See 8 Colors Of Shirts That Go With Red Shoes

Red shoes are a type of footwear with aesthetic appeal and deep meaning. As a result, deciding what shirt color to wear alongside red shoes may be difficult.

The symbolism of the red color is multifaceted, and the history behind it is significant, which is why you should be detailed when pairing red shoes with any shirt color.

In this article, I’ll identify what shirt colors look best with red shoes.

What shirt colors can you wear with red shoes?

A point to note- red shoes will steal all the limelight and draw a great deal of attention to you. Therefore, you don’t need to go overboard with what you wear on your red shoe because the shoe will provide you with the spark you seek.

1. Black shirt

black shirt color red shoes

This is a must-have base color that looks great when worn with red shoes. With a black shirt, you can have jean pants and red sneakers to hang out with friends. Or even better, go all black and let the shoe do the talking.

2. White shirt


Here is another base color that must not be found wanting in your closet. A white shirt with your red shoes is a perfect combo. White has a way of contrasting with the brightness of red, giving it that double-bright effect you never knew you needed.

You can complete the look for a formal setting when you wear a white shirt with a navy suit or pants and red dress shoes. This is one combination you will regularly find on stylish people when they want to go bold with red.

3. Gray shirt

gray shirt color red shoes

If you want to look chic and classy then your gray shirt and red shoes should be your go-to choice. With this look – most especially on men – you look dapper and in trend. It shows that you can play with colors and pull them off.

4. Brown shirt

brown shirt

A brown shirt is another color of shirt you want to own. They are excellent when you match them with nice chinos of a shade that matches your brown with your red shoes.

5. Blue denim

blue denim

You must agree with me that blue denim is one clothing staple that looks good on everyone. Imagine how cool you will look in a blue denim shirt with some nice pants and red heels.

Meanwhile, a man can do no wrong with denim on denim and red sneakers. This is a good combination for informal settings.

6. Green corduroy shirt

green corduroy

The green corduroy shirt is a bang! You should have this shirt in your closet, especially as a guy, as it looks exquisite when worn with deep red boots. Also, you can opt for nice black pants, then add your red sneakers.

7. Deep blue shirt

deep blue

Blue of any shade goes well with red. You can pair a deep or navy blue shirt with black pants and red heels for a more formal and excellent color combination. Also, a navy blue shirt on navy blue slacks would be a great contrast to bright red heels- if you are looking for an edge.

8. Light pink

light pink color shirt on red shoes

You can’t go wrong with light or baby pink, black, and red heels or sneakers. This color mix has a sunny and friendly outlook. It not only softens your look but it also makes you stand out in the crowd.


Can you wear a dark blue short dress with bright red shoes?

Yes, you can.

The dark blue dress will look amazing with a nice pair of bright red pumps. Wear only the barest minimum of jewelry to avoid detracting from your attire.

Do red shoes go with a black blazer?

Yes, they do.

Black chinos and a black t-shirt are an understated yet stylish combination that mixes comfort and functionality. A chic finishing touch for this outfit would be a pair of red athletic shoes.

Can you mix different shades of red?

No, you can’t.

It would be best if you never mixed different shades of red as they often do not match well and end up looking shabby.

Will red look different in suede shoes?

Yes, it would.

When used for suede or grained or patent leather shoes, red will always look different. This is primarily due to the material. That’s because it either intensifies or mutes the red.


Red shoes can completely change the game and jazz up a simple yet classic silhouette look when paired with a more neutral shirt color.

This color is frequently associated with power because it is viewed as a dynamic and passionate color. Because of this, it’s crucial to remember that not all shirt colors and shades will look good with red shoes.

Additionally, red will look different on suede, grained, or patent leather shoes. As a result, you should carefully consider how you pair your red footwear with your colored shirt.

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