Brazilian Wax Benefits: These 10 Amazing Benefits Will Convince You

The thought of getting a brazilian wax could make you cringe but if you can get over it, you’ll be opening your skin to long-term benefits. Brazilian waxing has proven to be the most effective pubic hair removal method.

The process removes hair from around the pubic bone, anus, upper thighs and may either leave the area completely bald or leave a thin strip of hair, according to individual preferences. This is not everything about brazilian wax. Continue reading to see what the so much talked about benefits are.

1. Brazilian Wax Boosts Self-Confidence

One of the many benefits of a brazilian wax is increased self-confidence. With hairless, smooth skin without peach fuzz, you can confidently wear a bikini at the beach. It makes you more confident, comfortable and makes summer more enjoyable.

Additionally, the resulting smooth skin from waxing can make you feel more confident and sexy during sexual intercourse. However, you should not have sexual intercourse immediately after a brazilian wax.

2. Less Irritating, No Shaving Cuts

With a brazilian wax, there are no razors, so there are no cuts or nicks. This makes it less irritating for your skin. The irritation you get after waxing is a result of the pain from yanking hair off and it goes away naturally.

Moreover, after one appointment, you could go 4-6 weeks without the need to remove hairs down there. The infrequent hair removal process allows your skin to heal from inflammation and any irritations before the next appointment.

On the other hand, you may have to shave every 3-4 days or every week. This does not give your skin enough time to heal from razor cuts and other irritations unless you want to wait.

3. Long-Lasting Effects

This is one of the benefits anyone would love about a brazilian wax. You get to enjoy smooth skin for a longer period than you would with shaving. Waxing pulls out the hairs and their roots making them take a longer time to grow back.

As the wax yanks hair off, it weakens the follicles and slows down the regrowth process. When hair begins to grow, they are finer and thinner. Consequently, you’ll notice a reduction in the rate of hair growth is and the area will be sparser over time because some hairs will not grow back.

4. It Is Hygienic

Excess pubic hair can make the area a breeding ground for bacteria and it begins to give off an unpleasant odor. Brazilian waxing takes that away by keeping the skin hairless, clean, and fresh.

Among the many benefits of a brazilian wax, you get to enjoy this one maximally when you have an esthetician wax you. The professional will be able to reach the areas that may be difficult for you to reach.

As every trace of hair is removed, it eliminates chances of bacterial growth, infection, and an odor altogether.

5. Brazilian Wax Will Save You Time

Brazilian waxing is not only a quick process but the long-lasting result also saves you the everyday shaving, which is the only way to achieve your goal of hairless skin. Shaved hair grows back quickly and will have you always remove it. Naturally, you’d spend some minutes of your morning shaving.

Waxing, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy weeks of freedom since the hair will not grow fast. You can now have a quicker and easier morning routine and get on with your day.

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6. You Can Help Yourself

To go into a salon for a brazilian wax requires a great deal of confidence. Brazilian waxing means a stranger gets up close to your intimate area and this is a big deal for some people. Experts say you can give yourself a brazilian wax but you must have good knowledge and a guide.

However, the best advice you’ll get is to brace up and enjoy the full benefits of a brazilian wax from a professional in a salon. In a salon, you don’t have to stress and you can count on a more hygienic and painless experience than you would give yourself.

7. Reduced Risk of Ingrown Hairs

With a brazilian wax, there is a great relief from ingrown hairs. You may get them but there is a great margin between the number of ingrown hairs gotten from waxing and those gotten from shaving.

Brazilian waxing removes hairs from their roots, lessens skin irritations and inflammation. It also makes your skin inhabitable to bacteria.

Additionally, some of the causes of ingrown hairs are too frequent shaving and the friction caused by scraping the razor (especially a blunt one) too close to your skin. Getting a wax scraps these causes and gives you fewer ingrown hairs.

8. Clear Skin, No Stubble

A brazilian wax takes away the prickly feeling of stubble that you get with razors. Instead of removing hair on just the surface as shaving does, this waxing gets to the roots and removes unwanted hair. Consequently, the roots that leave stubble and a dark shadow go with the hairs.

Furthermore, stubbles can be very itchy and this could go on for a few days. Brazilian waxing leaves no itchy stubble. Also, when hair begins to grow again, the edges are finer and thinner instead of the blunt, rough edges that come with regrowth after using a razor.

