Abibas vs Adidas: Are They One And The Same?

There is some confusion about whether Abibas vs Adidas are the same company. This misunderstanding, however, resulted from the production of counterfeit Adidas models with Abibas name tags instead of Adidas.

Is this a genuine attempt to duplicate and produce a knock-off version of Adidas shoes? This and more will be covered in this article. It will also help with the signifiers that tell when you have bought a fake Adidas sneaker.

What is Abibas?


There is no official documentation defining Abibas or stating whether they are even a shoe manufacturer. The only thing discovered following research is that Ajay Kapoor, who asserts to be the owner, filed the trademark for Abibas in 2008.

What is Adidas?


Adidas is a German brand particularly well-known for creating footwear, apparel, and accessories. It is one of the biggest athletic footwear makers in the world.

Abibas vs Adidas: Are they the same?

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Abibas and Adidas are not the same company.

Adidas is a German company that is a market leader in athletic footwear and apparel.

Abibas, on the other hand, is widely regarded as a knock-off and counterfeit version of Adidas. It is said to be a fraudulent company based on Adidas-like merchandise with the same logo but different spelling.

How to spot fake Adidas shoes

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The cut-outs

You can tell if your shoes are fake if the shoe cut-outs are improperly attached and there is a space between them.

There should never be any separation between these cut-outs; they should always fit together perfectly.

If you examine an actual Adidas shoe closely, you will see that there aren’t any holes or openings between two areas of the upper area of the shoe for this specific purpose.

Therefore, you need to look closely at the Adidas lettering on these cut-outs to be sure that your shoes are not fake.


Original sneakers usually come with an extra pair of laces that are well-packed. If you get a pair of sneakers and there aren’t any new laces in the package, you’ve probably got a fake. Many counterfeiters, on the other hand, have begun to include a fresh pair of laces.

As a result, this cannot be the essential factor for identifying a fake anymore. Still, if there are laces in the box, look at how they are packaged because most fake manufacturers don’t care about the laces being packaged separately.

Serial number

One of the simplest ways to determine whether your Adidas shoes are authentic or not is to check the serial number. Your Adidas shoes are fake if there isn’t a label like that.

While some counterfeiters might overlook this detail, many will attempt to create a replica by closely copying all features of an original.

Therefore, by checking the serial number, you can determine whether your Adidas shoes are authentic. If you own an authentic pair, the inner side of the shoe will have a unique 12-digit identification code pasted on it.

Germany is the first character, and MD is the last in this code. This identification code can also be found on the molding seams and tongue labels of other shoe components.

Stitching pattern

An original pair of Adidas sneakers will always have a vertical line running through the stitching pattern. The stitching pattern on the tongue label of the shoe is level with the vertical line.

Once you notice that this vertical line is not flat like the original, if you run your finger over it, then you have a fake in your hands.


You’ll notice that a fake and an authentic pair of sneakers always have branding stickers, but an authentic pair has the logo carved into the tongue.

As a result, the branding on counterfeit sneakers will deteriorate much faster than it would on a genuine pair. This alone is the ultimate sign that you may have bought fake Adidas shoes.


One of the most important characteristics to look for in any pair of Adidas sneakers is a barcode. The original Adidas sneakers have a small, black barcode label on the sole. You can tell your shoes are fake if you see a tiny, white barcode label.

This code’s main objective is to establish whether a product is authentic or not. This does not, however, imply that Adidas handles the issue and stops the making of counterfeit goods. As a result, whenever you purchase Adidas shoes outside a legit retail store, you must check the barcode.

Price and place

There are several potential risks when purchasing sneakers from an arbitrary online retailer. Additionally, the prices listed on the websites of counterfeits may not be legitimate.

Furthermore, it is common knowledge that branded shoes are pricey due to the premium materials used in their production. As a result, you should check the price before purchasing because it will tell you if the shoes are real or not.

You should also be aware that only an official Adidas store, an official Adidas website, or an official representative’s website can be used to buy authentic Adidas.

So keep this in mind; don’t think you’ve found a great deal just because the shoes are considerably less expensive than those shown on the official site.

Shoe packaging

Adidas transfers sneakers to customers using actual packaging. Consequently, the box itself can reveal a lot about authenticity.

You can be certain that a pair of Adidas sneakers you recently purchased is a fake if you notice that it arrived in a paper box or another type of bag.

The mere fact that your sneakers arrived in a box is already a good sign. Therefore, before completing your purchase, be aware of the exceptions where some retailers may deliver shoes without the box.

SKU code

Every product is identified by its stock-keeping unit (SKU) code, which is a number. Each color scheme and model of branded shoes have a specific number that may or may not also contain letters. They come in a 10-character that can be used to know the product.

To see if your product matches the requested pair, you can use this to search the internet. Your search engine will immediately return results after you enter the code.

Both the designated label on the box and the tag inside one or both of the shoes contain the SKU code.

Shoe weight

It is crucial to understand that even though this is not a deciding factor in determining if the shoes are fake or not, it is still important to consider this feature when buying new sneakers.

Visually identical materials can have a wide range of compositions. In both extremes, the sneaker’s weight can serve as a definite indicator. Some sneakers have an undeniable lightness that a knockoff typically lacks.

Therefore, don’t ignore this criterion if it is different because it can completely separate one pair of sneakers from another.


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Do Adidas and Nike go together?

Yes, they do if you match them well.

Selecting a mesh with a subtle design and a neutral logo is the key to coordinating the Adidas and Nike brands.

Can you wear Puma and Adidas together?

Yes, you can.

Wearing Puma and Adidas together shouldn’t count as brand mixing because the founders of each company are brothers. As a result, you will often find people wearing the two brands together.

Is it illegal to buy fake Adidas shoes online?

Yes, it is.

It is unlawful to knowingly purchase counterfeit goods and fail to report them to the relevant authorities. You should exercise caution when buying shoes from stores online.


Abibas is not the same as Adidas. Abibas are counterfeit versions of Adidas shoes with a copy of the logos; they are not the real thing.

To be able to recognize and distinguish between a fake and an original there are indicators that would help youpoint out the authenticity of your shoes.

Finally, it is always best to buy your shoes from an authorized Adidas store to avoid being scammed or given counterfeit sneakers.

Thanks for reading.

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