Can You Wear A Bikini In Dubai?

Can you wear a bikini on your planned vacation in Dubai?

Wearing a bikini in Dubai is not illegal, but you should do so with caution and respect for the local customs.

Also, if you are visiting less touristy areas like the desert or cultural villages, you should wear conservative and traditional clothing.

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Can you wear a bikini in Dubai?

Can you wear a bikini in Dubai

Yes, you can.

However, it is important to note that wearing a bikini in Dubai is strictly reserved for private beaches, pools, and resorts. Tourists are also discouraged from wearing anything too revealing to public places like markets or malls. 

On some of the more crowded public beaches, it may be advisable to cover up with something a bit more modest like a t-shirt and shorts.

Tourists must be mindful of the local culture and dress decently while in Dubai. That way, you can enjoy your time there without any worries or misunderstandings with the locals. 

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What happens if you wear a bikini in Dubai?

In Dubai, wearing a bikini or revealing clothing in public places is not allowed and can lead to legal consequences.

Women, whether tourists or locals, are expected to dress decently when in public areas. They should cover their shoulders and legs at least up to the knee.

Also, wearing beachwear to places other than designated beaches may lead to arrest and prosecution. To be on the safe side, it is better to familiarize yourself with the local laws before visiting Dubai. 

Does Dubai have a dress code?

dubai flag on pole
The white and red flag of Dubai

Yes, Dubai has a dress code.

The dress code states that modest and respectful clothing should be worn in public spaces in Dubai, including shopping malls, restaurants, and other locations. 

What to wear in Dubai

When it comes to what to wear in Dubai, there are some general guidelines you should keep in mind. The UAE has a conservative culture, and it is important to dress properly when out in public.

In Dubai, you should cover up your shoulders and legs, wear loose-fitting clothing, and avoid anything too revealing or tight-fitting.

For footwear, sandals and closed shoes are both acceptable in Dubai. However, keep in mind that there are places where you must remove your shoes before entering, such as mosques and some public parks.

Also, be sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes if you plan on exploring the city.

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What not to wear in Dubai


Generally speaking, women should avoid wearing shorts or skirts shorter than knee length.

They should also avoid wearing low-cut tops with revealing necklines and sleeveless shirts or tight clothing that reveals too much body shape. 


Men should avoid wearing any clothing that is too tight or revealing, such as shorts and sleeveless shirts. Clothing should also not carry offensive language or graphics.

Bonus tips

Note that while there are no laws against wearing a burqa or hijab, it is greatly appreciated if tourists dress in a way that shows respect for local customs. 

Also, in places of worship, tourists have to dress modestly and cover their shoulders and legs. Going against these regulations may result in tourists being turned away or being refused entry.


Can you wear a thong bikini in Dubai?

It depends on the beach or pool you are visiting.

Generally, it is not advisable to wear a thong bikini in Dubai. It is considered inappropriate and could be seen as offensive. 

Can you wear a bikini in Dubai water park?

Most beaches and waterparks in Dubai have specific dress codes that require more conservative clothing such as full-coverage swimwear such as tankinis, one-pieces, and bikinis with shorts. 

What can a female tourist wear in Dubai?

Loose-fitting clothing such as long maxi dresses and pants are great choices for hot days spent in the city. 

Longer dresses and skirts, as well as trousers, are recommended for evenings spent in more formal parts of town. It is also important to keep shoulders and arms covered at all times. 

In addition, scarves, wraps, or light cardigans can be used to make sure you stay appropriately covered. And sandals, ballet flats, or sneakers are the most appropriate footwear.

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The most important takeaway from this discussion is to remember to respect local customs and culture when visiting any destination. This includes wearing attire that is appropriate for the situation and location.

Also, always stay alert and be aware of local laws and regulations before making any clothing choices while visiting Dubai or other destinations around the world. This will help you remain on the right side of the law.

So can you wear a bikini in Dubai? Yes, you can but in very few places.

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