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9. Doubles to Exfoliate Your Skin

Brazilian waxing doubles to help exfoliate your skin even after exfoliating before your appointment. You’ll notice that the skin around the area looks clearer, smoother, and brighter after a brazilian wax. This benefit of probably not one you’d see on your receipt.

While hair is yanked off, the wax also removes dead skin cells that make the skin there look dull. As a result, the texture of the skin improves into a smoother one.

10. Brazilian Wax Covers a Wide Area

Shaving involves a lot of bending and you may not be able to reach all areas you want to shave. Brazilian waxing, on the other hand, covers a larger range and helps get the hair off those areas. And this includes the areas of folds and creases in your private area.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy this benefit better when you get waxed in a salon by an experienced esthetician.

What Are the Side Effects of Brazilian Wax?

The side effects of brazilian waxing include skin redness, rashes, burns, ingrown hairs, post-wax bumps, and pimples. These side effects, however, are avoidable and they do not threaten your health. They also do not alter the result of your brazilian wax.

To avoid some of these side effects, follow the aftercare tips given to you by the salon esthetician. Also, make sure you’re getting waxed by a professional.

In addition, getting a brazilian wax in a salon can also reduce the risk of some of these side effects because you’ll be under expert supervision. Moreover, the salon is rightly organized and hygienic for your treatment.

What Are Brazilian Wax Etiquettes?

  • Don’t shave for at least two weeks before your appointment
  • Let the esthetician know if you’re getting a brazilian wax for the first time
  • Try not to fix an appointment when you’re on your period
  • Exfoliate the area two days before your appointment. It will help prepare the skin and hair for waxing. Also, it keeps your skin clear and free from breakout and any other interference
  • Wear comfortable clothes. For instance, pants and a shirt/blouse will help, so that you’re not completely unclad when it’s time for waxing
  • Don’t take anything that contains alcohol or caffeine on the day of your appointment
  • Tell the esthetician about your allergies, necessary health history, and some fears you need her to know about

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How Long Do the Effects of Brazilian Wax Last?

The effects of a brazilian wax last up to four weeks after which you’d need another appointment. How soon you need another appointment depends on your natural growth cycle and how the waxing process was done.

Will Waxing Permanently Stop Hair Growth?

Waxing is not a permanent hair removal process but it may result in permanent hair removal sometimes and in some areas of the body. For such areas, when hairs were removed with the wax, follicles got damaged and cannot produce hair anymore.

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Is Brazilian Wax Better Than Shaving?

When you consider factors like the results and areas covered, a brazilian wax is better than shaving your pubic area. The results from a brazilian wax last longer and sometimes hairs may not regrow on the waxed area.

Also, waxing is more hygienic and gives you little irritations, no razor nicks, and ingrown hairs. However, when you consider the cost, shaving is cheaper than brazilian waxing.

Can You Do a Brazilian Wax at Home?

You may give yourself an at-home service if you don’t feel confident enough to allow someone else so close to your intimate areas. If you want to do so, make sure you are well informed and have the right tools and a hygienic environment for your waxing session.

However, doing an at-home brazilian waxing may not always be advisable because you stand a high risk of getting infections, burns, ingrown hairs, and rashes. You could also get this at a salon but the chances are greatly low compared to when you wax yourself at home.


How often should women get brazilian wax?

After your first brazilian waxing appointment, you should have another appointment after three to four weeks. By this time, the hairs are regrown to a length ready for another waxing. Meanwhile, during the 3-4 weeks, do not use a razor around the waxed area.

Can men get brazilian wax?

Yes, they can. Brazilian waxing is not gender-specific. If any man needs to get rid of pubic hair, he can visit a salon for an appointment with an esthetician. All you need to do is follow the pre-waxing and post-waxing instructions.

Is it okay to use aloe vera after brazilian wax?

Yes, it is. Your skin will heal better with aloe vera gel as a brazilian wax aftercare treatment. The gel helps to soothe the skin around your pubic area and keep it protected until it returns to its original state before it was stretched by the waxing process.


One of the reasons why people would rather get a wax instead of a shave is the result of waxing. A brazilian wax has so many benefits that encompass the appearance and health of the skin in your pubic area. Moreover, it is an answer to your goal of smooth skin down there.

While it is a process you can conveniently do for yourself at home, it is better to have an esthetician do it for you. It may be embarrassing at first but when you brace yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading.

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