How To Get a Smaller Waist – Here’s What You Need to Do

You have that nibbling feeling. You want a slim waist that gives your body the feminine dip and curve. But you realize getting a smaller waist is not as easy as you thought.

I would be real with you, nobody caused that little tub you try to hide with your skirts and tops but you. True, stress can add to it, but it all boils down to your lifestyle. And as you know, lifestyle is something you can’t easily change.

This brings you to a crossroads. Are you ready to change your lifestyle to get that smaller waist you want to show off?

You have to understand it takes diligence and commitment to get whatever you want, especially if you are new at it. If you are ready to make the stride, I will guide you on how to get a smaller waist.

How to Get a Smaller Waist

Nothing given, nothing taken. That’s what I like to tell myself in the face of a challenge. For me to get the body I want, I have to be ready to drop something else in return. That is what makes the world go around.

That is what it means to get the body shape you want. You have to give up something else to gain something. And these ways on how to get a smaller help will guide you if you are ready to stay committed to it.

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1. Start with your diet

This is the first step in getting a smaller waist. You have to change your diet and what you eat. Apart from eating a balanced meal, there are other things that you need to incorporate into your daily diet.

This includes eating an early breakfast. Start your day with an early healthy breakfast rich in protein, whole grains, whole wheat, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and vitamins. Fibers are great for the body. Moreover, foods rich in high fiber have lower calories.

Furthermore, soluble fibers have been found to lower insulin levels, which can act as a catalyst to belly fat.

2. Drink enough water

If you want to lose belly fat and get a smaller waist, you need to drink water, lots of it. Moreover, taking water before eating confuses the body between thirst and hunger which makes it easier to limit your eating.

If you do not like the taste of boring water, you can add lemon, mint, or lime to give it a bit of fruity combination. Staying hydrated keeps the body from bloating. Plus, it’s actually better than sodas (I swear).

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3. Reduce your food rations

When you diet, it’s actually better to eat in small quantities than eat in large portions. This is a well-kept secret to dieting.

When you diet or starve yourself, you tend to eat large rations of food at a time. This would not help your diet. Instead, eat a little portion of food frequently, like six times a day.

Eating balanced small meals and committing to it will get you a better weight-loss result in the long run. This would also help you curb your overeating and constant state of hunger.

4. Take part in cardio exercises

Cardio exercises like sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, pushups, and others are great for working out body muscle.

However, there are cardio exercise plans that fit specific age categories. Make sure you are doing the right one meant for your age category and body type.

You can join a gym to get your fitness plan organized. There are also YouTube exercise videos and online classes you can join to keep you active.

It is recommended you exercise for at least 5 hours a week. This is enough time to keep your torso active and burning.

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5. Wear a waist trainer

Waist trainers are used to creating a slim figure and enviable waist-hip line. You can wear waist trainers to slim your waist and give you an hourglass shape.

You can get the best waist trainer if you want to reduce the fat around your torso. However, you should note that a waist trainer would only give you the best results when paired with a balanced diet and exercise.

6. Avoid processed foods

Processed foods, as good as they are, do not help the body. They contain fat, high sugar, and starch that could put a dent in your weight loss. They also increase the buildup of harmful toxins in the body.

Additionally, they may have little to no nutritional content. Therefore, you should avoid them, especially processed foods with high salt, high sugar, low fat, or frozen foods that are pre-packed.

7. Wear waist flattering dresses

This actually creates a lovely illusion of your body shape. Although, I would advise you not to keep this up because it hides and doesn’t reduce. However, wearing a waist flattering dress would make your waist look smaller.

For instance, opting for figure-hugging dresses at the waist and hips and free at the hem creates a lovely illusion.

Also, high-rise jeans make your waist look more flattering. Low rise jeans, on the other hand, creates the dreaded muffin top, which is why you should wear high-waist jeans instead.

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8. Change up your sleep routine

I did say your lifestyle will have to change. This includes your sleeping habits. Sleeping well and at the required hours would help you reduce fat.

Sleep does a lot of good to the body. Not only does it put the body in a reset, but it also reduces the waistline.

Popular research carried out by a Swedish neuroscientist, Christian Benedict, Ph.D., found that sleeping less than four hours had a reduced insulin sensitivity. And this could promote weight gain.

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9. Move around more often

Metabolic changes that promote heart disease risk are usually triggered when you sit for too long. You need to put your legs and muscles to work. Not doing this often increases the risk of having heart disease.

So it is advised to walk as much as you can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I measure my results when I want a smaller waist?

Yes, you can. You can measure your progress as you carry out your plan.

There are various forms to measure your progress for any type of workout or diet plan you embark on.

For instance, there is the workout and diet journal where you record your daily activity, food quantity, and current weight. This plan helps you to know if your current plan is working for you or not.

Also, you can use the classic tape measure to see the progress made in your weight loss journey.

What are the best exercises to get a smaller waist?

Several exercises will help you get a smaller waist.

The best exercises include crunches, push-ups, lunges, oblique ‘V’ crunches, heel touches, triangle crunches, forearm planks, and side jackknives.

However, you have to have a steady workout plan that remains consistent to keep your body fit and healthy.

Can I get a smaller waist?

Yes, you can get a smaller waist.

If you follow the following guide directed and also keep a steady and strict diet, you can reduce your waist size.

Furthermore, exercising would help maintain the body you want. Therefore always stay active.

Can I get a smaller waist without losing weight?

No, you can’t. You can’t get a smaller waist without losing some body mass.

This is due to the activities you would be carrying out. For instance, regular exercises or training would mean you shedding some weight here and there.

Also, if you want a smaller waist, it means you are shedding fat in the waistline. Therefore you would lose a little weight. But it does not mean you are unhealthy.

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Getting a smaller waist means you want to change your appearance. To do that, you have to change your lifestyle.

This includes changing your diet, exercising, also keeping your closet illusion-based. Then there is keeping your body regulated by walking and living well.

These tips are simple and complex at the same time, but with diligence and commitment, you can get smaller a waist as you want.

Thanks for reading.

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