jordans model abbreviations?

OG stands for Original Release. It refers to the first original release of a particular shoe design. Moreover, an OG also represents the first colorways released for a particular shoe line.

The colorways of a sneaker refer to the arrangement of the colors on it. So, an OG Jordans will have different colorways from that of the later releases of the same shoe line.

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What is GG in the Jordans model abbreviations?

GG Jordans is a subcategory of GS Jordans which specifies that a particular GS design was made for Grade School girls.

Oftentimes, this category of Jordans targets grade school girls within a particular age range.

Moreover, the structure and features like colors and designs make it quite easy to identify these shoes. The designers pick the colors in such a way that the shoes attract their target market.

What is BG in the Jordans model abbreviations?

Just like GG Jordans, BG Jordans are GS shoes for Grade School boys within a certain age range.

Also, their designs – structure and colorways – will surely catch the eyes of grade school boys.

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What is OVO in the Jordans model abbreviations?

The acronym, OVO, stands for October Very Own. The shoes are a result of a collaboration with Drake’s record label and clothing line – OVO.

In addition, the OVO category features an all-white and all-black Air Jordan 10 and Air Jordan 12.

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What is PRM in the Jordans model abbreviations?

PRM in Jordans’ model abbreviations represents premium shoes. In this category of Jordans, the shoes are made with very high-quality materials.

In addition, they do not come in the bright colors that are common with Jordans. PRM Jordans are either black, olive, grey or tan.

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What is HC in the Jordans model abbreviations?

HC Jordans are Hard Court shoes. They are made from very durable materials because of their purpose.

Furthermore, people who wear HC Jordans are aware that they need shoes that can withstand hard surfaces which will cause wear and tear on any other model.

What is SP in the Jordans model abbreviations?

SP in Jordans’ model abbreviations represents Special Project.

The shoes are made with premium materials from NikeLab. Sometimes, they are the result of a collaboration or a design that marks a celebration.

For instance, the Jordan x Union collaboration that led to the release of Air Jordan 4 Retro SP sneakers. The shoes were designed to mark Union’s 30th anniversary.

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What does SE mean in Jordans?

SE Jordans are Special Release designs. They are designed and launched to celebrate special events.

SE shoes illustrate the relevance of the celebration and it’s obvious that people who wear them esteem the events and shoes highly.

What does Bred mean in Jordans?

Bred is a term that describes “black and red” Jordans from the Air Nike Jordan shoe line. As the name implies, the shoes are truly black and red.

What does PS mean in Jordans?

PS means preschool in Jordans. PS Jordans are smaller than GS and are for kids between the ages of 3 and 5.

Are Nike shoes the same as Jordans?

No, they are not.

Nike is the mother brand of Jordans. Nike specializes in sport’s shoes, clothing, and equipment. Jordans, on the other hand, make just sneakers. Read more about the differences between Nike and Jordan here.


No one got a handbook of Jordans terms when they got their pair of shoes. Whoever you think knows so much about sneakers, started confused too. But, you’re also past that stage now.

Generally, the model abbreviations in Jordans separate the shoes into categories. It could be based on sizes, the materials used for production, durability, or a special release.

However, knowing the Jordans’ model abbreviations can help you decide on whether what you want to buy is a GS, OG, GG, BG, OVO, PRM, HC, or PS. You can also think of it as a cool way of showing your loyalty to your favorite sneaker brand.

Thanks for reading.

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