Are Converse Shoes Good for Running or Just for Fashion?

If you are into sneakers, then you’ll definitely have a pair of Converse in your shoe closet. Activewear is one of athleisure’s go-to statements. But when you gotta run, is a Converse good for running?

As with most sneakers or lace-up shoes, Converse is good for running, but not the same way you have your running or sports shoes. You can only know the parameters of keeping your Converse to last much longer than you want. And that is by reading through this article.

To learn more about Converse shoes and if you can run in them, continue with this article.

What Are Converse Shoes?

The converse is a shoe brand that creates unique sneakers, skater shoes, and shoe designs that have become classic in the athleisure sphere. The shoe most commonly associated with the brand’s name is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Known simply as Converse, Converse All Star, Converse Chuck Taylors, Chucks, Cons, or simply All Star, the shoe is a long-standing history that dates to the early 1920s when it was created as basketball footwear.

However, the shoe design transcended the sport and became a casual footwear people love.

The sneakers are made from canvas material with a visible stitch at the top (upper portion) with a top cap made of rubber and rubber soles. Then a lace-up that runs above or below the ankles.

However, the materials used in making the sneakers have changed over time, but the classic Converse All-Star still come in canvas materials.

The footwear is also known for its electrifying colors and designs that make it stand out, yet it tones down a look.

Additionally, Converse is known for its flexibility and long-lasting wear. This flexibility makes them the right sneakers for active feet. But are Converse good for running?

Are Converse Shoes Good for Running?

This is a not-so-straightforward question. Nevertheless, you can run in Converse shoes. However, not as you would expect.

Converse are sporty shoes for everyday wear and the occasional sprint between short distances. But if you intend to run a long distance (a marathon, half-marathon, or participate in a decathlon), you shouldn’t run in your Chuck Taylor.

The shoes are not designed for long-distance running; therefore, they are more suited for a simple walk or everyday wear.

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Why You Shouldn’t Run With Your Converse

The design of a Converse Chuck Taylor makes it not suitable for running. Some features it has hinder your running ability and could cause you pain. Here are why Converse is not fit for running long-distance.

1. Flexibility

A key feature of sports shoes is flexibility. They must be flexible to allow movements of the feet. Converse shoes do not have such flexibility. The lack of flexibility restricts movements, making them unfit for active footwork.

2. No arch support

Converse does not offer arch support like running shoes do, which could lead to painful heels over time. Therefore, it’s best to avoid running in them.

3. Flat sole

Converse is known for its flat or balanced sole. It will not support a runner’s feet; running shoes need to cater to the heels and balance the feet properly to get good speed.

4. Not breathable

Another reason a Converse shoe is not the best option to run in is its breathability. Converse shoe is a tightly woven shoe that makes it hard for the feet to breathe while running.

5. Weight

Though light for walking, Converse shoes might become heavy to lift due to their heavy rubber soles. The mechanization used in making the thick rubber soles does not support long-distance running, which could affect the arch of the feet.

6. Material

Converse is made from canvas material. The soft cloth material makes it unusable for running. The shoe, if exposed to wet terrain, would soak your feet easily. In addition, it does not protect your feet when exposed to water and cold. The material makes it an unsuitable choice for running.

Are Converse Shoes Good for Jogging?

No, they are not good. If you are going for a simple jog in your neighborhood park, I’ll advise you to get your running shoes out instead of using your Chuck Taylor. They form a nice fit on the legs, but Converse shoes are not good for running.

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Are Converse Shoes Good for Hiking?

No, they are not. Converse shoes are not the best footwear for hiking. Their soles are sleek and rubbery; that is, they slip easily. Therefore, they would not hold on to the rocky or slippery ground. It makes them unsuitable for hiking.

Modern hiking footwear has a tighter grip for soles that are sturdy in rocky and slippery terrain. Moreover, wearing Chuck Taylor All Star could hurt your feet. And the light material of the shoe does not help with wet or cold terrain.

Is Converse Good for Running on the Treadmill?

You should not run on a treadmill with a Converse Chuck Taylor. The design of the shoe (flat soles) makes them unsuitable for the smooth, fast footing of a treadmill.

You are most likely to fall off trying to get a grip than keeping up with the treadmill.

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Are Converse High Tops Good for Running?

Converse High Tops are the same as Chuck Taylor. They only have a longer lace-up, which runs over the ankle, unlike the low tops. Consequently, they are not good for active running. The make of high tops and low tops are the same, only the length of the tops are different.

Are Converse Comfortable Shoes?

Yes, they are. Converse shoes are very comfortable shoes that hold your leg firmly. However, they are more suitable for everyday wear than active or sporty wear.

The sporty footwear gives you an athleisure look without looking too sporty. The shoes are classic for their comfortable shoe design.

Can You Wear Converse at the Gym?

You can wear Converse All-stars at the gym. However, not for all workouts or activities. You cannot wear Converse to run on a treadmill, for example.

Nonetheless, for workouts that involve lifting or balanced feet, you can wear Converse shoes. This includes weightlifting, squats, bench presses, aerobics, and deadlifts.

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Is Converse Good for Cardio?

Not all cardio exercises. Cardiovascular (cardio) workouts help reduce calories in the torso part of the body. They help build muscles in the upper and lower part of the body. They include running, swimming, cycling, and leg raises among others. 

Therefore, you cannot use your Chuck Taylor for exercises that require you to run. However, for cardio exercises that require you to stay in place, you can wear your Converse shoes.


Can you wear Converse shoes on a suit?

Yes, you can. You can wear your Converse shoes with a suit and still look fashionable. The shoe’s style has a retro-athleisure fashion that fits into anything from formal to casual. It tones down your look.

Do Converse shoes last long?

Yes, they do. However, this depends on how you wear them. For everyday wear, Converse can last between a year to 18 months.

Meanwhile, frequent wear and regular cleaning can make the shoe last for up to two years. On the other hand, scarce wear would make your shoes last more than two years if stored properly.

Is a pair of Converse expensive?

The average pair is not. Converse shoes have a range in prices depending on the line and design. The Chuck Taylor All Star Classic shoes are less than $70.

Meanwhile, limited editions, special releases, or special collaboration designs come with more expensive tags. Their prices range from $50-$200 a pair.


Yes, you can run in your Converse shoe, but not for long distances. Running in Converse will only hurt your leg and the shoes, so it’s best you shelf that idea if you need an alternative.

However, if you want to do weightlifting exercises, you can wear them for balance. Converse shoes are unique in style, which makes them stand out in the sneakers market. You can wear them on anything and anywhere. Nevertheless, do not run with them.

Thanks for reading.

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